My Personal Tips And Tricks To Get A Stunning Hair That Is Not Too Expensive

I love getting my hair done once in a while. With the help of the internet, I can check out what’s new and what’s hot in the world of fashionable and trendy hairstyles. I can get or copy something that is quite elegant looking and stylish. Most importantly, I can choose the one that is appropriate for the upcoming event or occasion I am attending with.


Getting a stunning and stylish hairstyle is pretty expensive for women compared to men. Much more if the hairstyle is quite made up with fine details that require special skills of a hairdresser. But the cost of it won’t stop me from getting the hair that I want. It’s not because I can pay for it or something like that, but because I know few methods and tricks that can give me great discounts thus making the cost of it a bit manageable.

Below are the tips and tricks or methods that I am talking about.

Use the Power of Social Networking

Where else you can find good recommendation but via your circle of friends via social network. So how exactly I can get benefits in here? Well, sometimes, the friend of my friends, either in Facebook or Twitter does know someone who do hairdressing or whose profession is hairdresser. When connections are utilized, they can hook me up with the hairdresser they know for a much lesser price! Thanks to social media networks!

Use Coupon Codes

Well this one is pretty much the easiest way to get a stunning hair for less. Personally, I love checking out hair salon coupon codes at Groupon ( Aside from getting huge discounts out of their coupons and vouchers, almost all known skilled and well recommended hairdressers and hair salons are there! Not only that, discount codes for the most trusted and wanted hair care products for women are also posted. It is like a one big thrift store where I can get discounts for the products and stuffs I use and buy from time to time.

For me, getting and using online coupon codes and vouchers always works wonders. Be aware though for the sites you will choose (if you won’t be using the website I mentioned), they might end up costing you much more rather than giving you discounted coupons.

Take Advantage of Holiday Season

If there are huge Holiday sales for physical product and such, hair care stuffs and providers do have as well. During Holidays, hairdressers along with the products they endorse are labeled with huge discounts for a limited time or numbers. Taking advantage of those rare occasions made me pay less for awesome product and service.

Ask Your Husband To Do It For You

Well, this one is a bit shocking but it’s for real and it happened to me! Last year (April 2012), I asked my husband to cut and trim my super thick hair. The result of it is a bit stunning and priceless.  Why? He experienced something new and I get immediate result that I want without costing me anything! If you know someone or if you can make your husband to cut out and trim your hair for you, do it! This is the most practical tip I can give, I guess  .

Well there you have it. Not that shocking tips or tricks, I know. But what I gave out above is what works best for me and it might for you too. So why not try them out and let me know the results of it. Good luck!





127 thoughts on “My Personal Tips And Tricks To Get A Stunning Hair That Is Not Too Expensive

  1. Hello there! Nice blog! ^^

    I followed you already. Would you mind following my blog back?

    Thanks hehe !! 😀

    Hope to see you again during other blogging events xD

  2. Nice tips! But I dont have a hubby yet. 😀

    Now that the weather is sooo hot, I am planning to have my long hair cut!!! I always want it in a bun 😀

  3. I agree about the coupon codes. Just not sure about having my hubby do it for me. Hehehe. 🙂

  4. Hubby always cut my long hair and is doing great. I can do product review too and coupon is really one of the best.

  5. Haircuts and hair treatments are the things I save up for and spend a bit. I can really feel the difference between treatments and cuts from an expensive salon compared to neighborhood salons.

  6. Yes! Coupons or Promo Codes helps a lot but I am most satisfied and comfortable if my own hairdresser will do my hair.

  7. I have tried using coupon codes. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with the service of the salon. Iba pa rin pag kakilala mo!

  8. My hair is short and I seldom go to events where it should be properly done. Anyways, my mom and I have the same hairdresser for years now.

    1. wow my hair is long and thick so epxensive not to use one of the tips above!

