Fun and Unusual Contact Lenses That Will Make You Stand Out

If you love to act in theater productions or attend fantasy conventions, creating the perfect costume is a must. Depending on the look, getting the eyes just right may very well make or break the entire character. Fortunately, here are 3 fun and unusual contact lenses that will make you stand out of a crowd:

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1. Cat eye contacts

Cat eye contacts are excellent for making you stand out of a crowd no matter where you are. If you want to use them for theater productions, Halloween parties, or conventions, the costume possibilities are endless. For example, you can create the following characters:

Cat-like people. Cat-like costumes are particularly popular for Halloween parties and conventions. For example, with cat eye contacts, you can dress up as a black cat for Halloween or popular characters from Japanese animation.

Werewolves. Cat eye contacts can easily be used to create a terrifying werewolf appearance for your next outing. Whether you decide to go full wolf or half-wolf, you will stand out against a full moon.

Serpents. If you want to make people’s blood run cold, you can wear cat eye contacts while dressed as a snake or a dragon. There are also many fantasy and sci-fi characters that are reptilian in appearance that you can dress up as well.

2. Demon-like contacts

If you want to dress up as a demon, you can easily find contacts that look bloodthirsty in nature. For example, many contacts have red designs that make the appearance of blood. Additionally, you can purchase pure black contacts to make yourself look like a demon from the Supernatural CW series or even an alien.

Contact lenses that are used to create demonic looks can also be used for creating vampire characters as well. Whether you are looking to be Dracula or Edward, you are sure to find the right contacts to complete the look at websites such as

3. Solid color contacts

Solid color contacts are ideal for all situations. Whether you want to dress up as a character or just enhance your natural eye color for everyday use, solid color contact lenses that change your irises can deliver.

If you are looking to use solid colors for your costume, here are different character ideas:

Elves. Many elves are known for their light hair and skin, and bright blue eyes. If you want to dress up as an elf, you can easily purchase blue contacts to complement the attire. If you plan to dress as a Drow, you can instead use solid red contacts, although other colors can be used to determine different emotional and physical states as well.

Zombies. Zombies often have varying eye colors. However, if you really want to create a haunting look, you can use solid white contacts.

No matter what you choose to dress up as for any occasion, there are many contact lenses to choose from to help enhance and complete the look.

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25 thoughts on “Fun and Unusual Contact Lenses That Will Make You Stand Out

  1. I hate seeing people with contact lens na hindi naman bagay sa kanila. I guess they need to check out the different types first before buying one. 😀

  2. Contacts do make or break one’s look. Some people look pretty with these while others look trying hard.

  3. I have bad experiences before with contact lenses. Often nahuhulog habang naglalaro ng basketball. But given the chance again to wear one, I like wearing green-colored one.

  4. I have not tried wearing contact lenses yet.. There are those that uses them for fashion for they can stand out wearing them.. Some use them at the movie sets esp. those scary looking ones

  5. I have always liked to wear contact lenses though I am too lazy to look for a shop where I can buy them. I like the Zombie contact lenses though… 🙂

  6. I would love to try cat eye contacts 🙂 I wonder how the hubby would reach 😀 hmm thanks for this interesting idea…I wonder too when I will be able to attend an even where I could flaunt those awesome designs!

  7. Some of these contact lenses are weird-looking and kinda scary, just perfect to go with costumed events.

  8. Totally you have some nice yet creepy contact lenses, those are best to wear if you go to a costume party. it will add up all the attire.

  9. haha, did not know so many contact lenses to choose from with those varying designs, with matching dress, indeed, they will put an exclamation point to the message of the costume 🙂

  10. I don’t know if someday I’ll be using contact lense but for sure it will only be because my eyes can’t read clearly anymore, waaa!!!
    I love some of those designs here.

  11. I know someone who uses cat-eye contacts. He stands out, indeed! It’s fun to wear. But my eyes are never used to contacts. :/

  12. ZOMG! Is it halloween already? haha Although i must say the only one i can tolerate wearing is the white cut. Especially if you’re playing as the snow queen. But i say these lenses are really great with head-turning costumes!

  13. I think I will like the serpents or cat-like people contact, I just don’t know if my family will like it if I wear one,hehe!

  14. Interesting contact lenses designs. I like to try yung solid color ones. Hindi lang kasi ako at ease wearing one.

  15. Scary yung iba, I’ve never try to wear a contact lens pa. But if I need to choose sa mga lenses I will choose yung pinakauna.

  16. never tried putting on contact lenses because I’m scared it might rip off inside my eyes hehe. I agree in this post, contact lenses can make you stand out (isang tingin lang! pak! iba kulay ng mata! parang sa naruto! haha ohdiba sino naman ang hindi makakapansin nun? haha).

  17. It’s really cool but I could not have anyone of those because of the constant dust storm that we have here in our place.

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    i like the way you present your blog post.

    I will visit your blog more often

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    Enjoy and stay pretty : )


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