Hello guys! Finally another Travel post! I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve posted something about travel. Mostly were about fashion and beauty or shopping finds. So I am happy to be able to post about this trip! This trip happened last year around October before we move here in Malaysia. We decided to have this trip before we can feel all the stress from another country.

Pattaya is a city in Thailand, a beach resort popular with tourists and expatriates. It is located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 130 km southeast of Bangkok within but not part of Amphoe Bang Lamung in the province of Chonburi. Source: Wikipedia

Area: 22.2 km²
Weather: 29°C, Wind SW at 3 km/h, 77% Humidity
Local time: Monday 8:27 AM

It is all our first time to visit Pattaya. We always go to Phuket or Bangkok Thailand as we have friends living there or We have some friends who’s travelling with us and would like to see this places. =)

Enjoy the photos!!

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Above are the photos of a temple near where we stayed which is a tourists place as well. Overlooking the whole Pattaya and some Beaches. Saw a number of people doing a Video shoot or something. Maybe they are like local celebrities in their country. Saw them also in Pattaya Walking street but for some reason the police or guards didn’t allow them to shoot there and it was raining that night too! =)

Hilton Hotel by the Beach. You can find a Shopping Mall beside it and some bargain shops around. How d’you guys like our matchy-matchy rainbow dresses? Looks good eh? We went at the walking street that night wearing that dresses and everyone were all looking at us hehe.

Had some massages and manicure there too! One of the photo above was At the back of walking street so not many people were there as you can see. All the actions are inside and in the main street too. Eating my banana crepe in Thailand is heaven! Don’t forget to watch the video too after this post so you can see everything in action!! You will like it for sure!! Hope you guys like the photos! xiao =)

Don’t forget to watch the Video and Subscribe! Thanks! Another Thailand blogpost will be up soon! 





80 thoughts on “PATTAYA THAILAND ATTRACTION + video

  1. Hi eds! thank you! will follow you back and tweet one of your post as well thank you!

  2. the resort looks really nice!! and I just can’t help but get crept out with the face of Ronald McDonald! 🙂

  3. Nice place! Thailand is one of the greate travel destination, they have beautiful beaches that attracts tourists.

    1. yes they have like tons of places to visit hope to visit philippines also

  4. You sure looked like you enjoyed your bonding time with your sister and daughter, I suppose?

  5. Seems like you really had fun at Pattaya! 😀 Btw, love the photos especially the one with you 3 wearing matching dresses. So cute! ^^

  6. what a beautiful place, that buddha makes me smile. i have always dream of backpacking in Thailand.

  7. Oh! This was 1 of the places that I missed when I went to Thailand early this year! I envy your experience. Your photos had me feeling a bit sad, haha, because the place looked great. =)

    1. indeed great! not too much happening and busy street like bangkok but its a nice change to visit places other than just bangkok

  8. i’ve been to thailand once but have never visited pattaya 🙁 We went to bangkok for shopping.. hopefully ext time we go to pattaya for the beach! loving your matching rainbow dresses 🙂

  9. Pattaya seems like a popular tourist destination along with Bangkok and Phuket. Hmmm, if I’ll be in Thailand, I want to travel with these places. 😀

  10. wooow..that is really a nice place sis 🙂 so envyyy you! buti ka pa you can visit those places lang 🙂 P.S. I like your colorful maxi dresses 🙂

    1. thank Rhea! we alway on the hunt for cheap plane tickets and friends to come with us! the more the merrier!

  11. Very nice places sis! I also loved the matching maxi dresses! Sooo cute and colorful!

  12. so cute naman kayong magkapatid! love the matching dress! 😀 looks cool! 😀

  13. So jealous that you get to travel to a lot of places! And the rainbow dresses are cute 🙂

  14. I truly enjoyed viewing your photos since Pattaya is a place which I’m aiming to visit before this year ends. More stories please! 😀

  15. Can’t get over Ronald McDonald and the golden buddha:) It would be great to see them in person.

    1. haha sure sure! i always make sure i have photo with mcdonalds in thailand hehe

  16. Such an inviting destination is Pattaya,Thailand. I like your rainbow colored dress and it somehow defines the beauty and color of the place.

      1. The photos that captured the Golden Buddha are amazing and I never thought it is that huge.

  17. Thailand is so full of life and color! Maybe I’d see Pattaya in my next sked to Thailand 🙂

    1. indeed a bit different in bangkok since bangkok is super busy one if you go to pattaya its more on like province with beach and the only busy street is walking street kinda like soi cowboy in bangkok hehe

  18. I loove the matching dresses! 🙂

    I have never been to Thailand! My friends and I were planning to go, and we are prayng for piso fare. Haha.

    What are the things to buy in Thailand? 🙂

    1. be sure to get a shirt that says same same in front and at the back its says but different. also some elephants it means lucky to them

  19. I wanna visit and spend some time at Thailand Naturist resort for many reasons ! wink wink!

  20. My friend is inviting me to go to Thailand before the year ends. By the looks of you pictures I might include this on my itinerary 🙂

  21. I would love to visit this place too 🙂 My friends is currently in a vacay here with the fiance ^ ^

    Nice to know that you had fun *winks


  22. Thanks for the virtual tour of Pattaya. All I know about the place is its magical temples. I think one of it is a World Heritage Site.

  23. I already heard about Pattaya and I got the same intensity of sharing about the place as your blog post. I am planning to visit Thailand next year and I want to see the buddha statues you posted here.

    1. thanks shirgie! i want to see your future post too! will be back too this year sometime this november

  24. The temples itself are a sight to view and behold. I wish I could go there someday ^_^

  25. you’re so lucky 🙂 pasyalan u lang ang southeast asia 🙂 Interesting yung Happy Agogo hehehe

    1. haha uu nga jeffrey rilles! looking forward to visit cambodia pa plg hindi ntutuloy T___T

  26. I want to see those giant buddhas … and taste the culture of thailand . I wish i could do that within this year . You are so lucky to be there 😀

    1. thanks lovemindanao! i hope you can go there very soon and capture nice photos like what i see in your blog! goodluck! try their foods too!

  27. I was unable to visit Pattaya when I last went to Thailand. Looks like an interesting place and a whole lot more colorful compared to Bangkok.

    -Wanderer Juan

    1. actually pattaya is pretty plain.its like a brgy if you compare in philippines. nkktkot n sa gbi lumabas and the only busy street is the walking street. unlike bangkok is more busy and nice and more exciting places at night.

  28. nice matching sun dresses.

    parang super enjoy kayo ah.
    Massages ang manicures! spa time.. 🙂
    ng iba kayo ng outfit, did you guys do this trip for 2 days?

    1. we were in pattaya thailand for 5 days to just relax and limit the walking as what a usual tourist do. we wanted to relax more because we knew that we’re gonna be so stress fomr moving home to another country. WE’ve spent 3 days bangkok after that

  29. I would’ve probably enjoyed Pattaya if my friend and I stayed there longer. We only had a day to go around (well we mostly spent it at the beach).

    1. atleast you spent sometime in the beach we love beach too! we had somee small shopping there hehe

  30. Pattaya in Thailand is a place I always want to visit… hopefully before this year ends. Nice dress for the three of you by the way 🙂

  31. Shopping, temples, food and the night life, looks like you made the most of your stay in Pattaya.

    1. true is! its our first time there so we make it sure that we can visit the whole place

  32. looks like you all had a lot of fun there. hai. hope I can travel whenever and wherever I want. teehee.

  33. Loved the shots! Especially the golden buddha with a black hair. How about those two Indian-looking couple? Are they actors doing a shoot or something? Thanks for sharing:)

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