3 Fashion Tips for Your Next Job Interview

Applying for a job can be a very scary experience for both new and experienced jobseekers. Fortunately, if you have the right look, you will not only improve your own confidence but potentially impress the interviewer as well. In fact, to help you out with your job interview, here are 3 fashion tips to follow:

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1. Wear work appropriate clothing.

When going into an interview, it is crucial that you learn more about the working environment beforehand to determine the best attire to wear. For example, if you are dressing for a professional interview, here are some clothing tips:


• Wear a navy, dark grey, or black suit                                                                                                     • Ensure that the suit skirt is long enough to comfortably sit                                                                     • Wear conservative shoes and a coordinated blouse                                                                                 • Wear neutral pantyhose


• Wear a navy or dark grey suit
• Wear a long sleeve shirt that is coordinated with the suit
• Wear a belt and tie
• Wear conservative shoes with black socks

If the working environment is a little more relaxed, you may need to dress for business casual or startup casual. However, no matter what type of job you are applying for, you should always put effort into your appearance to avoid insulting both yourself and the interviewer.

If you are wearing jewellery for an interview, you should avoid anything that is too flashy, dangling, or cheap. In most cases, a pair of earrings work well for women. Men should also reduce the amount of jewellery they wear when going in for interviews.

2. Make sure that your clothes are ready for any interview.

Since interviews can happen at any time, you should have interview clothes ready beforehand. For example, even if you are not actively job hunting, ensuring that clothes fit neatly and are kept in good condition will benefit you.

To help keep your clothes in good shape for future interviews, consider the following:

• Keep your interview clothes neatly hung up and in bags to prevent wrinkles and keep them free from dust
• Set out your interview clothes the night before an interview
• Polish your shoes
• Take your clothes to the cleaners after an interview to have them ready for future events

3. Wear light makeup.

When going to an interview, it is recommended to wear light and professional makeup. You may want to avoid wearing anything on your face that is too dark since you could make yourself look too tired or bold. Keeping with natural colours that complement your clothes, eyes, and skin tone will help you look and feel fresh.

If you want to make your eyes look brighter, you can use beauty products, such as Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream, to help freshen your skin. Such products are typically designed to help reduce dark eyes, signs of fatigue, and puffiness to make you appear more energetic and youthful.

With these 3 fashion tips, you can confidently walk into your next interview with your head held high.

Kylee Hutch is a recruiter with a passion for style. She loves to write about how to incorporate better style into the office by writing on career blogs.




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56 thoughts on “3 Fashion Tips for Your Next Job Interview

  1. Great tips. It’s quite a bit shallow but it’s true that first impressions always last and presenting one’s self neatly counts well in a job interview.

  2. Its such a scarry experience to go through..
    fortunately for me, I didnt spend much time bumming arround.
    I hunted for work a week after I graduated, fortunately it wasnt my first job.
    So it went a breeze!
    scarry but can be some of the most meorable experience.
    I remember impressing some HR’s with my skill. 🙂

  3. thanks for sharing all these 3 tips, I agree with it. and yes, definitely no heavy make-ups…:) all these plus confidence, presence of mind, knowledge about the job you’re applying plus a happy face will surely add up points! 🙂

  4. Nice tips 🙂 Syempre if you have the right clothes, accessories and make-up dapat samahan din ng konting self-confidence at madaming knowledge na din.

    Wear smart and think smart ang peg kung baga.

  5. I have been to a lot of job interview but never tried wearing dark suits. I guess it all depends on what kid of job you are applying .A decent dress is appropriate and don’t wear blue jeans and t shirt.

  6. I couldn’t agree more! Bringing a great first 1 minute impression about your personality on a job interview .

  7. These are great tips 🙂 I’m currently working at home but who knows what happens tomorrow? 🙂 I’ll keep these great tips in mind. 🙂 I do understand the concept of dressing up appropriately because first impressions do count 🙂

  8. Wearing the right clothes for the interview does much to boost confidence. These are great tips.

  9. Guess, what… I’ve found the perfect outfit just like what you’ve described and will be using it next week. Wish me luck.

  10. Make it sharp, sleek and professional looking if you’re going in a job interview. This tips really helps a lot of people who are clueless on what they will wear on their job interview.

