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Ladies’ Fashion Payday Sale
Fashion sense is commonsense that’s what I always believe. Meaning who would wear summer wear during winter? No one right?! So, be fashionable and be sensible about what you wear anytime. Fashion need not be too high end nor low end, since it normally seeks its own niche so to speak in the society where it is appreciated or abhorred. Goods.Ph online shopping makes your fashion day complete and within your means with a wide selection of fashion clothes, accessories and beauty products.


Now, the good news for fashionable ladies! Goods.Ph online shopping will hold a Ladies’ Fashion Payday Sale from October 12 to 18, 2013! Yes beautiful ladies you can avail of up to 30% discount on selected women’s clothing, perfume, bags, accessories, lotion and a lot MORE…because every woman deserves what she wants. What more ladies, you will automatically receive a P300 gift certificate when you register at So, what are you waiting for gorgeous? Create your own account today and start shopping online and get way ahead with the latest discounts and freebies!

Imagine your handy laptop in front of you and with just a few clicks on your mouse you can enjoy the luxury of having your orders, be it beauty products, fashion accessories, groceries, cell phones, tablets, laptops, notebooks, computers, appliances and home electronics delivered right at your doorstep for FREE or at a minimal cost! Goods.Ph online shopping makes paying for your goods easy with an array of payment schemes available: Bank Transfer, Globe G-Cash, Smart Money, or Cash On Delivery. We can deliver your orders all over the country through a reliable distribution network within 3 to 7 business days (Metro Manila destinations) upon verification of your orders and payment by our friendly Customer Service Representatives. So, be fashionably sensible with Goods.Ph online shopping!

By: Gilbert Dadia




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39 thoughts on “Fashionably Sensible with Goods.Ph Online Shopping

  1. This online shopping is very favorable to those people who hate crowded malls. I guess, I have to try shopping through the services of these shops.

  2. Yay! Two more days before the Pay Day Sale ends. Gotta let my sisters know about this. 🙂

  3. I love shopping online. It’s very easy. Hassle free. Convenient. Seems like the website you endorsed is a good one. Worth trying. ^_^

  4. Although I am not much convinced that online shopping is the way to go, I will still save those dates and await the sale. Christmas is coming soon! 🙂

  5. This season of the year in which all people are starting to think of gifts for people we care for. Online shopping is one very advantageous way of doing it.

  6. 300 pesos gift check upon registration, hindi na masama. what then kaya can one buy with that certificate?

  7. Wow! That’s such a great deal. I hope I can shop for
    something before the promo ends. I need a dress.

  8. Noted this website. Christmas is just around the corner so I might try buying stuff off them and have it delivered to my hometown.

  9. My daughter was so happy ng i-share ko ang post mo. She even shared it to her ‘fashionista’ friends. Gastos na naman.

  10. This is a guest post. I am in a quandary on what the author is saying about high end or low end. I am not good critic on fashion I am delving into its technicalities. Anyway, shopping online is of big help to those who are always busy, no time to go to the mall for a shopping.

  11. A perfect day to shop online, especially “FASHIONISTA” who are fond of buying things with great price.

  12. super dami nang online shop and I must say I havent visited most of them! haha super busy ko lately with a lot of stuff :p

  13. shopping online is relaxing! for me it is one of the best ways to explore non traditional designs:)

  14. This is a perfect day to shop as huge discounts are on the way! What are you waiting for ladies? It’s time to shop!

  15. Online shopping is the best way to shop as it saves a lot of time and effort and gives you all the option.

  16. The name of the site sounds familiar. Have they been doing some FB sponsored posts? I will check the site now!

    1. I’ve just recently discovered the convenience of online shopping and might do it again if I see something special here.

  17. Your first paragraph reminds me of Korea, kasi duon, during winter saka sila nagsusot ng mini skirts lol

  18. Shopping online is so convenient for me. The only one I buys are the one that I am familiar with the product.

  19. Wow, i keep looking for philippine-based online sites that I could go shopping with eh. Thanks for this info! 🙂

  20. oh I lvoe online shopping and I also like checking out online sites specially local based sites.. mahal kase shipping pag sa US eh

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