  9. I seriously think that your personal tips would really help me in achieving my goal of having a stunning hair! 🙂 Thank you!♥

  10. … and I will have my haircut tomorrow!!! Unfortunately no discounts or coupons for me 🙁

  11. hahhaha been waiting for this kind of tips, yeah you just right girls sometimes got this problem taking care of our hair. .well, this is very good to know. .

  12. OMG! You let your hubby cut your hair?! That’s cool! Anyway, I trust my beau with anything. But my hair is so unruly, I don’t think I can trust him to cut mine. 😛 That’s just me.

  13. wew… good thing im a guy, I just need any shampoo a gel/wax and that’s it!!! i guess this is really i guess, this is really important for girls!

  14. I have a hairdresser friend who does not charge so much to get my hair done when I’m attending special events. I have not tried using coupon codes, however. That is something I really must do soon!

  15. Nice tips! Same here. I grab those chances mostly from salons where I usually get my hair done. They offer me big discounts plus special offers 😀 For the products, being there when there are sale is a big help but we must be early to avoid jam packed of people 😀

  16. Having a hair done is really expensive but totally worth it if you get to find the perfect hairstylist. I have my own at Vivere Salon and i can say it is totally worth it. 🙂

    It isn’t good to always have your hair done though. It may ruin your hair. It might ended up being too dry or it won’t grow as fast anymore.

    I haven’t tried the coupons but I would if I have. Thanks for the tips!

  17. Aww I thought these tips and tricks are about home remedy for hair. Haha. Anyway, coupons, promos and discounts are really a big help when it comes to maintaining your hair.


  18. tama! thoug that time i wasnt moving at all my hair is very hard to cut! i’ve been to many salons nah all of them was telling me that i am the only girl who have this really long and super thick hair hihi xx

  19. so true.. using coupon codes is truly a big help not just for personal care but for grocery items as well

  20. Yup hair products are expensive. But there are so many thrift ways like using the coconut milk as hot oil, milk and mayonnaise, and so much more.

  21. Styling the hair is quite expensive so finding thrift ways to fixed your hair can really save you a lot.

  22. Ah, so timely , My wife had her cut short, Thanks sa isang hair center who has a Graduation Day promo.

  23. Agree with everything dear but I’m shocked too with the last part. I don’t think K could manage to cut my hair baka mag woworld war 2 or 3 lang haha

  24. I don’t mind my hair a lot but I always get tempted when I see group buying sites offering discounts for hair salons 🙂 Most of the time salons here in the Philippines offer promos and discounts too, so good for us 😀

  25. I suggest to use home products that are very effective such as honey, vinegar and mayonnaise as well as beer! 🙂

    1. that works too! though i have such a lazy ass for having such a long thick hair hehe xx

  26. Great post. I use the power of social media and blogging to get a free product or look for coupon code.

  27. i agree on coupons ans asking the partner. my hair is so dried up however I still have to purchase hair treatments cause my hair is always a mess. 😛

  28. I am kinda wary about the ingredients.. right now, I just make sure there are no parabens and SLS in the shampoo I am using… It’s no longer about having a shampoo for less, it’s more on what harm it could do in the long run.

  29. That’s great advice Jane 🙂 I actually scour groupon sites too for hair deals and of course, I also seek advice from friends 😉

  30. I agree with your statement that hair maintenance for women are more expensive than with guys. just make sure you give your scalp a break from all the chemicals that you put on. you don’t want to spend more money trying to avoid hair loss

  31. i guess, summer is the time of the year that i totally hate my hair because it becomes frizzy and dry, this tips are really nice 🙂

  32. i can’t trim my wife’s hair… got no talent doing it… i might mess it up and end my life. hahaha. anyway, great tips. thanks. Yahweh bless.

    1. wow natawa nmn aq sa end your life i doubt it hehe wg nyo nlng pkita sa salamin svh nnyo layered haha xx

  33. awww.. love the tips here. 🙂 I like the part where your husband trimmed your hair for you. So sweeet.. :3

  34. I love promo and I take advantage of it during summer. I love it when my hair gets rebonded.

  35. I thought that you will be giving tips on how to style hair. 😀 Anyway, yes I agree on all those points. I have actually bought an online coupon for hair perming and got really big discounted price.

