Your Dress Says a Lot Before You Speak

The very first expression your personality has upon other people is left by the dress you are wearing. It is accepted by majority of people that clothing choices are rarely neutral and your inner secrets can easily be read by the other. It was reported on Coco Chanel once that “If a woman is badly dressed, it’s the dress we’ll notice; but if she is impeccably dressed, it’s the women herself we’ll notice.”


So, it can be alternatively said that your dress speaks a lot about your inner personality before you even open your mouth to say something. Most of us have no plans to change our wardrobe since we like what pleases us and not what people have to think about it. However, people do assume a lot of things from our attire and this has a significant influence on our overall reputation.

Clothing tells a lot about us, sometimes more than we would like to reveal to others. There are a lot of people who dress up without thinking much about this particular aspect and therefore, believe that their dressing do not send any messages to others. This is a huge misconception and we have to realize that our clothes will speak for us, albeit our silence.


Neat and clean clothes would loudly say that the person has a high self-respect and also respect other, alone with being disciplined and very well organized. You would notice that even simplest and casual clothes can create such impression whilst expensive yet wrinkled outfits will betray your sloppy side to soil your entire personality.

The clothing sense you have can attract huge respect or bring great disrespect for you. That is why you have to consider appearing as appropriate as possible. Your little body exposure will arouse a polite and gentlemanly gaze or look, what you wear spears before you do, so you better shout confidence, respect, self-dignity and power by dressing appropriately.

The key to dress suitably is to be yourself, especially when you are out in public. Why would you try to wear something just to meet the prevailing trends when you are not feeling comfortable with it? All these things come down to our individual way of thinking and how we want people to think of us. Stop going for the flashy clothing just to catch some attraction and stand different from others by depicting your true self through your clothing. Always remember that your dress says a lot before you speak!




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