Love Cynthia Handmade in France

Hello guys! I am so excited to blog about this accessories that you can see down below. These are unique pieces from a gorgeous blogger/supermodel friend of mine who owns this ShopLoveCynthia. I just totally love her blog She can just make everything such a lovely piece when she touches them. Like obviously that there’s something in her hands that I don’t have Lol. She can make a lot of different awesome crafts and DIY so I’m suggesting that you guys start browsing her blog or much even better visit her shop for more of unique pieces that can be yours in no time! =D
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Love Cynthia is a range of one-of-a-kind jewelries and limited design accessories with a unique touch of modern vintage and bohemian chic. It specializes in quality, bespoke handmade mixed media and semi precious materials.

All lovely pieces of Love Cynthia are inspired by everyday daydreams and days gone by, some sunshine, french macarons and a good cup of tea. And to ensure exclusivity, most of Love Cynthia jewelries and accessories are in limited pieces, and some are one piece per design. All jewelries and accessories come complete with its own gift pouch or gift box. Hand-made and heart-crafted with so much love, in France. (Infos from her shop lovecynthia)

So from now on you’ll be seeing this gorgeous pieces to most of my OOTD’s for sure as my lovely accessories! I can actually wear them even to an ordinary day specially the flower matching rings & earrings! Makes me feel more younger and fresh! Love the gold necklace as well with “MJ” which stands for “Mary Jane” as my real name.

Thank you Love Cynthia for sending me this gorgeous pieces straight from France! Hope I can visit you there one of this days (I wish!). Thank you for being so nice and humble as well. One of my fave girl blogger who inspires many people around her with such a good heart and looking so Gorgeous too!  Such an inspiration for me and as you said “Life is indeed Beautiful” & “Be your own kind of Beautiful

Please do visit her Site: and Visit her shop and explore more unique pieces that I’m sure that you’ll love everything! / 

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33 thoughts on “Love Cynthia Handmade in France

  1. I follow Love Cynthia on IG! 😀 I didn’t know she has a shop pala. Will definitely check it out. Love these accessories that you got. I’m concerned lang with customs and fees though. Lately, I’ve been charged so high for parcels from abroad. >.<

  2. so cute accessories! i just love handmade accessories as they are made with effort, care and love. Thumbs up to this store!

  3. the accessories you’ve received from her are so lovely, very detailed. i love handmade, there’s always something special on it, for sure plus no two are exactly the same! thanks for sharing her site, will have a look. 🙂

  4. the accessories are so cute!! 😀 love handmade accessories, they make me feel special 🙂

  5. wow.. their pieces are all pretty!! especially the necklace 🙂 a big + on their packaging as well! 😀

  6. yeah. sometimes it is better to buy a piece where it has limited design. you know we dont love when we walk or pass by with someone who wears same jewelry/tops.. hehehe

  7. That rose design earring and ring set is very nice. That is something I will buy for myself.

  8. That rose design earring and ring set is very nice. That is something I would buy for myself.

  9. love those accessories… it can make our drab attire fab.. i also admire those designers that make handmade items

  10. Wow! Those are great stuff, sis! So perfect for you! You are so lucky to have been bestowed by those beautiful crafts!

  11. they’re so lovely, love the floral ring so much, it looked like candy. Sadly, I don’t often score online, it’s because the postoffice in the philippines is not so ever reliable … it;s either they’ll slit it open or it’ll never be delivered at all… but this one is lovely, i’ll check out her shop too 🙂

  12. What a sweet and generous blogger friend you have Sis 🙂 Those accessories are pretty like you especially the rose rings. I really like them.

  13. those are beautiful handmade accessories, they remind me of my friend who is into that too, it’s always a joy to wear handmade accessories especially if you know the person who made it 🙂

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