Oval, Diamond or Heart-Shaped: How to Find the Perfect Eyeglass Frames for Your Face Shape

Picking out a new pair of glasses is an excellent time to make some changes and create a new look. However, some frame shapes work better on some people than others. Fortunately, to help you find the right pair of glasses, here are examples of face shapes and what works best with them:


Oval faces have balanced features and are more long than wide. To help prevent the face from looking too drawn out, frames with a strong bridge are ideal. Such design options may include cat-eye versions and larger frames since they draw attention to the center of the face. Narrow designs with upswept corners can also create a stunning look. However, when choosing frames, you may want to avoid wearing rounded frames since they can make the wearer look older.

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Diamond faces tend to be narrow at the chin and forehead and broad at the cheekbones. People with diamond-shaped faces tend to have more angular facial features in general. To help balance out the features, oval frames, or other shapes with soft curves, can help even out the wearer’s facial features. Rimless frames can also help soften angular features.


Heart faces come in a number of varieties and can be similar to oval and round faces. To help create a broader look, square and oval frames with rounded edges are ideal. Additionally, thin frames made of clear plastic or light metal can help draw attention to the wearer’s eyes.


Square faces tend to be fairly symmetrical with the jaw and forehead being roughly the same width. To lengthen the face’s appearance and soften the features, any frame that sits high on the bridge of the nose can help. It is recommended to avoid thick plastic frames since they can create a more bulky appearance.


Oblong faces tend to be longer than wide and more exaggerated than round faces. Fortunately, to help balance the features, square and round frames work best. Frames with decorative detail at the temple or an accented top rim can also help add width to the face.


When people think of round faces, they may associated the shape with being heavyset. However, many round faces are actually thin and angular. To best complement round faces, rectangular and square frames work best since they downplay the jaw and create more lines. Just like with oval faces, you should avoid wearing round frames since they will only add more curves that will not do the wearer any favors.


If your face shape doesn’t neatly fit into any of the categories stated above, you may be a hybrid. Fortunately, many people are hybrids, so you don’t have to stress out about the title. All you have to remember is to wear frames with shapes that contrast your face shape.

With so many options available, finding the right pair of eyeglasses can be difficult. However, with these tips for different faces shapes, you can find the right pair to play up your very best facial features.

Charles Talley is a retired eyewear technician. When he’s not out hiking and photographing landscapes, he’s blogging on various Internet blog sites.




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