Last Saturday, We decided to have a day out and visit the MISF 4th Annual Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2013 being held at the Putra World Trade Centre. After taking the LRT from KLCC to the Masjid Jamek station we switched to the STAR LRT line and hopped off at the PWTC station to make our way to the Shoe Festival. The highlight of Attending this event is to see the Legendary Designer Professor Dato’ Dr. Jimmy Choo Tourism Ambassador in Malaysia, at this exclusive exhibition and see displays of his craft at its ultimate perfection. Picture below with Jimmy Choo!

IMG_8871  My sister and I with Jimmy Choo!IMG_6048 We stopped at the entry for a quick photo in front of the banner. On our way to the festival was a car used to promote the festival with a large Shoes on top too!

IMG_8794 IMG_8797 IMG_8798First stop outside the main hall was the designer pavilion where we were able to preview some cutting edge trends in footwear from both local and international designers from New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Indonesia to name a few. Lovely designs and it was good some new some innovation. Once inside we took our time to view the offering of the shoe exhibitors.

done resizing8 done resizing9 done resizing11 done resizing12          Amazing hand painted shoes even if you soak in the water the paint won’t fade at all! Recovered Autosave1 done resizing14 Blogging about this next so stay tuned guys! This should be a next hit after the Crocs Invaded us! =DIMG_8817 IMG_8818 IMG_8819 IMG_8820 IMG_8821 IMG_8822 One section close to the stage was the designer area with some amazing designs on display with a mix of local and Asian design in them.

IMG_8848  Girls who modeled Some really great shoes! Watch them in action on the Video below this post.done resizing16  Some rockin’ deals during the MISF. Love the 5rm slippers! I can buy all of my friends with this price.done resizing15 IMG_8802Entry was free and the crowd was relatively large but overall it was a good show with about 150 exhibitors. There were a lot of discounted shoes so we ended up buying a few pairs along the way – shop till you drop as they say! Didn’t buy any shoes since most of my choices were out of my size. Though my sister is just very lucky! She bought a couple of sneakers and one for my daughter too.

IMG_8804 IMG_8815 done resizing13

Around 3:30pm we were making our way back around the exhibits when we saw some media attention around the same small area where they had the shoe parade. We walked closer and there in front of about half a dozen photographers was Jimmy Choo. He was basically there for a photograph session only and not many in the crowd was aware he was there. It was a great opportunity and many thanks to Dato Jimmy Choo for taking the time to have the photos with us. A real gentleman and one that Malaysia can be proud of.

IMG_6061  One of the hand-painted shoe that my sister bought that day. I regret not buying one for myself hehe.IMG_6059

We were all exhausted that day! They don’t have any foods or drinks inside the exhibition hall so if you’re hungry and thirsty you needed to go back up in the Mall which is a bit of a walk if ever so I tried my best to survive not having water on my bag and so thirsty. We’re just very Lucky that before we decided to leave the Place We spotted the media with Jimmy Choo! Took some photos with him and go back home. It was a good day seeing shoes. Looking forward to next year of another Shoe Festival! Be sure to come too and enjoy the great deals!

Please do watch this simple video clip I took during the Fashion Show! Subscribe to if you want!