May 25, 2013 Setia City Mall Marked the Launch of its 1st anniversary celebration. The mall has received strong growth in visitation since it opened in May last year, Having gained a reputation as the prominent fashion and entertainment destination in the area, Thanks to its unique combination of leading brands alongside vibrant park life experiences.

The Anniversary celebration kicked off with an inaugural fashion model contest, where the winner will take home RM5,000 in cash and Became the “Face of Setia City Mall”, Chosen to star in the Mall’s future marketing campaigns. The campaign began last month with Setia City Mall inviting local  residents to sign up for the opportunity to represent the mall; Instead of turning to traditional models. The 17 Finalists chosen by the community through public voting on Facebook were judged by Philippa Holmes, General Manager of Setia City Mall, Aileen Soo, The Editor of Style Magazine, Prominent local Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Experts from Diva Productions. The winner will also be appearing in his/her very own fashion spread in Style Magazine. #setiacitymall The winner of Mr. Personality and Miss Jo Lee The winner of “Face of Setia City Mall” & The Bloggers Choice Award!#setiacitymall The Respective Judges of Face of Setia City Mall: L-R: Aileen Soo, The Editor of Style Magazine. Philippa Holmes, General Manager of Setia City Mall. Deric Lim Founder of Diva Productions and Prominent Local Fashion Bloggers: Jessying. My sister Mary Tan. Myself and Mr. Nor Iman. #setiacitymall #setiacitymall #setiacitymall#setiacitymall                              Mr. Personality Awarded By Deric Lim and Aileen Soo on stage.#setiacitymall     On stage: Bloggers Choice Award Miss Jo Lee, Who won the “Face of Setia City Mall as well.#setiacitymall                        All the Contestants with Xandria Ooi (L) and Philippa Holmes (R)#setiacitymall  Contestants Wacky Group shot with the Judges and Philippa Holmes! My favourite shot too! =)#setiacitymall #setiacitymall #setiacitymall    Xandria Ooi: Malaysian Writer, TV host and Producer. Having Fun with the shoppers doing Q&A!#setiacitymall                                With Co-Bloggers/Judges Left: Jessying. Right: Nor Iman.#setiacitymall Thanks To Amanda (photo above) Suren, and Ana for inviting my sister and I to be one of the Fashion Blogger Judges. We totally enjoyed the event! Nice meeting every one there! #setiacitymall#setiacitymall Setia City Mall’s General Manager, Philippa Holmes, (Right: Photo above with me) said: It’s been a fun and exciting first year for us, and thanks to the support of the local community, we now feel like the social heart of Setia Alam. We wanted to celebrate this milestone in a unique way, and finding our very own Face of Setia City Mall seemed like a great way to say thanks for the support we’ve been given and kick off the anniversary celebrations.”#setiacitymall                                       With Mr. Deric Lim Founder of Diva Productions. #setiacitymall #etiacitymall

Of course we enjoyed the foods after the event! Who doesn’t like foods while you’re chit-chat-ting with everyone! Foods makes everyone happy! So the event went so well & smoothly. The bloggers, every one who attended the event was very nice to each other. I even enjoyed talking to Ms. Philippa Holmes General Manager of Setia City Mall. She’s very humble, kind and also very easy to approach and very nice to talked too, Same with the bloggers and all of them. It is an honor for me to be invited and to get to know the people who were there even for a day and even if the time went so fast! I am still very happy that I had that chance to meet this great people and I enjoyed exploring the whole Setia City Mall that day. Hoping to visit the Mall and explore all the stores and feel the park life very soon.

So what do you think of Ms. Jo Lee? The winner of the Face of Setia City Mall. And of course the other contestants who joined this big Event? Let me know in the comment box below! x0x0 =D

Many Thanks to Chee Minh for letting me borrow some of the photos that day. You did a Great Job!

Please do visit Setia City Mall’s Website for more Information: www.setiacitymall.com

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  1. that’s so cool! i’ve always wanted to attend events like that eeek! looks so much fun!
    and your outfit is super cute 🙂 love the details on the shoulders!

