Hi guys! It’s been so long since I haven’t posted any food related here in my blog. This post was in my draft already like for months but totally forgot about it! I have this photo taken on the same month when this store opened their first at Berjaya Times Square! You can spot them very easy right after you come out of the monorail Imbi Station. The cupcakes looks so adorable that I can’t resist taking tons of photos from the store! Lucky the girl who’s working there was a Filipina too! =D Enjoy the Photos!#fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes Front of the House of Mini Store! It’s all pink and cute! Very inviting for kids and Kids at heart! Spot my daughter almost camouflage with the store wearing all pink outfit hehe.#fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes                          Available chairs and tables for kids and adults too! Very cute right?#fashionTravelsminicupcakes                                                                      Men at Work!#fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes  Bought some mini cupcakes as well to eat at home! and sure is they are very yummy and cutie!#fashionTravelsminicupcakes Please excuse my super close-up Bare-Naked-Face-Here. I don’t put make-up on a daily regular basis.

The whole place was fantastic! I mean I am trying to stay away from sugary foods and all but hey! I am still in-love with cutie cupcakes! Though, I love the mini cupcakes they have than the usual bigger size of cupcakes. The Bigger size taste too sweet for me since they put like a cream/fudge inside. To think that I am not fond of eating super sweet chocolates unless they have nuts or 80% dark chocolates! Though, for sure this is the best cupcakes so far I have tried in KL. Not unless I will try to taste all the cupcakes around haha. So far it’s so good and loving it! Perfect for parties too! and the prize is very affordable! Only 1rm each mini cupcakes and mini donuts too! That is a superb prize for a piece of happiness! They do delivery as well in Malaysia and also they do accept bulk orders for parties and do accept personalise design that you’ll like! All honest and all from my personal opinion here! x0x0 =)

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