How Photojeepney Can Help Bloggers and Business Owners + Giveaway! (closed)

I am quite sure you already heard a lot of good things about Photojeepney and their services read the services here. Photojeepney, for those people who still doesn’t know a thing about it, is an “online digital photo printing and imaging” service or business based in the Philippines. They take your photo service orders online and deliver the results at any place you want. But aside from that, they do digital photo editing and imaging as well perfect for blog headers, logos, avatars, Google Plus business page and ever Facebook business page. They charge a certain fee for it but I tell you, it’s quite affordable and cheap compared to the quality product or result they can give.

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Photojeepney For Bloggers

For bloggers, Photojeepney can be a huge help. The service they have can give you customized logo (in case you wanted your photo to be included), avatar and profile photo. It will allow you to stand out among other bloggers that uses default logos or images.

If you are a blogger who regularly post giveaways, the Photojeepney services can be also included as a prize for winners. Since it’s an online service than can deliver results via the internet or thru email, your giveaway participants around the world can surely join and receive their Photojeepney prizes online without hassle.

Photojeepney For Business Owners

For me, the best service that Photojeepney can offer for online businesses is their Facebook Cover Photo graphic art service. As we all know, more and more businesses use Facebook pages to further reach their clients and loyal customer. A good Facebook cover photo made by Photojeepney can surely give businesses, big or small, the professionalism they wanted to portray online.

The customized photo cards or calling cards by Photojeepney are perfect for businesses and bloggers as well. They can create and print out good looking, well formatted and designed cards that are suitable enough for the kind of identity that you wanted other people to see.

As of this writing, Photojeepney.Com receives lots of online orders. This just proves how good their service is backed up by lots of positive reviews and articles coming from other bloggers.

So, if you don’t have the time and the skills to edit and create good looking designs or images out of your photos, head over to PhotoJeepney.Com. For me, they are the go to guy (or website) in terms of online digital photo printing, customization, designing and imaging around the Philippines.

                             TIME FOR GIVEAWAYS AND IT IS OPEN WORDLWIDE!!

So good news everyone! I will be giving away 5 codes for free! So you guys can enjoy the digital photo services from like the others, especially numbers of bloggers who actually tried it already and giving it a thumbs up! I want you guys to try it your self too! =)

Enjoy the free digital photo services listed below or you may check their site 

Photo Retouching (digital file only)
Photo Montage (digital file only)
Caricature (digital file only)
Cartoonized Art (digital file only)
Facebook Cover Photo (digital file only)
Instafects (digital file only)
ID service (digital file only)
Customized Invites (digital file only)

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