The best way to ensure that you keep on top of the latest fashion trends is to stay ahead of the game. Looking ahead to seasons later on in the year will help you to invest in some key pieces so that by the time the season comes around, you’re already well equipped with the necessary clothing and accessories to keep you looking super stylish and ultra-trendy. In that vein, let’s look ahead at the key upcoming trends for autumn/winter 2013.

Pink to make the boys wink

Dusty pink hues are the go-to shades for upcoming autumn and winter. Whether you choose to wear this colour as a fuzzy pink dress, a sheeny shiny pink coat or a warm, sparkly scarf, there’s something to suit every aspiring fashionista this year. What’s more, pink is a great colour to wear day or night making it simpler to choose what to wear.

Be bold in red

Stand out in bold and vibrant shades of red this year. A great colour to inspire confidence and catch everyone’s attention, you can wear red in the form of a sassy dress for an evening occasion, an eye-popping coat to cheer you up on dull days or to add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit with some red high heels.


Caped crusader

Capes are great for keeping a cool chill off while still looking at the height of fashion. Slip on your cape over a smart work outfit or over a snazzy cocktail dress to keep you warm on a night out in town.

Dark and sultry

Dress any outfit up with dark layers of lace, chiffon and velvet. Black doesn’t have to be boring and predictable thanks to the great new textures in trend this coming autumn winter. You can add some attitude to a girly look by throwing on a leather jacket or a pair of spiked boots.

Turtle necks

This essential layering tool is set to stay for another season. You can wear a clashing turtle neck underneath a baggy jumper to make it a focal point of your outfit. Turtle necks are great for days when you don’t have a scarf to match your outfit, as they’ll keep the chill off your chest and leave you looking chic and on-trend. Tuck yours into smart trousers for a look suitable for the office or show off your legs and team with a short skirt for a night out.

Go wild in animal print

Leopard print is set to be big this year and you can unleash your wild side in a bold leopard print dress or go for a more understated look with leopard print shoes. Break up a neutral outfit with a leopard print belt or handbag. You don’t have to stick to traditional shades either – opt for red leopard print for a new take on a classic look.


Medieval Sleeves

Tap into the split sleeve trend this winter for a more elegant look that can be worn day or night. Opt for dresses in a traditional heavier material too such as crushed velvet to really be a trend-setter.

Go mad for PVC

Wear super shiny PVC with pride this year. You can rock the look with a skirt, jacket or sassy bodice. The important thing to remember is the keep the rest of your outfit in a softer material to avoid looking downmarket.

Smooth as velvet

Wear your velvet in hues of burgundy, teal and midnight blue for an up-to-date look this year. Go all out in a velvet dress or mix fabrics with a velvet skirt and soft cotton top.

Split Skirts

Seen first on the summer catwalks, the side split skirt trend continues into autumn, this time thigh high. Team with a turtle neck top for a totally on trend look.

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This post was contributed by Olivia Golding (hello!). I’m an aspiring writer with a keen interest in fashion. I’ve been a guest poster on this wonderful blog before, and I’m eternally grateful for Jane giving me this opportunity! I love to connect with other bloggers to see how they’re working with current trends, and to get some style inspiration. Though I’m always adamant on getting the best deal, I do occasionally look for exclusive designer dresses available online to treat myself! (Sadly, as my birthday was in February, this probably won’t be until Christmas…) Enough babbling from me, I hope you enjoyed my post!






  1. I think it would also help by investing clothes off season so you can have it cheaper and then you can use it when it’s the season for it.

  2. the trend is really going back to those trends before.. bold, colorful and striking..

  3. I am not a fashion wannabe but I do like to buy new clothes to wear daily with matching accessories even if I just stay home and cook, Hubby loves to see me in sexy outfits daily.

  4. Now those were really great tips. And I admit that women in leopard prints or red shoes are really attractive!

  5. I think there are trends that will never change, these are good trends for fashionistas to follow
    – Wanderer Juan

  6. I can definitely say that you can compare me to a neanderthal when it comes to fashion. I absolutely have no fashion sense whatsoever. I’d wear a red shirt and a pair of green shorts, topping it off with a beanie on a hot summer afternoon and I’d still be oblivious as to why everyone is giving me a smirk and then the occassional “Just wtf are you wearing?”

    Any case, it does make my head turn when a lady walks by with red heels and a red lipstick.

    great tips MJ!

  7. Pink and red, I guess, are always a trend in fashion. A woman really looks hot in red and I like it.

  8. I think leopard prints are here to stay. I have few pieces in my closet and can’t give them away! hahaha! 🙂

  9. Investing early for future trends is a great idea! We should always prioritize comfort over style though. 🙂

    1. i know but if most of the girls now follow trends and being in the fashionista word. You can still wear red shoes make it red flats or instead of sexy animal print top you can just buy a shirt with the same print a lot of choices now

  10. I love the trends for A/W 2013! I can’t wait to incorporate all of the things mentioned above into my wardrobe. I’m especially looking forward to lots of PVC, velvet, and lace! 😀

  11. I love animal prints so chic, I have one I bought last year and i always feel sexy and confident wearing that blouse.It never goes out of style.

    I also bought a red blouse this year because I noticed I don’t have one.:) and pair it with TOM’s red shoes. Red and black, definitely a best pair of color.

    Nice to know I’m keeping up with the trend by reading this post. 🙂

  12. Looking forward to see uploaded photos of this winter collection. Turtle necks.. wow type ko yan. 😉

  13. I super agree with these tips! It’s better to be one season ahead than to look outdated. 🙂

  14. I love red. A red sassy dress is always an attention-grabber. Animal prints? Not my type. 🙂

  15. Turtle necks might look good but it’s so hard to wear that this summer because it’s too hot — even in an airconditioned space!

    1. i know but still red hot shoes and animal prints would be nice too

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