Sizzling swimwear to turn heads this Summer

Are you getting your wardrobe together ready for a trip away to the sun? If so, then make sure you’re up on the latest beachwear trends in order to ensure you’re looking hot when you step out onto the sand. Here are some tips about what’ll get you noticed whether you’re planning a trip catch some waves at Bells Beach in the state of Victoria, Australia, or are perhaps simply looking to stretch out in the sun in Portofino, Italy.

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The one-piece is in

When it comes to swimwear, nothing is hotter this season than the one piece costume. Covering up in style is far from boring and if you’re seen in a one-piece bathing suit this year then you can relax in the knowledge that you’re right on trend. Look cool in the hot sun with the help of a colourful halterneck design from Missoni, or maybe opt for one of Roksanda Ilincic’s striking designs.

Not had time to shift those obstinate pounds?

Don’t panic if you’ve not spent as much time down the gym as you had planned to before your summer holiday – you still have options. Shapewear swimwear is all the rage, helping you to look fabulous on the beach without having to worry about any unwanted bulges. Who wants to spend all day on the beach holding their tummy in?! You could perhaps opt for a sizzling all-black one-piece from Heidi Klein with a concealed tummy control panel which will give you the great silhouette that you’ve always dreamed of.

But don’t discount the two-piece!

Just because the one-piece swimsuit is in vogue this year doesn’t mean you should rush to discount the amazing range of bikini options out there. Beautiful two-piece sets are available from the likes of Lisa Marie Fernandez, Mara Hoffman and Vix. And there are plenty of styles to choose from too. Perhaps go for a triangle bikini top with full bottoms – it’s a style that has changed little over the years and will suit a huge variety of body shapes, from small to full busts. Of course, a bandeau-style bikini is always a great look to go for on the beach, as is the classic halterneck look. If you want to make sure that you definitely won’t get any unwanted tan lines then perhaps a strapless bikini is the way forward as you can be sure of going back home with beautifully bronzed shoulders to show off!

Don’t forget your beachwear essentials

Getting your clothes in order for a day at the beach isn’t all about swimwear, you also need to consider what you’re going to wear when it’s time for some brunch, or perhaps you want to cover up and protect your skin from the sun. The good news is that there are plenty of stylish options out there. Consider investing in a beautiful flame-pattern kaftan, or maybe a simple embroidered white kaftan teamed with some wide leg pants and a pair of wedge heels. You’ll truly be spoilt for choice when you check out the range available. 

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Guest blog contributed by Lauren Belfield. A huge fan of fashion, lauren loves checking out the latest styles and writing about them across the web, from dresses for big nights out to casual street wear, Lauren understands all aspects of modern style & fashion. Lauren’s current obsession is Elie Saab clothing.




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39 thoughts on “Sizzling swimwear to turn heads this Summer

  1. great article love and i’m actually obsessed with swimsuits right now hahah i love my two piece <3

  2. I haven’t worn a one pc swimsuit before. I hope I could hit the beach again before the year ends!

  3. I’m a guy, I’m always up for a two-piece especially for a hot girl.
    I know of some friends who can pull it through no sweat even with the bulging tummy..
    Its in the attitude. I tend to smirk when I see two-piece underneath a cover up, so I guess the one piece should do especially the black one from Heidi Klein

  4. Printed swimwear is always a good one to choose. Always a head turner and fashion enhanced outfit!

  5. Wooow those are beautiful swimsuits! I love them, especially that onesie with coconut tree prints! btw thanks for following me on IG, followed you back, I’m actually a Fashion Travels fan ♥♥♥

  6. Thanks for sharing this! Though tapos na ang summer sa Philippines, it’s still important to keep some swimwears for beach outings with friends and night swimming events 🙂

  7. I love the pink one-piece swim suit! Huhuhu, a few more pounds and I’m ready to hit the beach again with no cover ups! :))

  8. these swimwear is gorgeous!! definitely a head turner this summer because of its striking and cool prints and also the cuts of these swimsuits are sexy.

  9. omg.. love the swimwear here.. lalo na yung bandeau nila.. fave ko yan..since I have small boobs, I prefer those types talaga 😀

  10. The swimwear looks cool. Coupled with comfort, I think many ladies would definitely want to have them. 🙂

  11. These are really pretty and exciting swimwear that can provide much needed confidence.

  12. That’s right, it’s also important to consider what can protect your skin better in swimwear.

  13. I like swimwear. i got 2 piece and one piece just because hubby keeps buying them for me.

  14. my daughter loves 2-piece. she does not like 1-piece because, she said, it gives her wedgie.

  15. wow, these are nice collection of swimwears, just in time as we plan to hit the beach next month.

  16. nice hints and tips…the best time to buy swimsuits is off season like now that it is raining. They give big discounts 🙂

  17. nice one.. at least i have few more months of preparation before its summer again..:) i want that bikini with the beach scenery… 🙂 a massive workout is needed but i wont give up haha 🙂 just for the sake of that so called beach body

  18. The one piece in the model attracts me to wear though I love two piece swimsuits 🙂 These are beautiful colors and styles that will keep the guys turn their heads to you or to other women 🙂

  19. With swimwear or not, once I see the ocean, I shall really be dipping myself and walking on the sand! Lol. Can you tell I missed the beach a lot now? Yes, that is what I always think of when I see beach wears. 😀

  20. I shy away when it comes to beach swim wear. I am more into shorts and tank top kind. Those are nice selection though.

  21. whew, dreaming here to one day have the right to wear a swimsuit and look gorgeous in it hahaha…I would love to wear a two-piece swimwear and turn heads by the beach hehehe…the ones you shared are all awesome to wear!

  22. that sunset one piece is such a lovely style, i however prefer to snorkel and surf, and the water here is cold and pounding that the fashion statement ( not really fashion but more for protection and comfort) is wet suit, or at least rash guard and board shorts for those without wet suits. one piece and two piece are only mostly for those who don’t go into the water, at least, here, where water is not as warm and as gentle in most other beaches. so, i have an excuse not to wear swimsuit 🙂 haha!

  23. nice swimsuits..wish I could have one of this to somehow conceal my tummy.. n look fab 🙂

  24. Nice swimwear collection photos dear. I love that one with the beach scenery 😀 Thanks for the tips too 🙂 Hopefully, we can hit the beach again by october 😀

  25. geeez, if only i could wear swimsuits i’d love to have that sunset one piece. 😛

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