    1. thanks Charmaine! I bought that top like 10sgd only haha it’s a steal! x0x0 =)

  2. Xandria Ooi looks really chic on her outfit. Awesome job on being judge! Looks like y’all chose well 🙂

  3. Wow. I’ve never been a judge to anything. I wonder how it feels like to be a judge? No matter what the event, it must be an honor to be one. 🙂

  4. Wow! Congrats on being one of the judges. You look so pretty and so sexy! I love your outfit. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kudos to you for judging a huge event! 😀 The winners looks like they deserve it 😉

  6. The gifts of youth!
    Young faces, I think this is a great opportunity to discover new faces and models.
    Good job in being one of the judge in this competition. 🙂

  7. Wow, what a great experience to actually be part of this kind of event. I also love being part of a review team but I have never done anything for a modeling contest. 🙂

  8. bongga Malaysia is really a blogger friendly country noh? we ere invited to KL and Kota few weeks ago and they are super accomodating

  9. Wow! The event seemed fun plus congrats on being one of the judges 🙂 It’s really nice when events like these have bloggers participation not just as attendees ^^ Anyway, hope to visit Setia City Mall when I go to Malaysia 🙂

  10. Being chosen as judge for such a prestigious contest is a recognition of how you are highly regarded as a fashion personality and blogger 🙂 and galing mo! 🙂 congratulations to you and to the winners 🙂

  11. Wow!! Im super inggit. Being able to be one of the judges on events like this is really some thing. Congratulations!

  12. Nice you’re one of the judges 🙂 I’m sure you did a good job of selecting only the best.
    I got cravings with the food photos too.

  13. Wow, the girl who won… she’s so pretty! So cool, judging a competition like this! Congratulations 🙂 Looks like fun!

      1. No worries!! The blogger’s choice awardee Miss Jo Lee looks stunning as well! =)

  14. Been wanting to visit KL…and meet you maybe? Hahaha! You’re tall ha. You’re not supposed to be one of the judges, dapat ikaw yung face of the setia city mall. 🙂 I’m sure it’s a great feeling to be one 🙂

    1. haha cheryl just message me pg nndito ka! no worries! thanks ha! If I can be the face of setia city mall why not! right? though residents there would be more happy to see someone close to their hearts and a local too.. hehe

    1. its their anniversary dustgaudan! So maybe they’ll have this contest yearly. Not sure. though More events from them will come soon! =)

  15. Ikaw na ! A Filipino blogger judge in a Malaysian event whew! Another level of milestone congrats!

    1. wow thanks nmn SIr Orly! nktsamba lng! Attend attend din ng event pg my time hehe =D salamt SIr!

  16. wooooooow! one of the judges!! powerful!! hahahha. That all black ensemble is really chic! ♥ it!

  17. I do love covering this prestigious personality search. I do love taking pictures, writing down personalities and many more. Kudos to your great job.

  18. I always want to attend events like this. never had the chance though. :)) You look so pretty! I wish I am as sexy as you. 🙁

  19. Congrats to the winner, she deserves to win. I bet you had fun judging them.

  20. wow! congratulations to you and to your sister. Big time! 🙂 and the winners just look really gorgeous.

    1. haha how’s #iblog9 jonha? Fashion Fashion din pg my time! thank you! Next time sama na kita mg-judge or mghost kna rin hihi miss u boy muah!

    1. haha bka next year they will do another event like this you can join!! =D

  21. Looks like a very enjoying event for a fashion blogger like you. I was once asked to judge a beauty contest and girl, it was a little challenging. Congrats! 😀

    1. very true! perfect for family and friends to go bonding away from the city but still you have all the shops you love!

  22. Whoa what’s your height? You look tall beside those people. The one who won for personality appears to deserve the title –> It shows in the pictures. 🙂

    1. I am 5’7 or 5’6half. hehe feeling ko lumiit ako haha true is! thanks Rochkristin!

      1. Wow kaya pala you look really model-material. Next time you can be the “face” and not the judge behind the table. 😛

  23. The winner is pretty! She deserves the title. Did you have a hard time judging? 🙂

    1. She is indeed very pretty! love her smile and sweet too! never had the chance to talk to her though, But oh well! Mybe I’ll see her around haha

    1. It feels so Good Sir! haha Next year pg meron ulit bka pde sasali nko haha

  24. You should be the face of Setia Mall. => The mall looks really neat. I hope to get to see this when I visit KL again.

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  26. Wow you are one of the judges!!! By the way you look so slim here ha? always gorgeous. 🙂

  27. Miss Jo Lee is so pretty! Very deserving. The food looks good too. And congrats, judging is a big opportunity 🙂

    1. She is indeed very pretty! Has a very charming smile as well! thanks hannah!

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