Shorts That are Good Enough to Eat

“Eat my shorts!” is surely one of the best known quotes collectively throughout ages, cultures and countries – who doesn’t love the Simpsons and Bart Simpson Bart Simpson’s trademark catchphrase? Bart uses it to express his rebellious attitude, usually to authority figures by pulling down his shorts and shaking his butt at people, just to make them mad. What a legend!


Though Bart may sport his little blue pair with rigour and confidence, most men’s first instinct when it comes to shorts is a plain and simple “hell no, full stop”. This statement usually has the following sort of explanations; tackle jiggle, reflective thighs, hairy as hell legs, knobbly knees and decent risk of exposure.

This is however, completely disregarding the sportsman who of course is allowed to show a bit of leg in the name of the greater good! Even then, there is a strict 2-3 pairs of shorts at once, or at least knee length policy. Who cares about practicality? He’s showing too much thigh!

Now what, dear guys, are you meant to wear when your legs start to sweat so much that your trousers are sticking to them or your jeans stop bending ‘cause they’re too moist. Yep, moist! No man wants to be thought of as that surely?

Even if you think the occasion may not be called for in good old Britain this “summer” then what are you meant to do if you’ve got a holiday planned to somewhere which does exceed 20 degrees? Grit and bear the sweat? Man up! Get those legs out. If it’s acceptable at the gym and the beach, it’s acceptable anywhere! It is time to get some real Men’s shorts! You are your only real critic after all.

If it helps, you can pretend you’re one of those Only Way is Essex lads who seem to be making all the debatably female fashion choices and preening habits controversially, but widely acceptable and partaken in. Women even seem to be reacting positively to these developments – that’s never a bad sign!

To make sure you get the right length, colour and style, George at ASDA have carefully selected real shorts for real men who aren’t afraid of their own legs! You can get some really cool jersey sport shorts, camouflage, chino, cargo, checked, rib-waist and loads more types. Give it the old “Eat my shorts” while donning a pair and see how many people actually go for a bite – You’ll be an instant convert!




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31 thoughts on “Shorts That are Good Enough to Eat

  1. I don’t wear shorts that often except when I’m at home. I’d love to have something like that on the photo though. A tribute to the great Bart Simpsons. Haha!

  2. I rarely wear shorts these days since I get to work on weekdays and we’re not really allowed to come in shorts. So the only time that I could splurge on shorts will be on weekends or when I’m on a leave or something. hihihihi 😀 but yes, I love shorts a LOT! <3

  3. im not much of a shorts person but if the shorts are so stylish like this, I’d love to wear one!! 😀 hihi!

  4. i’m not using my shorts lately because I have to hide the insect bites I’m trying to get rid of since november last year. however, if I really have to wear shorts, I have to wear a colored stockings or a leggings to hide it. Shorts are great for men!

  5. I really like shorts haha macocount mo lang ang jeans ko. anyway, I’m influeancing K to wear such shorts for men like chino and what not! L et me share to him the site! Thanks! Keep in touch! I miss bumping here! x

  6. Cute ni Bart Simpson!! Love the short shorts. But I don’t think bagay sa akin yan, hehe! 😛

  7. Recently I’ve been wearing shorts haha! Though my skin is not so smooth, I’m referring to scars lol. Like the other comment I really prefer the comfort than design. 🙂

  8. I visited George’s site and all the shorts there are beautiful. I will ask my husband to look at it, he might find there what he is looking for.

  9. I am shy to wear shorts, even if the occasion calls for it, maybe because I’m just not used to wearing it, feels like all are staring at me, not because I have skinny legs, but because they are quite big or fat, lol!

  10. Love this! The Bart Simpson print is probably one of the most notable street-style trends this year! =) ♥♥♥

  11. I didn’t know we can eat shorts, hehe, kidding and sorry for taking it literally. For us men, or maybe for me personally, I prefer comfort than design.

  12. I like shorts especially that it is summer here in NY 🙂 It feels comfortable to wear it when the weather is very warm. I usually buy shorts when they are on sale from the previous season 🙂

  13. My husband is more comfortable wearing walking shorts than pants because of our humid climate here.

  14. I love Bart Simpson and I used to watch the show when I was in College, that shorts is cute as well with Bart printed on it. Do they have other character of the Simpsons as well? like Homer and Maggie?

  15. This is I believe a new idiomatic expression which anybody could use to express their dislike and disagreement to one’s actuation, strong rebellious reaction to person’s in authority. I remember that I still wore short pants when I was still studying in high school, till my second year high school. Wearing shorts in 60s is still a fad.

  16. definitely!! guys could wear shorts everywhere! it’s just so comfortable.. 🙂

  17. I like the short but i can only wear them inside the house.I don’t have the guts to wear short shorts.

  18. My kids love Bart Simpson and I love wearing shorts but I don’t know if I would wear a bart simpson designed shorts hehehe.

  19. real man’s short huh… as long as its comfortable and no very fancy prints that would create too much attention… fine with me. Yahweh bless.

  20. Cute… There is also a dress na bart Simpson. Then I saw also a dress with liza Simpson printed on it.

  21. I have this “hotdog” pillow with Simpsons printed on it. It’s been with me since I was a kid.haha.

    Shorts are really in, comfortable and perfect for humid weather!

  22. if i achieve my desired waistline after massive workouts, i’ll be able to wear shorts na. that bart simpsons shorts is so adorbs!

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