Top 5 Wonderful Locations To Wander in London

The capital city of the United Kingdom and England, London is the most popular international city, which towers over Thames River. A cultural capital and among the most toured city worldwide, London has established its position as a powerhouse city with the 5th largest metropolitan area GDP and leading city airport system globally. With a thriving cultural and city tourism, London attracts throngs of both local and foreign tourists who come to wander and wonder at this intriguing city that is over two millennia old.


Here are the top 5 wonderful locations to wander in London:

1. Hampstead Heath

Sprawling on a land area of 790 acres, Hampstead Heath is London’s best kept secret and a reprieve from the city’s heat, spiraling traffic congestion and hassle and bustle associated with city life.

Blending the magic of countryside and the serenity of open green field broken by beautifully and strategically designed recreational facilities, Hampstead Heathis a must go location in London.
People are able to trek up the highest points of the capital at Hampstead Heath such as Parliament Hill and take in the scenic view of the city’s skyline.
Guests can exercise their muscles by participating in various sports organized at Hampstead Heath from athletics, bowling and cricket to croquet, cycling, football and fishing.
The Park has dazzling open air swimming ponds where people can take dips.
Golders Hill Park is a great picnic area for individuals and families.
Guests can learn a thing or two about different plant species, habitats, wildlife, fungi.

2. Pollock’s Toy Museum

Located at Fitrovia, Pollock’s Toy Museum is a place like no other. Guests visit this museum to provoke their happy childhood nostalgia or simply to freak themselves out. This museum, which is straddled by two Georgian buildings is an ideal location to wander into.

The toy museum elicits an eerie atmosphere and the squeaky floor boards and narrow and dark corridors add to the museum’s spooky feeling.
The dolls showcased are mainly from the 20th Century and Victorian era, which makes them vintage pieces worth seeing.
For those who can stand the unnerving stares of teddy bears and roving eyes of plastic dolls, Pollock’s Toy Museum is the place to be.

3. The London Eye

London’s iconic symbol, the London Eye is situated on the bank of Thames River.
At 135 meters high, the 120 meters diameter colossal Ferris wheel, is United Kingdom’s most popular paid tourist hotspot, attracting over 3 million tourists annually.
The London Eye has glass-sided capsules that slowly turn at 0.9 kilometers per hour.
At the top of the wheel, tourists are rewarded with a panoramic view of the city of London including other iconic landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace among others.

4. Thames River
Rolling along iconic landmarks, Thames River generates cool breeze that spread out through London.
Rumbling through the city, Thames River is a good place to see the capital and enjoy London’s splendor.
A cruise down the river allows guests to see London’s Tower Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe, Tower of London, CuttySark, Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Footbridge, Westminster Abbey, Tate Modern and Canary Wharf among other iconic places.

5. Wellcome Collection
Arguably, a blend of a science gallery and hoarder’s den gone wild, Wellcome Collection in Bloomsbury is among the top 5 wonderful locations to wander in London.

An assortment of artifacts from the moccasins worn by Florence Nightingale and Darwin’s walking stick to long winding collection of medical tools from ancient ages that resemble tools of torture, Wellcome Collection has it all.

In conclusion, navigating through the wondrous and hidden gems of London is no easy feat since they are located in different zones of the city. As a result, it is advisable to have a Transport For London Contact Phone that comes in handy when you need to seek a means of transport such as taxis to move from one wonderful location to another across London.




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