The 90’s Pieces you Need in 2013

They do say that if you wait long enough every fashion trend will come back around again – and that certainly seems to be true. Lately we’ve seen the Sixties and Seventies making an appearance again on our High Streets and this year it is the turn of that seemingly inconspicuous decade – the Nineties. Less than 20 years ago this is one fashion trend that will see both those who did it the first time around and a new generation of fashion lovers joining in.

Source/Credit: stayyflyyordie

Source/Credit: stayyflyyordie

Cropped Tops

They’re not just the realm of the early days of Mel C in the Spice Girls. In the Nineties, tops were most definitely cropped – the shorter the better as well. Baring a midriff was an everyday occurrence. In 2013 the look is sporty and most definitely for those with well tones abs.

Double Denim

Among the many unspoken fashion rules is the idea that you should never, ever wear denim and denim – otherwise known as ‘double denim’. Pairing your denim with denim is territory that most of us would never do for fear of looking too, erm, Nineties. Well forget that rule because denim on denim is back with a vengeance. Stars such as Rihanna have rocked the double denim look recently and, if her look is anything to go by, ripped, snow-wash denim is up there in fashion once again too. What are you waiting for? Dig out that denim skirt and denim jacket and strut your stuff.


They came onto the scene in the Eighties but reached their height in the Nineties. Everyone who was anyone lugged their stuff around in a backpack – whether it was a petite see-through plastic version or a chunky Ikat style bag which is once again one of the must have backpacks for 2013. They looked great with our Baby G watches and we knew it. Backpacks are back with a vengeance and this practical throwback from the Nineties is no bad thing this year.

Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket is another look synonymous with the Nineties. If you were really cool you would have worn yours cropped. The likes of Mark Owen from Take That certainly showed us how to work the look in the Nineties and the bomber jacket is making another appearance this year.

Leather jackets

If you were alive in the Nineties then you cannot have missed the phenomenon of Bros. Nobody – but nobody – looked better in leather jackets than these twins. Their trademark look was the ripped jeans and leather jacket combination and it is a simple look that is easily recreated this autumn.

Checked Shirts

Whether you wear it or just tie it nonchalantly around your waist, the men’s checked shirt is one essential for the year. We’ve seen it in the preppy look carried off by One Direction but New Kids on the Block showed us how it was done.

Fashion writer Jemma Short was a teen during the Nineties and is happy to own up to wearing many of the classic Nineties looks. She already has several of the must have backpacks for 2013 in her collection.




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