#OOTD: SuperWoman

#ootdsuperwoman #ootdsuperwoman

#ootdsuperwoman Marc By Marc Jacobs Sunglasses ~ Cotton On Cardigan ~ Superman Top Thrifted ~ Jeans from Thailand ~ Isabel Marant Inspired Sneaker bought from Offline Blogshop Berjaya Times Square.#ootdsuperwoman #ootdsuperwoman #ootdsuperwoman#ootdsuperwoman #ootdsuperwoman #ootdsuperwoman #ootdsuperwoman With Ms. Jonha Revesencio (Yeah to those who knew her she’s one of my family din. Takenote that all the people I’ve met and people whom I will meet in the future, I/I’ll always treat them really good and always welcome to our house like my Dover Friends/others.) and also my Sister Grace. #ootdsuperwoman

Photo with my ever sweet husband! Not so many exposure to my blog but we have tons of selfies together that maybe worth a blogpost haha. Thank you for spoiling me or Am I just a good wife? Lol

So obviously if you guys visited my blog and 2 of my previous posts about Resorts World Genting, You’ve already figured it out that my OOTD post is this. But anyway, its still nice to have some ootd when you travel yeah? Also I don’t have much of that time to take photos of my outfit when I go out so most of my outfit shots are from inside our house or infront of our unit. I have lots of backlogs OOTD posts so hopefully at least once I week I can post them. Oh! Jonha and I were wearing the same cardigan here. Also apology for a very grainy photos above I am not really good in photoshopping or somewhat editing tools you use for professionals I just sometimes fix the lighting or something very minimal. I admit the photo quality looks bad somehow so, Hope you guys like this quick OOTD post. Wish me luck next week to my another OOTD! God Bless ya’ll x0x0




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33 thoughts on “#OOTD: SuperWoman

  1. you look great on everything, a true fashionista, I bet! and I am sure you’re a good wife, so you deserve all the attention that your hubby’s giving you, lovely couple. 🙂

  2. I love your shoes! and I also love how you put it up all together, it kinda have the firey~ elemental feeling, which is cool! 🙂

  3. love the outfit, you look great on it and even younger. the combination of the pants and blouse is magnificent…plus i love the sunglasses of yours.

  4. you and your hubby are such a cute pair, I believe you are a good wife so you deserve all of his attention 🙂

  5. Wooow! I so love your shoesies! You look so stunning in them! Plus your shades!! Oh my, you’re a fashion superwoman! 🙂

  6. Love this outfit. Really looks comfortable. I love your jeans. I love the color and it fits you perfectly. I love your top’s design too. Not just the Superman logo but also the cut. 🙂

    Pauchee C.

    1. @roviedear:disqus i am trying to tone my body kya I workout plus sauna after gym feels so good. Hindi nkktmad yung feeling hehe msakit nga lng sa ktwan. Thank you babe!

  7. I super like your top! It looks like the S is really on fire from afar! The shoes is <333 too but so sad I can't sport a pair like that because I'm petite and my legs will look shorter I guess.

    1. i think so too @genzelkisses:disqus but sure is you can rock it still nmn nsa pagdadala lng yan! kya mo din yan! thank you babe!

  8. Oh my! yung shoes mooo the bomb.. I wanted to get something like that from vans na hi-cut then red 🙂 Love the outfit pati yung fire design 🙂

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