Shorts That are Good Enough to Eat

“Eat my shorts!” is surely one of the best known quotes collectively throughout ages, cultures and countries – who doesn’t love the Simpsons and Bart Simpson Bart Simpson’s trademark catchphrase? Bart uses it to express his rebellious attitude, usually to authority figures by pulling down his shorts and shaking his butt at people, just to make them mad. What a legend!



Though Bart may sport his little blue pair with rigour and confidence, most men’s first instinct when it comes to shorts is a plain and simple “hell no, full stop”. This statement usually has the following sort of explanations; tackle jiggle, reflective thighs, hairy as hell legs, knobbly knees and decent risk of exposure.

This is however, completely disregarding the sportsman who of course is allowed to show a bit of leg in the name of the greater good! Even then, there is a strict 2-3 pairs of shorts at once, or at least knee length policy. Who cares about practicality? He’s showing too much thigh!

Now what, dear guys, are you meant to wear when your legs start to sweat so much that your trousers are sticking to them or your jeans stop bending ‘cause they’re too moist. Yep, moist! No man wants to be thought of as that surely?

Even if you think the occasion may not be called for in good old Britain this “summer” then what are you meant to do if you’ve got a holiday planned to somewhere which does exceed 20 degrees? Grit and bear the sweat? Man up! Get those legs out. If it’s acceptable at the gym and the beach, it’s acceptable anywhere! It is time to get some real Men’s shorts! You are your only real critic after all.

If it helps, you can pretend you’re one of those Only Way is Essex lads who seem to be making all the debatably female fashion choices and preening habits controversially, but widely acceptable and partaken in. Women even seem to be reacting positively to these developments – that’s never a bad sign!

To make sure you get the right length, colour and style, George at ASDA have carefully selected real shorts for real men who aren’t afraid of their own legs! You can get some really cool jersey sport shorts, camouflage, chino, cargo, checked, rib-waist and loads more types. Give it the old “Eat my shorts” while donning a pair and see how many people actually go for a bite – You’ll be an instant convert!




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