Halloween is indeed fast approaching and the kids get so excited and even the kids at heart too! This is the time that we are all able to express our scary or horror side of life. Of course to be successful in expressing our feelings about Halloween, We get some ideas from movies, special horror characters for example, Some of you may want to be a Witch, a Pirate, Princess or even the famous Frankenstein! How about a really cute kid like in the photo below? Just imagine how fun would it be this halloween!


Image From: Tonto Halloween Costume

We all love to portray other people or copy a full different characters from our favourite horror movies or just be so creative and think of some really unique ideas on what other things we can make ourselves into more scarier and different! Just be sure to have so much fun and get those sharp Fangs and sharp nails so shiny it could scare everyone in town!

Though, people now a days are so busy doing a lot of things the easiest way for us is to just go online and search for those really scary monsters or cute princesses costumes that would cost us no hustle and no stress at all, Specially for the parents. We can go and buy Halloween Costumes now Online here: and get your favourite horror characters ready for Halloween in no time! They have a wide range of costumes for all ages! More choices from princesses and pirates! you can also get wide selections of Halloween decorations & accessories! Scary Contact Lenses Available.




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  1. omg! omg! that indian costume reminds me of my childhoood! haha naalala ko nag ganyan costume ako nung 7 years old ako hahaha, oooooh brings back those old good memories ♥ ♥

  2. br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}I think until and unless we are not wearing scary lenses, the Halloween feel is not complete. The scary contact lenses give you adorably, disproportionate eyes just like your favorite anime or manga character.

  3. I think until and unless we are not wearing scary lenses, the Halloween feel is not complete. The scary contact lenses give you adorably, disproportionate eyes just like your
    favorite anime or manga character.

  4. Indeed, that’s 3 months from now, and Halloween is been infuse in our filipino tradition.

  5. as a mom, as early as now, I have also been scouting for costumes for my son. i’ve always wanted to have the best halloween costume for him. 🙂

  6. omg I can’t wait for Halloween! It’s one of my most anticipated parts of the year! =)

  7. Five months to go and it’s Halloween time again. Hopefully I can execute the skeleton makeup that I have been wanting to try. =)

  8. Halloween for us is just like any ordinary day. We don’t celebrate it like other families do.

  9. When we were young, my mum would ask us what we would wanna be on halloween. And we would go to every corners of Toy Kingdom looking for costumes. Haha

  10. I like this indian look. Got to remember that next time. I got a Vader costume for my son this week.

  11. It’s nice that Halloween is an event kids look forward to because of the costumes and the trick or treats.

  12. We are still far from halloween but I am thinking on what will my kids will have to wear on their next trick or treat.

  13. Kids will surely love this costume concept 🙂 Well, even the kids at heart hehehe!

  14. Halloween is actually very far but looking at the costumes, its better to be prepared than nothing at all.:)

  15. I think we are far from Halloween but it can be pretty wise to plan for a costume now if you want your kids or yourself to win in a costume party. 😀

  16. I really love to take my son in halloween costume parties, he always wants a superhero costume 🙂

  17. Arrr! Perfect costume for the any pirate fans this is 🙂 It is a very costume too 🙂

  18. I have to make sure that my kids have Halloween costumes ready 🙂 I always buy their costumes after Halloween as the stores are having a huge sale. It works that way for me
    🙂 By the way, that is a cute costume too 🙂

  19. ‘Early bird gets the worms’ as they say, no harm in preparing for something to wear on Halloween. but wait, be sure to grab the newest costume in town.. Papaleng Man.. LOL

  20. It’s not too early to start shopping for halloween costume…:)

  21. Long before we know it it’s already October and time for that fun trick or treat again. Not sure though what my kids will gonna be.

  22. Halloween is just around the corner, that getup looks cool and so are other costumes.
    -Wanderer Juan

  23. Halloween is when almost everybody gets to look and portray somebody else that they want to be! Of course, costumes will make one achieve his/her goal. Now that is a good one for the son!

  24. that is a very cool halloween costume, it’s kind of fun looking at kids all dressed up when it is halloween

  25. Halloween already? Just kidding. It is never too early to start looking at costumes again.

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