Decléor x Vanity Trove Malaysia Blogger Workshop

Hey guys! So last June 22, 2013 My sister and I have been invited to attend the Decleor x Vanity Trove Blogger Workshop at Publika. I haven’t been to Publika and so is my sister like eversince we moved here in Malaysia. It’s our first time to encounter and meet some of the Malaysian Local Bloggers since my sister and I are the only Filipino’s present in the said workshop but the feeling is like we really belong in the event and at home since the other bloggers were like very nice and professional it’s like we’re just playing with our face and endless camwhoring! We had so much fun and learned a lot about our skin and products that will help us to fight some bad problems of our skin today and in the future. All the bloggers were so good and the Decleor x Vanity Trove Team was so helpful and very nice as well entertaining us the whole time we’re doing the workshop!  Enjoy! =D#decleormalaysia              The whole Bloggers and the Decleor x Vanity Trove Team at the Decleor Publika.#decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia        The set-up place where we did all the fun part! Playing and learning at the same time!#decleormalaysia             Had this paper to filled-up with our informations and for skin test before and after the event!#decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia My sister getting her face/skin moisture test done before the event. We all had this one to test if the product really works and sure is it’s a great products to have!#decleormalaysia  Camwhoring! Before the workshop starts since we didn’t expect to have our full make up to be removed that day! Worked hard to have my make up to be really good and ended up to be gone =(#decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia              Namecards/Nameplates ready for the workshop! Ready to be called anytime haha#decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia                                                      Bloggers in-front of us hehe#decleormalaysia  Getting ready for the workshop and for our make up to be removed haha! Cute headbands hehe#decleormalaysia  Ew! Make up dirt from my face! That’s how dirty it was after like 2hours of staying on my face.#decleormalaysia #decleormalaysiaDoing the proper Procedure of applying the Aromessence Neroli Serum. Will blog about the whole process and some other things we learned on the next blogpost! Watch out for that guys!#decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia  Put the Decleor “miracle cream” and tadaaa! Look how much oil hides inside my face! Totally amazed about the Decleor Products! Still can pose & not shy lah! So proud of my-self looking ugly =D#decleormalaysia  Our table Set-up! Headbands, Towels, Mirror, Cotton pads, Of course the Decleor Products!#decleormalaysia#decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia Miss Dana Song Head of Marketing & Operations of Spa Salon Professional Associates; Showing us how to properly put the Serum to our 3 fingers and how to use it.#decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia Face/skin Moisture Test again after the whole workshop using the Decleor Products! Mine is 19. somethings and went up to whooping 25.2 moisture right after using their products! That’s how effective it is! I am totally amazed because I don’t usually believe to beauty products! hehe =D#decleormalaysia                                      One of the perfect combo product of Decleor and many more!#decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia Of course It’s tea-time and some goodness treats and foods for the Bloggers! A bit hungry after the workshop because we finished past 12pm lunchtime! Had my cheat minutes that day too! haha =D #decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia #decleormalaysia Thanks to Miss Verniece (if I’m not mistaken) for the whole efforts explaining to us about the products and some other knowledge that actually opens my eyes to use beauty products so I wont look ugly Lol Thank to Miss Dana Song for the invites and entertaining us the whole time! It was Fun! Fun! Fun!#decleormalaysia Other Bloggers taking photos In front of the Decleor Floral wall who would like to join the contest.#decleormalaysia #decleormalaysiaAnd this is our winning shost Lol Not very creative pose but maybe we can win lah! “Fingercrossed” #decleormalaysia

All the Bloggers went home with these Vanity Trove Boxes! It contains wonderful Decleor Products which I will be blogging and will be showing to all of you on a separate post! I am sure all the Bloggers including me enjoyed all the products of Decleor. Not saying that because they included my sister and I in their bloggers lists means that I have to say such sweet words for them. The truth is, I am very thankful and so is my sister for including us with the local bloggers here in Malaysia though, all the sweet things I’ve said above is all purely and solely true!

It is just a magical product for me and my sister since all of the Decleor products are designed and formulated for all skin types specially for those who have a sensitive skin. They said that we might have some skin break-outs after trying the products but for almost a week now My sister and I haven’t noticed any ugly pimples or break outs on our face. They just proved that it is paraben free, very gentle to all skin types and alcohol free indeed. Thank you so much Decleor and Vanity Trove Malaysia for this fun and great Event! We learned a lot and totally changed my views about skin care products. =D

Please visit Decleor Malaysia links listed below and enjoy the goodness and effective products:

Decleor Website: ~ ~ ~ ~ Like their Facebook Page ~ ~ ~ ~ Youtube

Two more blogposts about the Decleor x Vanity Trove Blogger Workshop Soon! Watch out for that!




