Bangkok Thailand Attraction + video

After exploring Pattaya Thailand, (Read the story full here) Next stop is Bangkok Thailand! If you’ve been a following my blog, My family and I have been to Bangkok Many times already for a quick vacation before the year ends. We love to go around visit their famous and gorgeous temples, enjoy the  yummiest foods in town and of course don’t forget to shop when in Bangkok! I will be doing a separate blogpost for the shopping photos so for today it’s all about the temples and some other places that my husband captured while walking around the city.  Enjoy the photos! =D#bangkokthailand#bangkokthailand#bangkokthailand#bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand#bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand  Yes! I always carry a litre of water whenever we go travelling! I just need it in my life haha =D#bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand When in Thailand, Don’t you guys miss the TukTuk ride! Or TukTuk race if you’re lucky enough!
#bangkokthailand                                                           Entering the Grand Palace I think!#bangkokthailand                                               Riding the Boat going to Wat Arun.#bangkokthailand Climb up this really nice tower/temple called Wat Arun. I love being at the top! You can see everything and enjoy the view of the river and the other tourists walking around back down.#bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand Wat Arun is a very high temple to go up too using stairs! So if you’re afraid of heights Don’t even think about it. Well, It’s not that Bad. Just don’t look back down when going up and brave the things you’ll see when you go down haha Doesn’t look much in the photos but believe me! Not Tricking you at all.#bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand  Don’t forget the Khao San Road too! This is where that famous Backpackers place is!#bangkokthailand #bangkokthailand                                                        No make-up Thank you Lol#bangkokthailand

This guy played a song that I already forgot what it’s called and enjoyed my whole vodka tonic drink that night! I just love listening to music! and I can’t resist but to sing while his playing hehe

The whole place is still exciting! Still the same since the first time I’ve been there. Hope I can spot an elephant one time though! It’s my sister’s first time in Bangkok Thailand and I’m glad that she managed to worked-out the hustle of Immigrations back in the Philippines! I can call our Immigration people crazy enough to stop people from travelling and enjoy life! Not every one is like the same thing as what they encounter every day with the other girls! Like seriously, They should stop being annoying in the airport! One guy that’s working there is trying to stop my sister from going to Bangkok that night telling my sister that its dangerous or other stufsf that they don’t really know since they haven’t been there and they haven’t experience yet what its like. They are just a bunch of crazy people. I know that they are doing their job, but they are super over doing it and starting to be so annoying! Anyways, I’m glad my sister experienced the Busy city of Bangkok and the night life that’s superb fun atlast! xiao!

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