Resorts World Genting + OutDoor Theme Park

If you are visiting Kuala Lumpur for more than a few days then you might want to venture outside the city. One possibility is a trip to Genting Highlands to visit the Genting Resort. While it is essentially a Casino Resort there is plenty of family fun to be had with the theme parks and shopping activities.

The Genting Resort is in the Genting Highlands which are about an hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. There are a couple of options to get there including driving yourself or taking a taxi for the day (you can hire a taxi for the whole day for around RM250).  The other alternative that we decided to do on the day was to take the Go Genting Express bus from KL Sentral.


#gentinghighlandsmalaysia Go Genting Express

You can buy tickets from the ticketing office at KL Sentral. It is probably advisable to buy tickets a day or two in advance as there is always a chance that it might be a busy day. The office is tucked away on level 3 of the building and the easiest way to find it is probably to enter from the Hilton / Le Meridien Hotel side of the complex and once inside turn right and go to the corner of the building. Once there you can either book one-way tickets for around RM10 each way or buy a package for RM60 per person. I would suggest taking the package for RM60 as this includes the bus trip both ways, return trip up the mountain on the cable car and your option of either a lunch at one of the cafes there or entrance to the outdoor theme park. The buses run every half hour starting from 8am and if you are planning a full day there you may want to consider one of the ealier buses. We chose the 8am bus on this particular day.

#gentinghighlandsmalaysia Go Genting Bus Schedule

The buses depart on time and you should be at the bus at least 10 minutes before your scheduled departure. From the main area in the KL Sentral Station you will need to go down one level to the bus departure area and turn right. The Go Genting buses are the furtherest to the right.

A Typical Go Genting Bus

The trip to lower cable car station takes around 1 hour and is quite a pleasant ride along the highway past the Batu Caves and up the mountain. Once at the Cable Car Station you will need to exit the bus and then make you way up one level to the Cable Cars. If it’s a busy day there may be a queue for the cable cars but generally the wait is quite short.

#gentinghighlandsmalaysia #gentinghighlandsmalaysiaLower Cable Car Station: The view down the mountain from the cable car

The most memorable part of the trip is the 3.8km cable car ride up the mountain. It is certainly one of the best ways to enjoy the views of the Genting Highlands. Once you are on you way up, you can start to feel the temperature drop, so it is always advisable to bring along a thin jacket.

#gentinghighlandsmalaysia #gentinghighlandsmalaysia #gentinghighlandsmalaysia Approaching the Resort on the Cable Car

We arrived at the top around 9am and made our way to the fast food areas for breakfast. After that we made our way to the outdoor theme park which appears to open fully at around 10am. If you are planning on the outdoor theme park then I would suggest you head there first for a few hours of fun before spending a couple of hours inside the resort area.

#gentinghighlandsmalaysia #gentinghighlandsmalaysia #gentinghighlandsmalaysia #gentinghighlandsmalaysia #gentinghighlandsmalaysiaView of the Outdoor Theme Park.

From the main building with the cable car station and fast food areas you will need to make your way down about 5 levels to get to the walkway to the outdoor theme park. It pretty easy to get lost along the way as the whole resort area is a maze of buildings but don’t be scared to ask directions as the staff there are only too happy to help.

#gentinghighlandsmalaysia #gentinghighlandsmalaysia


On our way! First stop – the Spinner!

Without a doubt you will enjoy the outdoor theme park. With over 40 rides and attractions there is always something there for the whole family. There are plenty of children’s rides as well as enough thrill rides to keep you entertained if you are after something more thrilling. Some of the better rides for us included the Spinner, the Pirate Ship, the Corkscrew roller coaster ride, flying coaster and of course the Space Shot.

#gentinghighlandsmalaysia #gentinghighlandsmalaysia #gentinghighlandsmalaysia Middle of the Outdoor Theme Park

You can plan to spend around 4 or 5 hours at the outdoor theme park. If you’re lucky the weather will stay dry but be aware that at around 1800  metres up, the clouds can rollin from time to time as you can see in the pictures which can make it a bit chilly. At other times, the sun seems to come out and you can remove your jacket.

#gentinghighlandsmalaysia #gentinghighlandsmalaysia There are times that it will get dark and you needed to wear your jacket and most of the high buildings and rides are covered by the thick clouds! It’s like we are all walking to a place filled with clouds! Feels like we are in heaven! It is so fun because I’ve never been literally to a place like this full of clouds!#gentinghighlandsmalaysia #gentinghighlandsmalaysia The Corkscrew or every one knows it as Rollercoaster.#gentinghighlandsmalaysia




The Space Shot – not for the faint hearted. My sister, Jonha and I tried this and totally love it! I ride this like this and it feels so refreshing after! I feel like I am flying since You wont feel the guard or even the chair you’re sitting on when the ride starts already! Literally Flying! Pls. Watch the video below.

#gentinghighlandsmalaysia My husband and My sister riding the Flying coaster! It’s like rollercoaster though you’ll need to lay down like superman haha Watch the video below.#gentinghighlandsmalaysia #gentinghighlandsmalaysia  I guess they call this the Pirate Ship Totally enjoyed this with Jonha! haha Spot my different faces.#gentinghighlandsmalaysia  They have the Dinosaur Land as well for those kiddos who loves this matey animals!#gentinghighlandsmalaysia

We stayed in the outdoor theme park until 2:30pm. By that time the clouds had started to come in and it began to rain lightly. We decided to move inside to the First World Resort area to enjoy the shopping, food halls and attractions there.  One of these was the Ripleys Believe It or Not which is always worth a visit. Will blog about the Indoor Theme Park/First World Plaza on my next posts.

By 4:30pm we had decided that we had had enough for the day and began to make our way back to the Cable Car Station to begin the trip down. It is advisable to start your way back about 1 hour before your bus departs from the lower station as during peak times the queues can be large. The bus we had booked back was the 6:30pm bus, however, we decided to try our luck and see if there were any seats on the 5:30 bus.  We arrived back at the lower station around 5:15pm and fortunately there were enough empty seats on the 5:30 bus for us to take that one instead. We arrived back in KL Sentral around 6:30pm and made our way back home after quite a memorable day.

All in all – a recommended day trip for the whole family!

Hopefully you guys will enjoy the video and please excuse my very loud and crazy personality as well. I am like this in person well more talkative and funny. I talk a lot and very open minded person. Crazy But a very fun person to be with. Thanks for reading guys! Till next posts!

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31 thoughts on “Resorts World Genting + OutDoor Theme Park

  1. Wow! this place looks amazing! I love all the rides and ohh the video is soo cool 🙂
    I wish there’s a place that close to us here! that’d be super fun to go to on weekends 😀

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  6. Wow your travel is exciting but I’ll probably skip the roller coaster, space shot and pirate ship. 😀 I love the part where you said the place is covered with clouds.
    Seems that Resorts World Malaysia is far more exciting for the family than we have here in the Philippines.

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    -Wanderer Juan

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  18. So, these are what I missed! I was with my older sister when we went to Genting but she’s not much when it comes to rides so we just spent the whole time inside Ripley’s. But that was okay, too. I hope I could visit this place again!

  19. I’m definitely bookmarkin-ing this post sis! If my beau and I ever have extra time to spend in KL this November, I’ll make sure to book ahead. He’s always wanted to explore Genting. Hopefully, we’ll have time to visit the place. 🙂

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