Skirts come in all shapes and sizes, much the same as women when you think about it. With so many gorgeous styles to choose from, picking just one style can be a difficult decision. Of course, the multitude of styles and cuts means that there is a perfect skirt shape out there for every woman, regardless of shape or size. So how do you go about figuring out which skirt style suits you the best? Read on for my great tips.

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                 credit: collagemadeviapolyvore.

Identifying the many types of skirt available can be difficult, so to make it simpler, I’ve explained each style below:

• Schoolgirl skirt – very short style, often pleated and useful for sports
• Mini and micro-mini – short skirts that fall just above the midway point on your thigh
• Bubble skirts – bulge at the hem like a bubble
• Pencil skirt – high waist, slim-line and fitted style, usually falls just below the knee
• A-line – shaped like the letter A and can be any length
• Peasant – billowing and wide, usually three quarter length or long
• Tulip – shaped like an upside down tulip

Now you know all of the various styles out there, it’s time to match them up to the different body shapes. It doesn’t matter if you’re curvy, slim, short, tall, long legged, or wide hipped, there’s a skirt style to suit you so don’t hide your legs under trousers every day.

If you have a short figure, go for skirts that are tapered such as A-line styles and wraparound skirts. A good length to aim for is around the knee. If a skirt falls much lower you’ll look like a child playing dress up in mummy’s clothes. An off centre slit can help to give the illusion of longer legs. If you have shapely legs, lengthen them with a shorter style skirt. Taking a look at women’s skirts at Missguided Australia will surely lend you a helping hand in picking out your ideal fit.

If you have a thick waist, wear skirts that draw attention to your legs such as long, full skirts or short skirts. Avoid styles with embellishments around the middle as this will only draw unwanted attention to your waist.

Curvy ladies look fantastic in A-lines and wraparound skirts. If you have a tiny waist, emphasis it with a pencil skirt for curve hugging glamour. If you’d rather draw attention to your upper body, choose a billowing style skirt.

Short legged girls look best in shorter length skirts as they help to elongate legs and make you appear taller. Avoid styles that end mid-calf as this is usually the widest part of your leg and can have a drowning effect on your figure.

If you’re blessed with long legs, you’re lucky enough to be able to wear any style, although mid length skirts will look fabulous on you. Avoid very short styles as they can reduce the length of your torso and make you look a bit out of proportion.

If you have thick ankles, opt for styles that are long and loose and team them with above the ankle boots. Any skirts with hem detailing, embellishment or flare in the lower half will draw attention to your ankles so avoid this where possible.

If you’re still unsure about which type of skirt to go for, the best thing to do is to try on many different styles. Take a mate with you and ask for constructive advice when you try on each type. As long as you feel comfortable, you’ll ooze self-confidence and look great.





  1. you made me learn the types of skirt dear!! 😀 ako lahat yan sinusuot ko pero bet ko ang pencil cut sa work 😀

  2. wow, i didn’t know there are many types of mini for this knew i know better.Yahweh bless

  3. Women do stand out better with mini skirts as it highlights and lengthens a lady’s legs.

  4. I have wide hips, will an A-line work for me? If only I had the perfect figure, then I wouldn’t be second guessing which skirt to wear 🙂

  5. Hmmmmm I’m sharing this with my nieces so they’ll know what it’s called and the kind of skirt they should be wearing for them to look good =)

  6. ahh… never knew there are names for those… pwede bang skirt nlng silang lahat… hahaha… nice to know. Yahweh bless.

  7. Thanks so much for the tips here. SInce I am still big just gave birth two months ago, I prefer to wear peasant skirt.

  8. I’m not a skirt person, only wear one when I need to. But this is a great tip for those who love skirts. Thanks for sharing 😉

  9. I’m not a skirt person, only wear one when I need to. But this is a great tip for those who love skirts 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  10. I am a skirtie girl! I especially love the tulip skirt to get an illusion of hips haha. but not much of a fan for peasant style. I feel frumpy in them BUT i love peasant blouses.

  11. this will be quite a nifty tip now that i am back into the corporate world and will require dressing up and donning skirts on occasions. thanks for sharing!

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