Hi guys! I know most of you know that my sister and I have been invited to judge The New Face of Setia Mall last month, (Read the full story here) So this is what I wore that day. Just imagine How many clothes I tried before that day before I can finally decided to choose this one. I wanted to focus on my shoes and from there I found a really nice fierce top with studs and in black. So I came up with so many outfit looks with the shoes and ended up to this one. Enjoy the photos guys! #fashiontravels#fashiontravels         Bag: Mango Shoes: Zara

#fashiontravels                                               Earrings borrowed from my Sister.#fashiontravels



#fashiontravels #fashiontravels

Since most of the first outfits needs to have a clutch which I don’t have and they got silver studs and spikes instead of gold to go with the gold thing on my shoes and I needed to carry this Big Mango bag to make sure that all my stuffs that I needed will fit like my camera, and water bottle which I really need and can’t leave the house without them. It’s like the most complicated day of my life just choosing clothes which I have tons but still I had a hard time putting a very nice yet simple fierce look.

Just wanted to say that my eyes are not used to a very sunny day haha. I always bring my sunglasses which explains why most of my outfit post I am wearing sunglasses. This is the time when I can just say I failed. I don’t have so many outfit shots from outside. This is just a few of them & just the right moment that I don’t have my shades. I thought I will be home like past 8pm already and no Sun so I didn’t really bother to bring one hehe. Hope you guys love the outfit! Till’ Next Time! x0x0 =)




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