Hi guys! It’s been so long since I haven’t posted any food related here in my blog. This post was in my draft already like for months but totally forgot about it! I have this photo taken on the same month when this store opened their first at Berjaya Times Square! You can spot them very easy right after you come out of the monorail Imbi Station. The cupcakes looks so adorable that I can’t resist taking tons of photos from the store! Lucky the girl who’s working there was a Filipina too! =D Enjoy the Photos!#fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes Front of the House of Mini Store! It’s all pink and cute! Very inviting for kids and Kids at heart! Spot my daughter almost camouflage with the store wearing all pink outfit hehe.#fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes                          Available chairs and tables for kids and adults too! Very cute right?#fashionTravelsminicupcakes                                                                      Men at Work!#fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes #fashionTravelsminicupcakes  Bought some mini cupcakes as well to eat at home! and sure is they are very yummy and cutie!#fashionTravelsminicupcakes Please excuse my super close-up Bare-Naked-Face-Here. I don’t put make-up on a daily regular basis.

The whole place was fantastic! I mean I am trying to stay away from sugary foods and all but hey! I am still in-love with cutie cupcakes! Though, I love the mini cupcakes they have than the usual bigger size of cupcakes. The Bigger size taste too sweet for me since they put like a cream/fudge inside. To think that I am not fond of eating super sweet chocolates unless they have nuts or 80% dark chocolates! Though, for sure this is the best cupcakes so far I have tried in KL. Not unless I will try to taste all the cupcakes around haha. So far it’s so good and loving it! Perfect for parties too! and the prize is very affordable! Only 1rm each mini cupcakes and mini donuts too! That is a superb prize for a piece of happiness! They do delivery as well in Malaysia and also they do accept bulk orders for parties and do accept personalise design that you’ll like! All honest and all from my personal opinion here! x0x0 =)

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53 thoughts on “HOUSE OF MINI – CUPCAKES!

  1. I have been to a local cup cake house and totellyou the truth, yung display nila is no where savolume ng nasa post mo. Malulula ka naman talaga sa pagbili.

  2. These minicupcakes are sooo cute that you’d rather want to keep it all in your fridge than eat em. haha! 🙂

  3. Their cupcakes look sooooo cute! 😀 I love the DIY cupcakes too, that would be a really nice art and bonding session for moms and their daughters! 🙂 Anyway, hope something like this opens here in Manila. If none, I’ll try to visit this when I go to KL!

  4. Look at that! Gastronimic! Sweets galore!

    Nice place for Mom and daughter to hang out

  5. I love how colorful and inviting their store is! Now I’m craving for cupcakes! 🙂

  6. yay! Drool! The store’s ambiance is nice as seen on your photos sis! Haven’t tried yet cupcakes since I started the bootcamp.

  7. omg literal mini cupcakes!! i want this swear! sometimes i want to eat cupcakes but since im on a diet i cant get one. this is a great solution for my prob, if im craving for cupcakes!! haha maliit lang and not so sinful :p

  8. What a cute looking shop! Great photos, looks like they have a great selection of cupcakes.

    A Day In The Life Of Mel:

  9. OMG! CUPCAKES. I died. HAHAHA I’m a sucker for cupcakes. Not to mention the very moist chocolate and velvet cupcakes. But this one, it’s like a cupcake heaven. I love!

  10. These are so cute! And I like the fact that you can make your own cupcake designs, especially for the kids.

  11. omg super duper cute ng cupcakes, I think it is more suited for display than for gastronomic purposes, kasi ang cute cute talaga! =)

  12. So ‘girly’ naman ang interior ng store. The cupcakes are all so deli. I wonder kung ano ang first na pipiliin ni misis.

  13. I never thought a store who sells mini cupcakes! Because the one that I always see are the ones who sell regular cupcakes. If I’ll be in the House of Mini Cupcakes, I would surely have lots of fun eating and taking pictures of their mini cupcakes. 😀

  14. augh!! cupcakes!! they looks so cute!! I don’t think I could even eat them.. haha!

  15. so cute, i just want to keep them and just stare at them coz I’m on diet… but I doubt that would happen, I love cupcakes 🙂

  16. Ohhh my! I’m such a sucker for cute cupcakesss! Waaah. The place is really cute plus the packaging! Winner!

  17. Wow the mini cupcakes are so cute, gusto ko din itry yung create your own cupcakes since mahilig ako mag DIY. haha =)

  18. How can I miss this one? We just went to BTS last week and had settle at their foodcourt. Great for sharing this one, for sure one happy lucky wife will bring home some boxes of this lovely mini cupcakes.

  19. i have sweet tooth and i really love cupcakes! it’s also nice they have DIY cupcakes. great for kids and kids at heart. they also have cute cupcakes. bet they really taste good. 🙂

  20. Kacute! pero wala parin tatalo sa ambience ng vanila cupcakes sa Glorietta 🙂

  21. Those mini cupcakes really look delicious and the designs are so attractive. Makes me want to just look at them but unlike you, I never say no to sweets.

    1. aw! i really have this weird tongue. I am addicted to at least 85% dark chocolates

  22. Wow! That cupcake house is surely a great place to hang out with the kids and have a good meal, too 🙂 sarap ng cupcakes! 🙂

  23. Cupcakes and sweets are my stress relievers! Just looking at the photos – cupcakes are very inviting and the place – so CUTE!

  24. They look yummy and cute and the place looks like a play house. Hoping that my friend know this place so she could bring these mini cupcakes as a pasalubong.

  25. Sweets all around… they’re full of calories… anyway they’re so nice to look at them in the tray and in a carton.

  26. So girly! My girls would have love it there. There is an up and coming cupcake store here in Manila, Vanilla Cupcakes that has the same girly theme, only way more fancier.

  27. How cute! my kids will surely love that place and its great that a diner can decorate their own mini cupcake.. very unique..

  28. I so love cupcakes. 🙂 I will feel like a kid lost in a candy store if I will visit this place.

  29. These cupcakes all look lovely. Lucky that you met a Filipino staff, too! 🙂

      1. Now that you mentioned “Dark Chocolate” flavors, I’m more takam than ever. Hai favorite ko yun eh. 😉

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