Celebrated our Anniversary last March 6 at Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine with my whole family and not just the two of us. One particular restaurant that we always see whenever we go outside of the house since it is just in front of our house only. As I’ve said on my many previous posts that we live in the heart of Kuala Lumpur which is, As in we’re in the centre of the hot night-out places, good restaurants and of course the famous Petronas Twin Towers. Didn’t bring my camera that night so just lucky that my husband always have his very trusty Samsung Phone which I used to take photos of the foods.
2013-03-06 20.05.26If you’ve been following me on twitter or instagram (usernames both @tauyanm) I’ve been posting japanese foods like crazy! One of them was this huge Oysters! Never seen like this before. It’s as huge as my palm/hand. Not fond of eating it though, Maybe grilled or something more cook is a way to go.2013-03-06 20.07.00                                                         My daughter’s favourite!2013-03-06 20.10.38-2 2013-03-06 20.13.37 2013-03-06 19.58.05 2013-03-06 20.04.59 2013-03-06 20.59.35 2013-03-06 20.37.13 2013-03-06 21.29.46 2013-03-06 20.13.51 2013-03-06 19.48.43

2013-03-06 21.05.13

2013-03-06 19.51.57 2013-03-06 21.36.23                                               Entrance of Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine Restaurant.2013-03-06 19.34.16                 The table hiding just beside the entrance of the restaurant! Reserved just for us! =)2013-03-06 19.34.26 When I said that the Restaurant is just very near to where we live I mean it! It is very near! Above is the photo that my husband took before we entered the Japanese restaurant. Just imagine how far the photo from where my husband was standing that time, He was standing in front of the restaurant already! Very near eh? We didn’t even think to eat that fast and worry about the traffic because our house is just outside. Very convenient for us living here. Everything is just a stone throw away.done resizing2

Photo of us together. Left hand side photo from the Japanese Restaurant celebrating our Anniversary. The Right hand side was a photo before we left our house & got drunk on my late birthday celebration.

The whole night was fantastic and amazing. I’ve never been so full of sushi’s and anything Japanese in my whole life! Of course as all of you knows my husband didn’t tell me about this plan more earlier because he knows I’ll refuse to eat in a very expensive restaurant. I’d rather just eat somewhere cheap but in a good place and good food as well as long as I am eating with my loved ones is enough for me.

The Place is full of Japanese people! There were two tables I think that’s celebrating their birthdays as well. I knew it, Coz the light of the whole restaurant turned off twice and instead of people being angry because there’s no light & can’t eat, They we’re all singing happy birthday and clapping at the same time. Such nice people! There’s a time as well that we just had to clapped with them too haha =)

The girl who was serving us that night as well was a Filipino. Her name is Beth. She said to my sister and I that she thought that we’re Indonesians or Thailander. So we had little bits of chitchat that night too! She said she was working there for a couple of years already I think, Together with some five Filipino others. Lucky to know them too. Then we can go back and eat there more in the future!

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