Foods You Could Eat Daily For A Healthy, Vibrant And Glowing Skin

Beauty is skin deep, yes I do believe in that saying. But, it doesn’t mean that I have to disregard the idea of having a good looking, youthful and healthy skin. Its a must have not only for me but for everyone else not only to look and feel good, but also to become free from any skin diseases and defect that might occur due to weak and unhealthy skin.

To get the skin that I wanted, I make sure that I live a healthy lifestyle. I follow those advice that says I have to sleep 8 hours a day or more, drink plenty of water, stay away from smoke (especially those coming from cigars and vehicle), exercise daily and eating those skin friendly and healthful foods.

For me, eating healthful and skin friendly foods, veggies and fruits is not a problem. They are always a big part of my daily eating habit and diet. Below are some of my favorite foods that you can consume anytime you want for a healthy and glowing skin.



Either as a salad, side dish or even as an appetizer, broccoli for me is one of the yummiest veggie. Broccoli contains essential nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants that helps detoxify the body and repair damage or broken skin cells.



Aside from being a mini-hunger buster and effective appetizer, walnuts are skin friendly as well. Because of the high amount or level of Omega-3 fatty acids that it contains, walnuts indeed helps prevent dry and itchy skin and most of all, fight and prevent cancer cell growth. Munching few pieces of walnuts everyday can do wonders for your skin.

Mango, Pineapple And Papaya


Reading the above 3, what do you think they have in common? Yes it’s Vitamin C! Vitamin C along with the anti-oxidants that mango, pineapple and papaya give to your body enhances the collagen production of the body that prevents free-radical damage. Aside from being the best skin enhancer, they also strengthen immune system.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes (or simply KAMOTE for us Filipinos) are not only diet friendly; they are skin’s best friend too. Sweet potatoes contain high concentration of beta carotene that prevents severe skin damage due to heat and even sun exposure. Just don’t consume too much of it because it might bring extra “air/gas” at your tummy :).



Whenever I eat heavily or may I say, more than the amount I use to eat, I make sure that I end up sipping my favorite tea. Tea, being a product of herbs and plants contains healthy substances that prevent major occurrence of acne and other skin deficiency.

With the above foods, I am pretty sure that getting a healthful and good looking skin won’t be that hard anymore for you. Just remember to mix it up with a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and regular exercise.

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Ron is a foodie blogger who owns a Filipino foods and recipes blog. His latest foodie post at this website is about quick tips in cooking fried rice.Check it out.

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42 thoughts on “Foods You Could Eat Daily For A Healthy, Vibrant And Glowing Skin

  1. Tea talaga ang the best. It’s the best anti-oxidant pa. I used to hate drinking tea pero ngayon, ok na ako with it.

  2. Skin deep! The most cliche of sayings ever..

    Yes, it does come with a total package, and some genetic contributions when we analize beauty.
    Thee is only about 3 major factors to consider a person attractive..
    And you may have guess it already, skin is the first one.. bone structure to be 2nd and height to be 3rd.
    Skin to be the most important though.
    Ever notice some celebs who had been arround for some time, and still look young.
    That’s because of their skin, while there are many youngsters who look older..

    Hygiene also plays a big role, which you forgot to mention here.

  3. We started to eat healthy this year as my cousin and I needs to lose weight and true enough veggies and fruits makes your skin glow. It’s the cheapest anti-aging products 😀

  4. fruit and vegetables took a mojor part to maintain our skin and body.If you wish to look young and heathy you must need to concentrate on these.

  5. I have enough exercise but I’m afraid I lack sleep because I’m too preoccupied with work that I have to take my sidelines home and even continue working during weekends. Now my problem is eyebags. How to get rid of them?

  6. Definitely a yes for fruits and tea! The idea is to detoxify and to help our skin to be kept moisturize, and not dry.

  7. Aside from eating these foods, I believe we should also have enough sleep or rest and drink plenty of water too to have a healthy glowing skin – KarenT

  8. Thanks for this info! I stopped buying fruits a few months ago and now I think I need to go back to my routine. I’ll search for walnuts too when I go to the grocery 🙂

  9. helpful information! and im glad that all of this are one of my favorite recipe to include in doing my cooking everyday! thanks for huh!

  10. If a woman is 50 years old or above, how can we know that her skin still glow? Just a naughty question from me.

  11. i actually love eating broccoli and pineapple. i highly agree on this post. better eat good things to look right! 🙂

  12. I agree! Eating healthy and keeping fit will prolong your life. I’ve been seeing your IG posts of your food and gym sessions, and I must say that you’re looking pretty great sis! Keep it up! 🙂

  13. I love tea though and as much as possible would drink that. Good to know it will help my skin look vibrant. 😀

  14. I love sweet potatoes! It makes your skin glow plus, makes you sexier too since it’s complex carbohydrate. =)

  15. I actually love everything in your list. Hopefully, my skin will glow better if I eat them often.

  16. thanks for the tips, eating those fresh and raw veggies and fruits would certainly gives you healthier and glowing skin.

  17. I don’t usually eat walnuts, and it’s good to know that it’s best for our skin. i also stopped drinking tea, for about 4 months, i veered away from coffee and had decaf green tea, but i stopped because i noticed that i gained weight without having caffeine. so anyway, i eat all of those above. at least i know they’re good for our skin.

  18. Wow! I am super lucky pala kasi nakakain ko almost everyday lahat nong nasa list except for the walnuts and tea. I’m not a fan of hot tea pero for the sake of health I think I am going to give it a try unless milk tea counts as good then I think I’m good, haha.

    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this one. I will add this on my list kasi as of the moment I’m into clean eating kasi I’m trying to lose some weight e.

  19. I love every food stated jan sis! Esp brocolli and Tea. Me too sis, pag bloated or napadami, Tea rin tlga ako 🙂

  20. mangoes, papayas, pineapples and sweet potato madaling hanapin dito samen and its crazily cheap! 🙂 Some are free. oh the perks of living in the bukid.. and im trying to grow my own herbs! lol

  21. Too bad I don’t eat walnuts 🙁 But if it’s in a brownie, I sometimes eat them, hehe! Good to know about this foods.

  22. After the attack of my Gestational Atopic dermatitis, these foods that shared here in your blog where the ones I can start and include to my diet to revive my skin. It really stressed me out seeing the effect of my second pregnancy, good thing there were a lot of information can be found online that can help me rejuvenate 🙂

  23. What a great post! Perfect for health and beauty savvy people out there! I am glad that although not that aware, I am into these foods often! Look at that purple yam— so missed that! 🙂

  24. I didn’t know that walnuts are good for the skin. It just shows that we learn something everyday.

  25. Except for walnuts which is pricy and tea, lahat nakakain ko on a regular basis. Now ko rin nalaman na good for skin pala ang Kamote. Every week may uwi ako niyan fron Laguna.

  26. These are beautiful tips to defy ageing gracefully 🙂 I should drink more tea then. I only have 1 cup in a day. And the fruits I eat daily are 2 apples and 1 orange. Kaso wala sa listahan mo, hehehe! I should try to go looking for walnuts come weekend. Masubukan nga! Hahaha!


  27. I believe that i can eat most of those fruits and veggies except for the tea, for some reasons it has this taste that i can not tolerate to smell while drinking it.

  28. I agree that eating fruits rich in Vit. C helps our skin to be healthy as well as it increases our immune system against foreign microorganism.

  29. we have very similar diet 🙂 these foods are also huge part of our daily diet, I love fruits and vegetables.

  30. great healthy list here 🙂 Got an idea on what I am going to eat next week since I will start my clean diet 🙂

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