People that have no experience with jewelry may get nervous when they have to buy their first ring or necklace. If you’re trying to buy a piece of jewelry, it is always a good idea to compare quality, price, and service from several different stores; comparing prices online is also recommended.

Loose diamonds on black surface

First time jewelry buyers may be afraid of getting scammed, so it is always a good idea to ask friends or relatives for advice and recommendations. We do not advice asking a jeweler or a seller, because most of the time you won’t ever know what are their true intentions. If you’re not acquainted with a jeweler, there is always the option of checking of looking up their name online. Jewelry forums are another great idea, since it’s an easy way to get recommendations. When looking for a specific piece of jewelry, always tell the seller to write down any important information you might need after making the purchase. And before you make any strong investment, learn about the store’s refund and return policy. It is very simple to get more info about sell diamond jewelry.

However, if you’re interested in selling jewelry, you must follow an entirely different process. The easiest way to do this is to contact an appraiser. If you do not want to spend lots of money on an appraiser, many pawn shops will tell you the jewel’s approximate worth. If you believe that your jewel is worth a lot, go ahead and spend some money hiring a quality appraiser. Sometimes appraisers will only give you a general idea about what your jewel is truly worth. If you’re interested in having jewelry or gold appraised, always go with somebody that specializes in jewelry. There are appraisers for everything out there, so make sure you contact the correct one.





  1. I am not a jewelry baby, but I do watch sellers jewelries especially online though I don’t really buy one though. I’m scared of getting scammed and scared of being able to buy fake jewelries especially now that it’s hard to identify which one is real and not.

    1. haha true dear! we buy also occasionally only like if chinese new year they said its lucky to buy gold then xx

  2. I understand the risk of selling jewelries online especially with thousands of victims being scammed. I agree on looking for an appraiser and ask for friends recommendation.

  3. Lucky for me , my wife’s relatives are into jewelry business. Medyo iwas japeks kmi when my buying one.

  4. same with me though i buy for investments din and to use for socail gatherings din hehe

  5. I guess if you really want to be a seller, you must first know how to identify different kinds of jewelry.. which one is fake and which one is not.. 🙂

  6. This is really crucial. I have a friend who has a jewelry business and every transaction is a thrill.

  7. we all know that it’s not easy to expose jewelries anywhere. but with this article help a lot. .thank you. .

  8. I love jewelries.If you are in the middle east, you will not have to worry about the price and quality of the jewelry and diamond , but for other countries, you should buy on the known jeweller and we better have some research.

    1. true mam tess in singapore they only have such places to buy reall good jewelries xx

  9. jewelries are something i dont buy because 1, I dont know how to know which one is real or not, and 2, i tend to lose most of it :p haha

    1. aww! i have a set of gold a gold neklace with cross pendant and a big rounded earrings i dont wear much ahah. every chinese new year we try ot buy one they said its lucky! xx

  10. These are helpful tips. I have been wanting to buy gold jewelries as an investment but I don’t know how to spot genuine items from the fake ones. I need to do more research about it. ヅ

  11. I think selling and buying jewelry online is quite risky because you can’t get a close look at the actual thing or even wear it to know that it fits your size.

  12. I’m good w/ ordinary accessories. I can have tons for different fashions & w/o hurting my budget. And if they get lost, it won’t break my heart.

  13. I love jewelries , thanks for this post, I now have an idea on how to appraise them :>

  14. I also don’t know how to buy a legit one, so maybe I’ll drag my mom who knows better about to spot a real one from the fake

  15. I love jewelry and you’re right it is very difficult to involve in a jewelry business especially if you don’t have the actual knowledge of getting in. Research and studies should be done before engaging.

  16. Good tip. Go with an appraiser or always have someone who specializes, when buying. It’s always better to have someone to serve as a guide. I like Michelle’s tip too. Research before you buy it.

  17. I am taking these great tips for my own safety against fake jewelers out there. Thank you for sharing this.

  18. This is a good business idea! Not to mention, pearls too. Although background checking/research of the process has to be done before closing the deal.

  19. nako.. I don’t have that luxury to invest with jewelries, but nice tip Mary Jane.. keep it up

  20. I think it’s good to pass through an appraiser as the cost of jewelry may change and you may end up selling cheap.

  21. Same with Carizza. I love jewelry but I have no idea about appraising them so these tips really help 🙂 Definitely need to do some research before buying 🙂

  22. i love jewelries but i dont know how to check on the quality of diamonds. thanks for some tips!

  23. Thanks for this info. We will go to Turkey this summer so I’ll drag hubby to the gold stores again. Haha.

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