Winning an online giveaway is a surefire way to brighten up your day. Much more if the prize is a good amount of cash that you can use to buy or get something at online stores or shopping malls.

And at this very moment, an upcoming website called RESUFACE offers a great giveaway wherein a total 0 is at stake. There will be 3 winners: 1st winner will receive 0, 2nd can get 0 and 3rd winner will be given 0. Good amount of prize right? So what are you waiting for? Check out the widget below and complete each and every task to jack up the points for more chances of winning such awesome cash prizes. Remember to visit this post daily to complete the daily tasks as well (daily tasks means more points to your name). Good luck!

Join The ResuFace $750 Total Cash Giveaway

ReSuFace ReSuFaceResuFace – Broadcast your resume, showcase your talent through RonLeyba.Com.

REMINDER: Make sure to visit this blog daily to gain more entries. Keep in mind that every daily task you make means added points for your name.






  1. This is super tempting! Would love to win me some $$$. Good luck to all the entrants!

  2. hahaha, you’re on a contest roll MJ…is this your second contest in a month? wow! Have fun!

  3. I joined and hopeful to win even the 3rd prize. I like this contest so much.

  4. Resuface looks like a good site that offers job opportunities for everyone. The cash prizes aren’t too bad either.
    – Wanderer Juan

  5. Resurface is a really helpful site for those looking for a job and also helps them find opportunities that fits their skill sets.

  6. I joined this giveaway through another FBW member. I think this platform is like LinkedIn.

  7. Resurface can match buyers/employers and potential workers who are best qualified for the job. This could be an easier platform for us to find work in a social media setting.

  8. helps job seekers (especially the entry-level applicants) land quality jobs wherein it provides a space for job seekers to showcase their own skills right on the platform by using a revolutionary video resume. Instead of submitting their resumes to job openings, members can use their profiles as resumes for employers to review right on the spot. Plus the job seekers are given better exposure to the opportunities that match their expertise. It’s less hassle to the applicant/s and employer/s because the platform is specially designed to match the employers and job seekers that are under the same niche categories, making it easier for both of them to find each other within the site: communtiy. Employers will definitely find this feature useful as they are directed to individuals who are not only interested in their available job openings, but also possesses the skills needed and required to perform the tasks for the specific job.

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