Vanity Trove July Edition 2013: Infinite Youth is Possible with Kosé

Hola everyone! As you guys know I’ve been so busy this couple of month’s and been trying hard to actually blog something at least once a week or two just for all of my lovely readers! Here’s a quick blogpost about my July Edition 2013 Vanity Trove Box! Like it is a superb box! I got excited when I opened the Box and seeing a Purple Tissue or cover paper which they have it in Orange colour usually. Then I got more excited thinking that there should be something really good inside this since they have changed the cover paper into purple fits my blog colour so much Lol. Enjoy the photos!

vanity trove x kose

All Kosé Products inside the box which looks really good in their colours! So girly and so me I guess.vanity trove x kose  They put a cover in front of the box to tell all the lovely ladies to celebrate Kosé products and enjoy it.vanity trove x kose  Robin Niu; Kosé Ambassador & Taiwanese Famous Beauty Guru in their brochure for this month!vanity trove x kose From the evil stepmother of Snow White to every women on the street, looking young is an eternal quest. Discover the secret to maintaining eternal youth with the Exlusive and Limited Edition Kosé x Vanity Trove edition today!vanity trove x kose vanity trove x kose  PURE ADVANCE EYE JELLY: RM180 (20G) The skin around your eyes requires extra delicate care and it’s once of the first areas where signs of aging appear. Instantly replenish moisture around the eyes, creating eyes that radiate with a vibrant impression with Eye Jelly. To use, squeeze a small amount of jelly onto the tip of your ring finger and gently pat around the skin of your eyes for almost instantaneous results. vanity trove x kose  DEEP PROTECTION UV: RM118 (30G) With the highest level of SPF/PA protection – SPF50+/PA++++ Deep Protection UV powerfully guards skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. The emulsion-like formula protects the skin’s translucency and firmness, making fine wrinkles less visible. With it’s highly adhesive base that spread smoothly over the skin, it creates a strong even film for smoother and moisturized skin.vanity trove x kose  PURE ADVANCE CLEAR UP WASH: RM99 (120G)  Follow up with the luxurious texture of meringue-like bubbles of the clear up wash to remove any excess makeup and sebum from your skin, leaving behind clearer skin and smaller pores. Wet your palms and dispense an appropriate amount to create a generous lather. Massage gently over face and rinse with water thoroughly.vanity trove x kose  PURE ADVANCE OIL CLEANSING GEL: RM119 ( 120G) The unique gel formula spreads smoothly on your skin and turns into oil swiftly. Effectively removes makeup. and dirt from your face and unblocking your pores for smoother and brighter skin. Massage a cherry-size of oil cleansing gel on your face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with water.vanity trove x kose  PURE ADVANCE SERUM II: RM169 (120ML) Rough skin texture is caused by dryness and water-oil imbalance in your skin. The Serum II adjusts the balance of natural oils and water content in your skin and upon application, your skin will appear soft, fluffy and poreless. Dispense an appropriate amount onto your palm and massage it gently into your skin. vanity trove x kosePURE ADVANCE ESSENCE LOTION II: RM169 (160ML) Pour the essence lotion II onto a piece of cotton or the palm of your hands and gently pat into your skin after cleansing. Containing natural essences to rejuvenate, hydrate and plump up tired skin. This moist lotion will also reduce the visibility of open pores caused by dryness.

I can’t say which one is my favourite as of now, As I haven’t tried opening each of them. I don’t even know the smell yet so hopefully will be updating you guys something about this Kosé products. I am still busy until now even though it’s my daughter’s holiday from school so there’s a lot of things I still need to do around the house and to my family and myself as well. I am excited to use all of this specially the serum which intrigue’s me a lot.

Thanks again Vanity Trove Malaysia for collaborating with me and trusting my blog to this wonderful Surprises! Looking forward for more! You guys can be as lucky as me if you’ll start subscribing to their Vanity Trove and receive their Box next month of for a whole year for more surprises!

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