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54 thoughts on “Decléor x Vanity Trove Malaysia Blogger Workshop

  1. wow.. you are really so lucky!! at least brands are considering you as part of Malaysian based bloggers.. good for you! congrats!! 🙂

  2. wow blogger workshop, I know you enjoyed, had fun and learned a lot from that event 🙂

  3. wow, that’s great…must be really fun time and looks like you both enjoyed the workshop. you and your sisters are both lovely. have a great week.

  4. I think it’s great that they’ve invited bloggers to try and test their products. Goes to show that they are confident that their products are effective! 🙂

  5. It’s very obvious that you all had fun! It’s always worth attending blogging events such as this. I haven’t attended one in a long, long time.

  6. The best way to introduce a product is to introduce them. You and your sister are very pretty. 🙂

  7. Its nice to know that you all had fun during the workshop plus all of you good great after

  8. I’m impressed with this strategy — being given an actual testing of the products before buying it. You’re still very pretty sis even after you’ve removed your make-up. 🙂

  9. What exactly do you mean; magical product’ nagtra-transform ba ang gagamit nyan. I mean gaganda ba to the max.

    1. haha not really magical sir. What I meant was the product actually works like magic right after you use them. I had 19. something on my moisture test b4 I use the product then after using it I got 25.2 moisture i think. So the product is effective really like magic haha

  10. Looks like you and your sister had a great time. Now, if only there was something like this for men ….

  11. oh what a fun event you have. that is like having girl’s night. i wish to pamper myself like that.

  12. this looks like an uber fun event 🙂 you and your sis looks very pretty! the product looks romising!

  13. Wow! Such a fun event. I wish there will be something like that here too! You and your sister are so pretty! I wish I have a sister too so we can go to events together! 🙂 The brand is quite new to me though but they seem interesting. I love skincare! 😀

  14. Wow! I’d love to attend events like this. The product looks effective and you and your sister looks good even without make-up. – KarenT

  15. Mary and Jane = Maryjane! Nice name for sisters like you. Inggit ako. Haha. Wish ko lang may sister na ganyan! 😀

  16. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the event! 😀 I would love to be a part of such an event too 🙂

  17. Oh wow, I hope I’d be able to attend something like this too. Seems fun. Beauty and food = win!

  18. wow! the product looks nice! But I can’t imagine myself removing my makeup in an event! hihihihihihih 😀

    1. indeed very nice and effective! i just did that since everyone is doing it why not haha pg ako lng no way hehe

  19. I’m sure you had a great time trying out several beauty products and taking a bunch of pictures.
    -Wanderer Juan

  20. Wow. I wish there’s a workshop like that here in Ph. or Rather I wish to be invited in any workshop.. hahaha. You two were both pretty even without make up, and good thing you learned a lot on that workshop and can share it all here in your blog. Will be frequent here by then 🙂

    1. i am jsut very thankful that i can attend and be invited too! thanks Kha!

  21. Nice! That was like a bonding for you and your sister! With lots of bonuses to be enjoyed! It’s amazing how bloggers are organized now that workshop are being held and meeting with fellow bloggers happen! I have enjoyed your photos, sis! 🙂


  22. So sister mo pala sya. You two almost look the same:) Anyhow, I’m pretty sure you learned a lot from the workshop. Your readers will find you more engaging given the knowledge you’ve gained. 🙂

  23. This is one beautiful blogger workshop 😀 You all look so beautiful and the event looks fun 🙂

  24. Events like this shouldn’t be missed as they can really teach you how to take care of your face and what products are suited for you. Luckily, you brought a box home for you to try on. And I can’t call a bloggers event without food! haha!

    Thanks for this post! 😀

  25. Looks like you and your sister had a great time here .. How i wish there is also male pampering ….

  26. You and your sister are both beautiful 🙂 What a fun blogger event this is and meeting Malaysian bloggers as well. This event is so cool and you get to try beauty products as well 🙂

    1. yes it is my my first time trying out those and prodcucts and so good too

  27. This workshop or meetup with other female bloggers looked fun! It has been an avenue to learn more things about beauty (being vain, haha) and of course socializing with people who are interested in the same.

  28. wow looks like you had a great time. .. I hope to meet few bloggers as well… and have an interaction like this..

  29. This looks like a very nice interactive event and it’s nice that you met Malaysian bloggers there,

  30. This certainly looks like a fun blogger event. I hope i get to attend a similar one in the future.

  31. was overwhelmed by your photos, glad to see bloggers in an event like this, especially that the Malaysian ladies are so friendly-looking. The product look so great too, hadn’t seen one on Phil. shelf yet, would love to try this 🙂

  32. Such a fabulous workshop for beautiful ladies! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

  33. You had a great time sis I’m sure. I want to be part of a blogger workshop too. Thanks for sharing this.

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