  11. great tips! applying for a job is a nerve wrecking experience as is, so being in a comfy attire could at least lessen the awkwardness 🙂

  12. Your three fashion tips are helpful, but I believe the jobseeker should not forget that he/she should also be intellectually ready for the interview. – KarenT

  13. These tips are so helpful especially those who are new college graduates or seeking new job. I always have to look presentable as I can and of course, look smart! 😀

  14. I love the tips you shared, I don’t have interviews but would definitely re-read this one when time comes.

  15. This is a very helpful post most esp to students who are applying for a job. I always wear neutral colors for interview. 😀

  16. I believe that as long as you are presentable and not out of the way then you are good. Always be at the interview site ahead of time.

  17. It’s very important to be in proper outfit when you have a job interview. Of course, aside from your appearance, your personality should be the best. 🙂

  18. This had been my dilemma before—looking for clothes to wear during interview. I’d always ended up wearing smart casual attire. 😉

    These tips would surely help those who are currently job hunting!

  19. Nkaka boost talga ng confidence kapag nka damit ng maayos sa interview. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  20. Great tips you have here! I never put make up, I only use lipstick but most of my friends say that I should, hehe! So light make up is for me 🙂

  21. In college we used to have seminars regarding clothes to wear during job interviews as well. It has always been advised for girls to wear skirts instead of pants.

  22. I always make sure I wear sharp, business suits for my interview. I want to look confident and professional and only tailored suits can command that kind of image.

  23. I remember when I applied for a job for the first time I just wore the best clothes I have had, stayed well-groomed, and wear a pleasant smile and be ready at all times for any eventualities.

  24. I haven’t had a job interview experience yet where I have to go and see the interviewers in person. However, I thought you’ve given great tips here for a successful job interview. I do believe as well that what you wear and how you sport your work outfit is a factor towards achieving the the much-needed words “You are hired!”


  25. Thank you for sharing this tips, very helpful for people who are applying for jobs. It will help to have higher chance to get hired.:)

  26. Applying for a job interview may be a bit scary; good thing there are tips like these to help boost up the applicant’s confidence! ♥

  27. I’ve been in recruitment for so long and I have to agree that dressing appropriate for an interview can make a difference. Pero syempre dapat may laman ang utak at may magandang asal. 🙂 If you have the 3, then you’re definitely a big catch! 🙂

  28. It’s like first impression lasts. So jobseekers need to be presentable cause there are lucky ones who are chosen according to their looks and confidence in presenting themselves – KarenT

  29. great tips ehre babe!!! dati gusto ko tlga mg apply apply. haha I use to mimic an interviewer -i interviewee scene when i was a kid lol

  30. I will have this tips in mind 😉 Before I’m shy to use skirt during interview but now I’m not afraid. I’m confident now!

  31. Will share this blog! Will help a lot of newly-grads applying and for those older applicants as well. Should I have read this kind of post when I was hunting for job decades ago, I could have rocked the corporate world!

  32. great tips! the best talaga to look your best in your job interview 🙂 its the best way to give the best impression 🙂

  33. This is just in time. 🙂 I’ll be having a job interview next week. Glad that I found this article.

    It is right to wear appropriately because some employer do take notice in how you look during your interview.

  34. Not kidding, I have a set of clothes I wear whenever I go to interviews. This is composed of white long-sleeved polo and black slacks. I tie my hair and put on minimal makeup. I don’t know if these clothes bring good luck but I get job offer every time. 🙂

  35. It’s not just what you wear, of course, that earns you respect with a future employer. Being prepared, keeping eye contact, and exuding confidence are key tips for securing a job during an interview.

  36. Thanks for this tips. Pati pala panty hose dapat neutral. I learned things everyday. This will be handy when I am ready to go back to job seeking again.


  37. this will definitely help many out there preparing for job interviews 🙂 it helped me make up my mind what to wear during my thesis proposal presentation too…thanks a lot! 🙂

  38. for girls, okay yan but for men, suit.. seems out of place. Just my 10 cents say. Perhaps executive polo is good enough. Good tips here.

  39. Your tips are so helpful! I need to share this to some of my friends who are currently applying for a job. =)

  40. These are very good tips. Clothes wear in interviews matter to create a pleasing first impression.

  41. I agree with all your points. Please do ass a kick-ass smile and confidence to the list. 🙂

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