Hey guys! June is here! Finally my June Vanity Trove box arrived yesterday and I am like, so happy that Vanity Trove Malaysia is collaborating with me for 2 months now, So I am expecting, Hopefully more of this Trove Box because it is just amazing! Each and every box is very unique and it’s like reading your mind of what things you wanted to receive on this time of the month! Enjoy the photos!


So for this June’s Theme, They called it Obsessive Beauty” Internal of external, Beauty is very important to all, If not to most. Obsessing over one’s self  is never a selfish act because your appearance is the first impression you portray to the world. With that Vanity Trove Malaysia wants you to feed your beauty obsession with June’s collection of goodies that will beautify and nourish you inside and Out. Click this if you want to see what I received last Month of May!


Don’t you just love the their theme and this really gorgeous girl printed on their papers? LOve it! =)
VANITY TROVE  As I’ve said in the previous post, The box is very thick & high quality and still the same for this june.

VANITY TROVE                                      This is how it looks right after you opened it. Lovely!VANITY TROVE                               After taking out the Brochures and voucher/discount papers.VANITY TROVE

All the vouchers and discount papers I got this Month of June! Should Totally need to use it quick!


BIFESTA : EYE MAKE-UP REMOVER: RM 26.90 (145ML) ~ Gently removes the heaviest of eye and lip makeup without tugging and causing damage to your delicate eye area and eyelashes. Its hypo-allergenic formulation with Vitamin E makes it suitable for sensitive skin and lifts makeup instead of melting it.


COCOLAB : AROMATIC BODY OIL:  RM 99.00 (100ML) ~ Containing a premium grade of absolute no heat virgin coconut oil and fruity blend of pure essential oils, it’s a luxurious and rejuvenating experience that nourishes and heals your skin from within. This boy oil triples as a luxurious moisturiser, massage oil and skin repair treatment with potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it’s an essential for each lady in her beauty routine!


DECL?OR : HYDRA FLORAL MOISTURIZING CREAM :  RM98.00 (50ML) ~ Is a reparative hydrating cream that has anti-pollution and deeply replenishing properties for normal to dry skin. With a soft and relaxing floral scent and luxurious texture, it will leave your skin feeling soft and supple with daily application.


CELEB BEAUTE : CELEB LASH : RM19.80 – 22.80 ~~ The variety of style and colours allows you to create different looks to suit any occasion, helping you to intensify and add depths to your eyes with these high-drama and professional quality eyelashes. Handmade, simple to use and comfortable to wear, each Celeb lash design is perfectly shaped and arranged to give you a striking effect, wether the look is natural or dramatic.


Lor?al Shampoo


Lor?al Masque

LOR?AL PROFESSIONEL : SHAMPOO: RM50.00 (200ML), RM79.00(500ML) MASQUE: RM67.00 ( 200ML) ~~~ Promises to repair and smooth the thickest and most rebellious hair. The shampoo is infused with Oil Incell Technology – a combination of Incell and nourishing olive and Argan oils to soften, and nourish while the masque contains polymer AR to protect the hair against humidity and fight frizz.

My favourite product would be the Bifesta and Cocolab. Bifesta because I am running out of make up remover already, I’ve read this product as well to XiaXue’s Blog and thought that I would like the effect on my face as well. I am currently using Ponds product from the Philippines with moisturizer so my face feels so moist and supple when I wake up in the morning. So I hope the Bifesta would be a nice choice for me as well to try. Also Love the Cocolab Product as I can use it for massages, and moisturizer as well and you guys know How I love spa’s and massages so just the smell of this Cocolab makes me want to relax anytime soon!

Thank you once again Vanity Trove Malaysia for trusting my blog for this another Trove Box! Hoping to receive another one from you guys! **wink** (yehey!!)

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  1. I envy you!! ikaw na talaga!! wish they have a male version of this.. 🙂

  2. It’s so nice to hear the voice of the person behind this blog 🙂 Gorgeous! There are lots of beauty boxes here in the Philippines too, but unfortunately I am not yet a subscriber to any of them hahaha

  3. haha i sound very awkward singhot pko ng singhot mejo hindi mgnda feeling ko nyan. thanks Patricia!

  4. I subbed to your YT. I am always get fascinated with beauty boxes, haha I hope there will be more here. <3

  5. I love packaging! Although i think the only product i can use from the vanity trove ia the L’Oreal shampoo. 🙂

  6. Wow! It’s like the BDJ box here in the Phils. You have Bifesta there too! I got a Bifesta one, the pink bottle. Nice video sis! So pretty! 🙂

    1. yes first time to have that. Thank you! subbed to your YT too! I’ve been watching your Video as well! =)

  7. I like the box and of course all the items inside. I love to receive beauty products from a company too.

    1. yes po! all the items are super nice! i can share some for my sister as well very useful for us hehe

  8. Hope we have one just like that here in Manila. I’ve been into online shopping lately for clothes only but never have I tried buying beauty products.

