Before we relocated here in Malaysia Last year. I’ve been having this scary thoughts that I would definitely have this crazy cravings since back in Singapore my friends used to cook all Filipino foods almost everyday. I still feel like I am in the Philippines with a nice Filipino Dish & Friends too! Been searching all over the web but I failed to find a decent suggestions or information of where can I actually find those Filipino supplies I will be needing when we move in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

IMG_8356  Kota Raya Mall A Filipino Haven in Malaysia. Located near the end of Tun Tan Cheng Lock Road, just opposite Petaling Street.IMG_8348  Places for tourists to visit if you’re going this way to Kota Raya.IMG_8350  Kasturi walk. They have small stalls inside that’s very nice to walk thru with cheap/bargain shopping.IMG_8351  Central Market Just beside the Kasturi Walk Will be seen right after you get out of the Train.IMG_8354  Petaling Street or Chinatown. Located just in front of Kota Raya also the other side can be reached after you get out of the Train.IMG_8355 IMG_8358  Not so many Filipino stores can be seen inside, Compare to the crazy stores back in Singapore Lucky Plaza. Though, Filipino stores here are enough for all your cooking and craving needs!IMG_8367 There have number of Filipino restaurants inside Kota Raya too! For those cravings this is the answer! IMG_8365  They even have Avon too! My daughter Suddenly appeared right before I hit the shutter button of my camera. Cute eh? Busy with her tablet watching some movies.IMG_8360  They have number of cargo’s too. LBC have available boxes for all of you though, They don’t do remittance anymore. Can try the next one which is Western Union.IMG_8359  You can find variety of Salons inside.For more cheaper Prices than you can find in any other malls! IMG_8366  Some ukay ukay shop everything all out only RM5!! How cheap right? =)IMG_8368

This is the restaurant where we usually eat when we go in Kota Raya located at the 4th floor.

To reach Kota Raya Mall, It is much more easier to ride the big train, MRT/LRT. Because the monorail is a bit far walk if you compare them two. Riding the Big Train, Go Down to Pasar Seni. Right after you come out of the train station you’ll see big signs of many places or you can ask someone there. There’s many tourists walking around there too since this place is very interesting! Central market and Chinatown is a must visit so it’s a busy streets for many people. This place or street is full pack and very busy on Sundays.

So if you’re trying to catch up on your itineraries and time as well make sure you come here weekdays. Also Kota Raya is full of OFW’s every Sunday because it’s their rest day for a week of hard work! They go to this Mall and catch up with other friends and also buy their goodies for the next coming weeks and of course to send money to their loved ones back in Philippines. You may want to go here early before 12pm so you can still find a not -so-full Filipino restaurant to enjoy your yummy foods.

Hope this post is very helpful to everyone who’s going to relocate or move here in Malaysia or even if you’re just going to come here for a vacation or holiday. Let me know if you like this post! x0x0 =)





  1. Wow last weekend I visited this place on Sunday, so many Filipinos I thought I was still in Manila. All the Filipino foods & goods! 🙂

  2. Ang galing galing! It’s like a home away from home. You are doing such a good job sharing your experiences as a Filipino in Malaysia. Kudos to you!

  3. Nakakatuwa. Kahit sa ibang bansa na parang nasa Pilipinas ka pa rin pag pumunta ka dito. 🙂

  4. I’m proud of our kababayan in Malaysia who are featured here. They are very enterprising.

  5. Glad to see that you’ve finally found a Filipino store in Malaysia. I think that when I go abroad, I will probably miss Filipino food too, especially sinigang. 🙂 So nice that they also have ukay ukay there and it looks just like the ukay ukay stores here in the Philippines 😀

    1. haha tama mich! when you go to other country make sure you have tons of sinigang mix nah! hehe

  6. This is a very informative post, now i know where to go when i’ll be in KL and look for a shopping place. 🙂

  7. Looks like there’s so many Pinoys na sa KL. The number of Pinoy expats are enough to support Filipino shops. Ngayon ko lang nalaman na may ganyan na din sa KL. Dito sa Thailand wala pa akong nakikitang Filipino shops.

  8. it is good to know that this places do exist in other countries. and also a proof that filipino’s been loved all over the world.

  9. It is good that you actually find places where you won’t miss home that much. This would be helpful for those who will be and are in Malaysia 😉

  10. Love moving around, looking for nice places to make “TAMBAY”. Here in your post now, it will surely help travelers who are planning to visit Malaysia and see this Filipino store is a must for them.

    1. haha tama dear! pg wla kaming mgwa kht sansan kmi pmupunta discovering new things and psikot sikot dito xx

  11. Now I know where to head in case we get lost in Kuala Lumpur hehe. This is relative sane for a Filipino market. here in Dubai, it is chaos but thoroughly clean or else the municipality gives them a heavy fine =)

  12. Thanks for sharing this Jane 🙂 Now I know where to go when I miss Pinoys in when I visit malaysia. How’s Malaysia btw with the ongoing tension with Sabah ?

    1. Truth is I really dont knw. I dont watch News or any related hehe I can read some from yahoo news but that’s it so far We cannnot feel anything here. Its a bit far form KL too.

  13. we weren’t able to see this when i was in KL! pero nakakaloka sa malaysia, yung street names. i keep forgetting the streets we go to kasi halos same ng tunog =))

    1. haha tama! nlilito din aq mnsn though once i’ve been there kht sa ibng bansa pg bmlk I can still remmber everything hihi xx

  14. Nice place! It’s great though that there are still many Pinoy shops there :)) Makes you feel at home!

  15. Looks like a great fine place for Filipinos around there in Malaysia. Close to what Philippine malls can offer.

  16. Jolibee nlng kulang completo na.. I haven’t been away from my country but sure I can relate bec. I have relatives living abroad and they share the same urge to anything pinoy.. 😀

    1. hehe true! nkkmiss prin ska iba prin pg foods ntn hehe tama jollibee nlng kulang! I dont think they will have one since malaysia dont eat beef or pork most. But they have now in singapore! mgbabus aq pra lng sa jolibee hihi xx

  17. It’s nice to see Filipino stores in other countries. 🙂 Your daughter is a cutie in that pic, I think she saw something in the store. Hehehe..

  18. I didn’t know that there was a mall that sold Filipino goods in Malaysia. I’ve heard about Lucky Plaza in Singapore but this is the first time I’ve heard about this one.

    1. Yeah. Not so known. Though sure is you can find all the pinoy stuffs there hihi

    1. hihi true! though Lucky plaza is very clean and people there looks after it. Kota raya is like napabyaan nah. and not so gloomy look or not so lightened up in side. xx

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