Fashion staples to buy while in Croatia

Croatia has soared in popularity as a holiday destination over recent years, with more Brits flocking to the country than ever before. What’s more, after joining the EU this year, it might get even busier.

With many of us now ditching our traditional holiday destinations of Spain, France, Greece and Portugal in favour of Croatia holidays, it’s worth getting to know a little bit more about this beautiful country.

Just like its tourism, the Croatian fashion industry is booming at the minute. Names such as I-gle, which was founded by designers Nataša Mihalj?išin and Martina Vrdoljak-Ranilovi?, are now making their way over to the UK in the likes of Harvey Nicks. Nebo and Nit are two other fashion houses that are worth checking out, both have a very funky edge that’s new to Croatian fashion.

So, if you’re jetting off the spectacular Adriatic coastline with a wad of spending money to burn, what should you be buying?



It might seem like a long way to go for a tie, given that there’s a Tie Rack on every corner in the UK but ties and cravats are a speciality in Croatia. It shouldn’t be surprising that ‘Croat’ translates to ‘hrvat’ in Croatian!


Long shorts/skirts

The Croatian coastline is now bustling with tourists but if you venture into the cities or more rural areas, you’ll be bound by the local custom. It’s considered polite to ensure you are always dressed modestly.

For this reason, it’s important that you buy at least one pair of long shorts or a skirt – make sure it reaches the knee. Although it’s not illegal, it will raise a few eyebrows if you’re spotted showing too much leg.



We’re not talking about any old pair of shoes off the rack but a pair of handmade bespoke shoes from Neno Strugar. A family run business, Strugar located in Zagreb produces some of the most incredible shoes you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Quality leather in various colours makes these shoes leave a very distinctive footprint on the fashion map!

PhotoCredit: waterpoloshop


Croatia might not be famous for its swimwear but it’s definitely a staple that you must get your hands on if you’re travelling. While the beautiful beaches and warm weather might tempt you to top up your tan in the nude, it’s frowned upon in more traditional towns.



While the fashion industry is growing, you’re more likely to find handmade crafts lining the shelves than clothes. Amongst all the knick-knacks you’re likely to find some beautiful pieces of jewellery. If you like quirky pieces, try a spot of shopping in Dubrovnik – the medieval hub.

The national dress of Croatia may not be to your taste but as the country grows in popularity, the locals are turning to more western attire. It’s not renowned for its shopping experiences just yet but with a little know-how, you can pick up some real fashion gems on your Croatian holiday.

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20 thoughts on “Fashion staples to buy while in Croatia

  1. I will definitely buy ties for my boys (hubby and son) and long skirts for me in Croatia! They’re lovely! Tetcha Figuerres

  2. the skirt is really nice! as well as the shoes,, naku baka pag napunta ako dito eh hindi na ako makauwi sa dami ng mabibili haha

  3. I’ve read a lot about Croatia becoming huge on tourist destinations and fashion too. For sure the world is ready to discover this wonderful place! 🙂

  4. I’ve never really thought about Croatia as a travel destination or a fashion hot spot but apparently it has become one. Love the skirt.

    1. Good to know also that there are other travel options now in Europe aside from the popular and traditional destinations.

  5. Now I get it. Cravats are ‘Croat’ translated to ‘hrvat’ in Croatian. It all makes sense to me now.

  6. I have some croatian friends friends and I dunno if they really like wearing handmade shoes. But they travel a lot. I guess croatia is gaining its spotlight. Thank Mary
    – Mon

  7. I hope to visit Croatia one day and see how they dress.
    The shoe seems to be a typical office shoe.

  8. Croatia is going into fashion! I would love to see their creations that are created by the talented Croats!

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