  9. Vanity Trove looks really interesting – pero not available dito sa Philippines po? The items you got look nice kaya lang am ignorant on makeup and fashion so medyo hindi maka relate 😀 but the box looks big and sulit naman cguro yung na pay niyo kasi you look happy (and gorgeous!) 🙂

    1. yes super worth it if you subscribe here in Malaysia. If you buy them separately outside it would be more than 50rm.

  10. I don’t know sis since they don’t have one yet in the PH maybe not. Do BDJ have bloggers as well?

  11. trus franc i guess it too much of 50RM if I were to buy them outside hehe

  12. yes Mam Teresa! Hope I can managed to actually try the products out and do reviews narin po

  13. This is like the BDJ box here in the Philippines. The products you got are also good and it’s a lot too! 🙂

  14. wow! a ‘fully loaded’ beauty box. I am only familiar with the Loreal products.Wife has a cream stuff by Loreal. The shampoo will be nice for her.

    1. i am only familiar with loreal almost all were new to me too Sir hehe

  15. it’s good a good make up remover and a product good for massage in your bag for the month.

  16. It’s cool to have beauty subscription box like that. You can surprised by new items every month. Nice products!

  17. Those products are must haves for every female who loves wearing make-ups and those who want to keep their skin looking fresh and young.

    1. true! i am not really into make up though i am still trying to practise and do my skin care routine. so this helps a lot!

  18. Seeing the photo of those eyelashes raised this question: “How do you put them in your lashes? Wouldn’t they fall off?” Haha. I’m such a noob about those things. :p

    Enjoy your box sis! 🙂

    1. you can buy a clear lash glue and that will help the eyelashes stick to your eyes. it very tricky how to do stick them i need to practise more hehe

  19. one thing is for sure- you will look more fab and beautiful with these beauty products 🙂 available din ba yan sa Pinas? will recommend this to my wife 🙂

    1. Vanity trove is only available to 5 countries but not yet in Philippines though PH got BDJ box.

  20. Nice set! They could be really useful in your daily basis! I hope I could have a set of men’s skin care! Wahehe! (wishing!)

    1. haha jonas that was I m thinking the other! coz i am sure men would be more gwapo with the skin care products hehe

  21. wow! i never heard about this products but then again I dont use much beauty products. I want to try them, just a bit expensive for me though 🙂

    1. its more cheaper in the Philippines that BDJ box but not that far away cheaper hehe

  22. “internal of the external”, i love how they said that, i guess we all should be concerned about our appearance because whether we like it or not, our appearance like what you said is the first impression we give to the world that sees us

  23. That’s awesome! A box full of goodies that a woman can enjoy! Lucky you!

  24. There are so many brands of beauty boxes now, but I have yet to try one! It’s nice to receive a mix of different products to try out. If only, my skin isn’t too sensitive, I would’ve plunged right into the bandwagon. *sigh*

    1. I know most of their products are for sensitive too! though if your face is that sensitive it isn’t so good trying out tons of products in a daily basis

  25. can’t say much about this coz I’m a guy.. All I can say is that I hope this vanity trove will really make you more beautiful though I believe your are already beautiful with or without it 😀

  26. Vanity trove looks like an interesting option for fashionistas 🙂 I’d be bewildered as to how I can use the items in the box if I were to join 😀 But am glad that you ladies are having fun and enjoying your lovely boxes 🙂

  27. I’ve never heard of Vanity Trove Malaysia until now, good thing they have one there just like the different boxes here in the Philippines. Enjoy those stuff! 🙂

  28. Oh nice they gave out a full bottle of L’Oreal products. I wanted to try that aromatic oil.


  29. I must be living in the boondocks for a long time now because I haven’t heard of these beauty boxes! 🙂

    How do you get a box? Do you subscribe? And how much is it? 🙂

    1. hi! you go to their site and subscribe to their monthly boxes or even for a year! it cost 50RM or 24 somthing back in singapore. Cheap as right! =)

    1. And the products look awesome. When priced individually, mahal yan ah. I know those brands.

  30. So this is Malaysia’s version of the beauty subscription box! I wonder if they’re open to ship it outside Malaysia, I’m definitely interested to try it for 3 months.

    1. i am not really sure dear! They only have this vanity trove to this countries
      1. Singapore 2. Malaysia 3. Thailand 4. Indonesia 5. Taiwan. hehe Don’t you like BDJ Box there in Philippines? thanks dear!

      1. feeling ko kasi hindi worth it yung nandito sa Philippines eh =)))) or it’s just me na maarte hahaha!

        1. sbgy my point k dear. i’ve seen some reviews about it as well. dapat lng maarte k sis kc beauty blogger ka you know what you want dpt tlg for the sake of beauty db? hehe =)

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