Sometimes you just have to do something different. We love going to Thailand and having been there a few times staying in Bangkok and Phuket, This time we decided it was time to head down to Pattaya to see what it was really like there.  Searching around for places to stay in Pattaya, We came across some links to a naturist resort called Chan Resort claiming to be the most naturists friendly resort in Thailand. It is a Private naturist resort catering to naturists both local and international. The prices were reasonable so we thought we might give it a go, and at the very least we don’t have to worry about washing clothes during our stay! =D


We booked a room for 5 days in September which turns out to be the low season in Pattaya given the rain during that time of the year. Not to worry though as it turns out we just about had the whole resort ourselves. Arriving on Jetstar from Singapore we made our way outside to the taxi rank to find the car resort waiting for us. The trip to the resort is about one hour from the Bangkok Airport and is pleasant drive along the freeway. Our Resort is situated a couple of kilometres from the Walking Street.  The whole feel of the resort was very family orientated and we felt at home right away.


The rooms are basic but you will certainly enjoy the accommodation that is modern, safe, and clean with a Thai feel to them. Each room has cable TV, A/C , Hot Water, and large refrigerator and most importantly FREE WIFI! This worked well and we managed to have all devices up and running quickly with a minimum fuss. We were lucky to have booked one of the deluxe rooms on the ground floor overlooking the pool, An ideal location when you feel like a quick deep before a breakfast or in the evening.



Their swimming pool was warm and has a couple of elephant water features that adds a nice touch to the pool. It also has a Jacuzzi section down the far end which is kind of romantic at night-time. Our best times there were at night, having a drink and swim around the pool. The swimming pool is supposed to be close by 10 or 11pm but no one really seems to care that if you swim until much later as long as you do not disturb other guests.


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Breakfast is included and it is very relaxed atmosphere, much more like a B&B than a resort. You can sit down and the owners brings out the breakfast along with as much fruit as you can eat! Not only that, There is hot water, coffee, milo and other drinks on a helps yourself basic you can have 24 hours a day!Over all it was a wonderful experience and we look forward to going back there again soon. The owners make you feel right at home and you feel comfortable walking around.

Thank you so much Chan Resort! See you guys again real soon! x0x0 =)






  1. Jai and I enjoyed visiting with you while you were here. So nice to hear good remarks about Chan Resort. There will be another new member resort of opening soon watch for it.

    1. thanks @bruceeverett ! we miss everyone in Chan Resort!! looking forward to go back there and visit the second chan resort haha Love the island we’ve been too as well! See you guys very soon! Say Hi to Jai for me! tkecre! =) read my latest post too about last time we visited there here:

  2. The resort looks so nice! And yes to traveling during low season! I’m actually thinking of going to the beach a few months from now.. Iwas tao na, mas mura pa XD

  3. the perks of travelling during low season aside from paying lower rates, you’ll also enjoy the place as if it was your own :))

  4. Cool place! I haven’t been to a naturist resort – not that we have that around here 😀 The pool and Jacuzzi area looks wonderful. And I love the view from your room! 🙂

  5. Read from Yahoo that Thailand is now the #1 visited place. If ever na maayos ang passport ko , then gora na ako riyan.

  6. It is nice that you got a room overlooking the pool and that you had the resort almost to yourselves. That is the advantage of choosing off-season to go to any place.

  7. The elephants with water flowing out of their trunks truly adds uniqueness to the pool area. Nice resort and undeniably a clean one.

  8. The resort looks so homey with a relaxing ambiance. Perfect to catch some ZZZ’s and some dipping. 😀

  9. Simple but elegant. A perfect place for having a private quality time with the family. How much are the rates?

  10. I wonder how much you paid for that 5 days accommodation in the resort. Is it cheaper during the low season? I will consider going there for vacation next year.

  11. BY the looks of it, you’re certainly living the life dear! 🙂 Anyhoo.. may I ask what the price tag is for one night’s stay there? Looks really nice and cozy.

  12. the place looks really intimate and pool looks inviting. Glad you’re enjoying your stay in Thailand 🙂

  13. Great find you have here. That resort looks like the perfect place for family staycations.
    -Wanderer Juan

  14. Car resort?? kiddin!
    I love it when I get to visit resort that feels like its all there for me to enjoy.
    Thai food and more so, I think the great staff. 🙂

  15. i like the swimming, the water is clear and fresh. And I think it is better to go swimming at night time.

  16. I love to travel to Thailand again soon for relaxation and shopping. Their food is also a factor to consider for a visit. 😀

  17. The resort is lovely! I bet you really had a wonderful time with your love ones.

  18. Looks so refreshing and relaxing it makes me wish I am in that place right now!

  19. What a beautiful resort to spend time with the family. I love the pool especially at night. It looks romantic.

  20. how I wish I can visit Thailand real soon. waaaa this is so so cool! Ive heard a lot of good reviews about pattaya thats why I wanna go there…

    1. yes sis! will get my first tattoo their too! all the people have tattoos there and really nice resort!

  21. Ooh I suddenly miss Pattaya! too bad we only went for a day trip but you can tell there’s so much to do! What a cozy B&B you booked! It looks like you were well cared for like an extended family.

    Thank you for the visit dear! Hugs!

  22. I think the resort have all the basic things you need for a comfortable stay plus free WIFI of course.

  23. Must have been nice to be the only guests at the resort. You get to enjoy the amenities to the fullest. 🙂

  24. I have been to Phuket and Bangkok but never bee to Pattaya. I will add it on my list of places to visit ; )


      1. try Rama-Kien Resort…. just a few metre from chan resort…..
        awesome & the best

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