Hello guys! Another outfit post for today! I have a lot of pending blogposts and still working on some of my travel posts as well since I haven’t finish editing some of the videos so I won’t be able to post them yet. Hope I can publish all of them before another trip that we’re planning! Enjoy the photos! =)Blog your dreams

Blog your dreams
Blog your dreams Blog your dreams Blog your dreams Blog your dreams Blog your dreams                                                       Headband: Forever 21Blog your dreams                           Skull Black Dress: BB Plaza | Blog your Dreams Purse: Bershka
Blog your dreams

                     Sneakers, Glasses and Voodoo Doll earrings all borrowed from my sister.  Blog your dreamsTalking about this Outfit post I am sure that most of you will think and realise that this outfit shots above are kinda not my thing or my look at all. I just thought that it would be a perfect look for my new purse saying “Blog your Dreams” Don’t you think? Sometimes we need to experiment on different looks and mix and match to discover ourselves and think that we can do a lot of looks rather than just sexy and casual everyday. At least for once or sometimes we can be very versatile and be proud for ourselves that we can be anything we wanted to be not just a plain jane, or casual girly just like the others.

Change is nice sometimes. Enjoy life and enjoy the youth-ness we still  have. I am sure that when I am old enough I won’t be having the urge to wear something hilarious or different. Unless I want to play dress-up haha! We can still dress-up even if we’re old right? Numbers grow bigger as our age but I do believe all of us thinks like a kid and have that heart like sweet 16 forever. Good Day all!


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