#CONTEST: Enter Mootta’s #ILOVEDENIM Instagram Competition! (closed)

Hello guys! Another contest is up again with Mootta Korean Fashion and hoping you guys will support back just by posting your best look via your Instagram which we all know we’re all addicted using that app! So calling all the fashionistas out there! Boys or girls! We’ve got you covered! This is your chance to show off your Best Denim Look and be the number one!  Read more info below:

The denim clothes you’ll be wearing doesn’t need to be from Mootta. Any Brands or even thrifted or anything as long it is Denim would be fine! Hope to see ya’ll Rocking the Denim on Instagram! Don’t forget to check out the complete mechanics below and don’t ever forget to use the hashtags guys! =)2nd_event_denim

This Contest is open Worldwide!

Congratulations to the Winner! Till next time Fashionistas! Xo, Jane =)

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38 thoughts on “#CONTEST: Enter Mootta’s #ILOVEDENIM Instagram Competition! (closed)

  1. I like denims…my favorite right now is a thin chambray shirt…really cool for summer 🙂

  2. good luck to those who will join.. I’m planning to join too but since the prize is for girls only, maybe not.. haha! 🙂

  3. Denim, particularly denim dress is so bang on the trend these days. I was able to bag mine for $3 at a nearby clothing store mid-season sale. I had second thoughts but when people started to ask where I got it, my guilt from shopping is totally washed out haha!

    Good luck to all people who will join the giveaway!

  4. Cool contest! 🙂 If in case you’ll join, good luck!! 🙂 I’ll be rooting for you. 🙂

  5. Oh love that denim! It’s a perfect outfit when I go to my parents abroad next month! 😀

  6. wow! sumali ka ba? Hindi kasi ako makadenim init na init ako.. 🙂 usually talga short lang ako,, I only own 3 denim pants.. 🙂

    1. Omg! please do join dear!!! see ya there! and hope you’ll win too! dont forget the hashtags! xx

    1. aww! can borrow dear if you know any friends as long you’re the one who’s wearing it! but anyhow thanks for dropping by! xx

    1. Hi dear! Any brand or even thrifted Denim clothes are fine! As long as it is Denim! Thanks for asking dear Hope you can join! x0x0 =)

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