First World Hotel & Plaza + Ripley’s Believe it or not

So this is the second part of my posts about our Resorts World Genting Malaysia That we truly enjoyed the whole time that we’re there. It’s like a piece of heaven for both kids and those kids at heart and perfect for family get aways. We didn’t do much anything around the First World Plaza or Indoor Park. Most of the rides here are just I think minors for those kids I guess. Unlike the ones outside are extremely fun for adults and for my sister and I Lol. (Read the First Part of our Crazy day here)

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I can’t really say much about First world indoor theme park. Its more of like a Mall with Casino and some fun rides for kids and maybe some for adults too but haven’t seen one. Though Adults can totally ride those kids rides too so you can have fun with your kids at the same time. I think you guys need to buy a separate ticket for the First World Plaza and a swipe card for the games inside. So we just spent like maybe an hour walking around the Mall and going inside the Ripley’s Believe it or not. If you’ve been to some other’s Ripley’s Place which I’ve been already in Australia I guess pretty much you can see inside is the same. So after that We just tried to catch the next bus going back to KL.

Read my First Part Story about Genting Highlands Outdoor  Theme Park here! Watch the video too!

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19 thoughts on “First World Hotel & Plaza + Ripley’s Believe it or not

  1. wow! i used to watch a lot of ripleys believe it or not when I was young! parang ang saya makita sya in person :p

  2. Wow, this reminds me so much of seeing Ripley’s in Shangri-La Mall a long time ago! I want to sit in that lucky chair! ♥

  3. I remember visiting Ripley’s when I was 14! Amazing! Would love to take the kids! 🙂 (on second thought, I’ll show them these photos first 😀 hehe)

  4. thanks for the virtual tour, so much places to see in Malaysia, you’re lucky to live in that city. I remember visiting Ripleys in Manila when I was in highschool for a field trip, geez, that was ages…and they have here in Thailand but never been there for it is located bit outside Bangkok. 🙂 i hope we can visit Malaysia someday…

  5. That is so fun to see you guys on that wonderful place, we can learn something from there that we never thought they existed.

  6. We have Ripley’s Believe it or not and it’s fun for adults and kids.I love to visit during the night time since the effect is so cool and it is included in the ghost tour here.

  7. wow! the place looks so much fun! 😀 you’re making me wanna go on a vacay! ughhhh i need one so badly lol

  8. I’m amazed! Lalo na yung statue of liberty! At naguluhan ako kung ikaw or ung kapatid mo ang nasa picture at ayun I saw you wearing wedge kicks! Haha I like it! 🙂

  9. I read the first part and I prefer it more (the outdoor theme park and the crazy rides) but yep, this is more for people who have kids. I think they’re both fun and enjoyable! You’re always traveling ha :p

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