Basketball Players’ Cool But Useful Fashion Accessories

Basketball is the hottest game or sports nowadays. With the NBA finals fast approaching, we are seeing lots of basketball posts, articles and images around the world-wide web. There are also lots of fantasy basketball names being invented that shows support to the team and to the players.

Because of the attention NBA players are getting, it’s no surprised that even their fashion accessories are being noticed and seen. Below are few of the most notable accessories that most of NBA players are wearing.


Basketball Headbands

Headbands are great basketball accessory. Most of the time, the color of it is matched at the color of the uniform. There are players who also want it to be different with the uniform color and chose something that matches their shoe color. Aside from looking good and great with headbands on, it also prevent sweat from running down to the forehead that can eventually reach the eyes.

Basketball Sleeve

Anthony Iverson Basketball Sleeve

Basketball sleeve or some others calls it as shooter sleeve is an accessory that covers the full arm. Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, Ray Allen, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant are some of the most popular players who usually wears such basketball accessory  Basketball sleeve is commonly a product of nylon and spandex. Aside from being a good fashion accessory at the hard court, it also prevent further elbow injuries. Experts also says that it helps the shooting arm or hand (that’s why it’s also called as shooter sleeve) loose. It also prevents sweat dripping down from the bicep to the wrist and hand.

Elastic Therapeutic Tape

Elastic Therapeutic Tape

For some, this tape doesn’t look good but for the players, it gives them some sort of comfort specially when placed or applied at tired/sore muscles. You can see this tape largely placed at basketball player’s shoulders, arms and even at the legs. Some are even using it just for added color to their body or uniform. Elastic therapeutic tapes came into popularity when the product was donated at 2012 Summer Olympics.

High Socks

Jason Terry High Socks

High socks indeed speaks a lot of fashion statement for basketball players. But did you know it works wonders for them as well? High socks helps the muscles (leg or calf) to stretch with less force or pressure when playing basketball. It’s can also help players to retain the leg power/stamina they need to play more minutes at the hard court.

There are still more fashionable items and accessories basketball players wear at each and every game. The mentioned ones above are just the most common ones nowadays.





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