Spazzing around my photos and remembered that I won a contest back in December 2012. Let me share my, I guess not so first time joining in a contest related to Facebook likes or never joined any contest here in Malaysia. This was just a kid and joke of my sister and I. That’s why I decided to join. Looks I emailed to them for the contest were the photos below. Sorry for covering your faces guys!

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.35.04 AM.png FriendlyFashion.my is a place where everyone can swap, sell or give away the clothes that they do not wear anymore. Many people still have good clothes and accessories but no longer use them. But instead of throwing them away, everyone can now offer their clothes, shoes and accessories to other members of this website. It is a site based here in Kuala Lumpur. Makes me feel more like I really live in Malaysia whenever I go to this website and discover a lot of things. Specially good Malaysian People so far. I’ve got few friends there where I bought some stuffs already. My very first time as well to encounter a not so good attitude human being. Forgive her already but never to ever forget. =)Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 10.55.56 AMFor the mechanics since this is a Facebook related event, All we gotta do is email them our 5 Best Looks titled ‘I Love Fashion with Friendlyfashion!’And once they’ve received the photos, They will post them up on the forum thread and their Facebook page! The top 3 looks with the most “yays” and Facebook likes will stand a chance to win The FF I Feel Pretty Kit: – RM100 FF shopping money – RM100 Sephora Gift Voucher

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 8.42.28 PM

To be honest, I never thought that I can actually win this contest! Because after a couple of weeks of posting my photos gaining some likes from you guys who always likes my photos and support me all the way to any kinds of contest I’ve joined too thanks! There still of course a lot more people who gained much more likes than what I’ve got that time. So for the last week of the contest, I just left it there hanging and just leave it to those people who maybe deserved it and got more likes than mine.

So with all the hustling and bustling busy weeks of Christmas and New year, They’d finally announced the winners and I am very happy to say that I am one of the three who won the contest. I didn’t really know and never thought I would be, not until I received their email asking for my address to send the prizes. Also the reason why I lose hope was because some others passed the numbers of likes I had back then most were like 400+ likes already I guess. Some of the people also asking them on their forum how they’d pick the winners since many others got more likes than us maybe. So guys don’t question me as well. What ever the reason they had to make this decision is out of my business already. Let say that they did this for justice and for the sake of fashion sense indeed haha! Thank you FriendlyFashion.my for this wonderful opportunity! Thanks for reading guys! God Bless all! x0x0 =)

Visit their site: www.friendlyfashion.my and you might find the most ever lovely treasure you might wanted for so long and for sure you’ll enjoy those cheap fashionable finds all around this website!





  1. Wow! Congratulations dear! I love your dress and your loooong hair! <3

    Sai Montes of Fashion by Sai

  2. i like those clothes. i like the colorful sundress with the high heel sandals. it is a perfect outfit for spring and summer 2013. it looks casual, but sophisticated and elegant.

  3. congratulations for winning it, jane… you deserved it. you look lovely with the dress. Yahweh bless.

  4. You deserve to win with this look. Must be pretty exciting to join contests like these although getting “likes” can be really tedious.

  5. Congrats sweetie 🙂 You are indeed a fashionista and
    Oh my! I love your hair <3


  6. congratulations on winning the contest. I haven’t won a contest yet but I’d like to get free stuff haha

    1. hahaha join my latest giveaway and the future ones as well for free stuffs! hihi thanks!

  7. Looks like a good website to check out. Lovely to know that you won a “like” contest on fb, I kind of got turned off with such contest since some of the contest joiners have found a way to manipulate the numbers.

  8. haha nice one. you remind me of a friend who also joins fashion facebook likes contests and always bagging the price. that site where you can swap clothes and accessories you don’t use anymore is interesting… awww!!! i would love to join one like that here 🙂

  9. Good job! Congratulations Jane! I love that dress on you. That scarf dress just skims your body perfectly! Very sexy! 🙂

  10. Do you have anything for men’s fashion? I suck at dressing up! anyways, congatulations sa panalo! 🙂

    1. haha sorry Zion i dont have hihi but i am sure you’re good at it already. thanks! xx

  11. Fashion has its glitters. I really admire people who are fashion minded. They are also creative.

  12. I only wear simple clothes and on the budget as long as it is descent to look. Lucky for you, you can wear anything and fits to your personality and body proportion.

    1. thank you! I am always on a budget as well unless i am dying to have that particular item. hihi xx

  13. Fabulous!! you are definitely a winner! yes, Malaysians are generally serene people that i wonder why we Philippines need to invade them tsk tsk

    1. hehe I dont know anything about that news also but oh well let see what happens! xx

  14. Wow your hair is so long in that picture! How do you manage it? Congratulations for winning the vouchers!:)

    1. Thanks dear! I actually had my hair cut this january. It still long but layered now.It is very expensive to have hair like this long & super thick. I guess too large bottles of shampoo needed and like 3 bottles for conditioner hehe =)

  15. Isnt that what people call a scarf dress? Because it looks like a scarf and make of satin or silk? I will agree with Mrs. Kolka, the hair gives you that exotic POW! look 🙂

  16. Sorry I was not looking at the clothes. But your hair! Wow, very long and straight like a goddess!!

        1. ahhaa thanks dear! your too sweet! I layered my hair a bit but still long like this hihi

  17. I hope we have a site here in the Philippines similar to that one. I have clothes that I no longer use and want it exchanged for different items.

  18. That is a really nice place where you can swap, sell or giveaway clothes. It would be more economical that way.

  19. Congrats, that was a great experience Mary Jane. I like your posing very attractive.

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