Hello guys! I know this is like super late already and it is not February anymore. Though I always make it a point to write and say my thank you’s when it’s my birthday to all of the people who’s been so true to me all the way in any part of my life. From Personal Friends, Virtual Friends, Blogger’s, and to those who’s been in a not so good position with me in my past life if you know what I mean. 2013-02-24 11.42.23 Our lovely Friends Zom, Peter and Ernie Spent a night with us in Hard Rock cafe’ for a quick dinner.  So we walked from our house to Hard Rock! Yes. They are just located at the back of our Condo near the Monorail. They just have the perfect steak and salad! Tha place was not so fun for us at all since we needed that dancing mode going so we decided to move and walk to Beach Club, And yes! We just walked from our house to Hard Rock Cafe’ to Beach Club that’s how close our house to almost everything nice and yummy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Isn’t it great being in a place like this? =D


                             Thanks Ernie for taking this photo and for the lovely Dinner too!
2013-02-06 22.37.45My Drink to start that night! Electric Lemonade with Tequila! I shared only a few small pieces of steaks with my husband for dinner that night because I won’t be able to have any alcoholic drinks if I am so full. It would be so hard then for me to splurge on tequila! My fave drink and margarita too!

2013-02-07 00.53.07With my Thai Friend Zom! First time to try Shisha.

2013-02-07 02.47.03 Zom’s husband! Hey! Mate! Whatcha doin’ there? I can see you’re doing something kinda fishy! 2013-02-07 02.23.40 Ernie! The man of the hour! I don’t know why I call him like that every time haha Anyways, Zom and I we’re a bit drunk in this picture can’t even look straight in the camera with flash anymore. We’re kinda squished in this picture Thanks Ernie! haha
2013-02-07 02.19.46 Special thanks also to Mr. Kumar. Bach Club cafe’ Operations Manager. He surprised me with a big Happy Birthday song and a tray of Irish Bailey’s shots that night! Can someone spot the baby shark swimming up there in the aquarium? =)Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 6.13.18 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 6.12.57 PM Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 4.29.11 PM

Of course, I would like to say thank you to all of my fellow bloggers who greeted me on my special day! You know who you are. I am shocked myself that these people actually greeted me and knows me in this big world of blogging. Even though I am not that big myself, and my blog haha! Thank you guys! I can still remember all of you who greeted me. Thanks for messaging me also. You guys don’t know how happy I was and I am until now whenever I see your names on my news feed on Facebook I always say to myself that this guy/girl greeted me on my special day. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart! I’ll always treasure you guys who made me feel big & special at least once a year.

A big Thanks also to my Dover girlfriends! Who even gave such effort calling me on skype while I am in a middle of shoe shopping. Everyone in the store keeps on looking at me because they can hear the happy bday song from my Skype on my Phone. This girls cooked so many foods and even bought a cake with my name on it! I am very happy to see also that they’re wearing the ring I bought for all of us! This girls gave me extra happy moments last Feb! I am very happy that they are such real friends.

To all whom I forgot to mention here, You know who you are. You made my Birthday that exciting! To my Family Back in the Philippines, My daughter, sister and my don’t forget my Husband. A Big Thanks from the bottom of my heart! More blessings and Birthdays to come for me and all of us too!

Here’s a Pahabol video of my Fellow Blogger Sir Erwin Gantalao Ti-in from FBW FB Group! =) Many Thanks for this video Sir! Totally made my day! haha Video like this is awesome! x0x0