  36. Ask Your Husband To Do It For You, as it always happen to me. Coloring, Bleaching, Ironing, or Blowing of my wife’s hair. Whenever she want a very straight hair, she just give me wink and hand over that ionic flat iron. 🙂

  37. Sound fashion tips! I too, let my wife do the cutting. Mas nakakatipid. About the coupon codes, hopefully more salon and hair center can adopt one.

  38. ha ha ha my wife had asked me many times to comb her hair, i did once cut her hair, but if things come out worst, we asked for a salon’s help.

  39. great tips sis! 🙂 It’s always practical to spend less as much as possible for hair treatments. I get mine for free so I don’t worry that much “:)

  40. I think you’re very brave to let your husband cut your hair. These are perfect tips for the ladies.

  41. Your tips are perfect for the ladies out there. I wonder what the social networks can do on hairdressing but as I read that part, it’s about asking some helpful info to your friends. I think the coupon tip rocks! =)

  42. great “fashionable tips” 🙂 iba na tlaga technology ngaun db? in just a click pwede na bumili ng services/coupons. very easy and helpful 🙂

  43. Nice advice!! 😀
    Bookmarked this one to share to my sisters when they arrive home. 😀

  44. Getting your hubby to do your hair? Wow that’s really a shocker! :). I always turn to friends and connections for recommendations when it comes to hair. It’s a hit and miss thing, though.

  45. I agree on DIY and home pampering. =) I also use coupon codes and see all good deals over the net. Ang dami naman e.

  46. I do DIY hair coloring na lang these days. Too expensive if I go to the salon eh super short naman ang hair ko. Saves me like, a thousand bucks. 🙂

  47. I’m expecting DIY tips,sayang wala,I think I havent had any haircut since 2 years. trim trim lang. and so far yung current hair length ko is my longes hair ever.. hirap imaintain. thanks for the advice.. 🙂

  48. When DH and I were in Korea two years ago, I dyed my hair and he assisted me ; p


  49. Bihira ako pumunta ng salon, at pag pumunta ako it’s when I need to have my hair done again and have it trimmed. Agree ako na sa mga circle of friends ntn tyo makakakuha ng suggestion about good salon na pedeng na try na rin nila. hehe

  50. I only go to one salon so that my hair care will be consistent. I also take advantage of promos and special offers which usually happens during holidays 😀

  51. I started trimming my own hair when I was frustrated with the haircut I had from Jesi Mendez. That was back in college, some 20yrs ago. But only layered style, it will be hard to do that kind of trim your hubby did on you alone. Now that’s zero cost right there. 🙂

    1. haha yeah! He did my hair few times already because i am that lazy to go sa salons haha xx

  52. I don’t think I can trust my hair to my hubby! hahahah! Also, I’m getting the vibe he won’t do it lol!

    1. hehe my husband said it was easy but after the trimming session he was sweating hehe xx

  53. I enjoyed reading the whole thing. It’s been months since I had my hair done. This is a reminder for me… too bad I am not good in spotting Holiday sales and using coupon codes… and No husband to do it for me! lol Will try my luck with the power of social networking though 🙂

    1. wow! my hair is too think to use just mild ones experts needed here. hihi

  54. You just reminded me that my hair needs some loving. I’ve been neglecting it the past weeks.

    1. hehe mine is for yeaars. haha I admit i go salons lng once a year kc gnyn aq k nominded sa hair hehe xx

  55. Enjoyed this post dear. My time to visit the salon is up – i only do it twice a year because it is so expensive!! Currently I wish to make it three or four but i am hoping to find coupon codes too at the very least win a treatment =)

    1. I do it once a year lng. nangyyri lng yung mdlas n pgvisit sa salon pg ksma kptd ko sensitive un ih

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