My Personal Tips And Tricks To Get A Stunning Hair That Is Not Too Expensive

I love getting my hair done once in a while. With the help of the internet, I can check out what’s new and what’s hot in the world of fashionable and trendy hairstyles. I can get or copy something that is quite elegant looking and stylish. Most importantly, I can choose the one that is appropriate for the upcoming event or occasion I am attending with.



Getting a stunning and stylish hairstyle is pretty expensive for women compared to men. Much more if the hairstyle is quite made up with fine details that require special skills of a hairdresser. But the cost of it won’t stop me from getting the hair that I want. It’s not because I can pay for it or something like that, but because I know few methods and tricks that can give me great discounts thus making the cost of it a bit manageable.

Below are the tips and tricks or methods that I am talking about.

Use the Power of Social Networking

Where else you can find good recommendation but via your circle of friends via social network. So how exactly I can get benefits in here? Well, sometimes, the friend of my friends, either in Facebook or Twitter does know someone who do hairdressing or whose profession is hairdresser. When connections are utilized, they can hook me up with the hairdresser they know for a much lesser price! Thanks to social media networks!

Use Coupon Codes

Well this one is pretty much the easiest way to get a stunning hair for less. Personally, I love checking out hair salon coupon codes at Groupon ( Aside from getting huge discounts out of their coupons and vouchers, almost all known skilled and well recommended hairdressers and hair salons are there! Not only that, discount codes for the most trusted and wanted hair care products for women are also posted. It is like a one big thrift store where I can get discounts for the products and stuffs I use and buy from time to time.

For me, getting and using online coupon codes and vouchers always works wonders. Be aware though for the sites you will choose (if you won’t be using the website I mentioned), they might end up costing you much more rather than giving you discounted coupons.

Take Advantage of Holiday Season

If there are huge Holiday sales for physical product and such, hair care stuffs and providers do have as well. During Holidays, hairdressers along with the products they endorse are labeled with huge discounts for a limited time or numbers. Taking advantage of those rare occasions made me pay less for awesome product and service.

Ask Your Husband To Do It For You

Well, this one is a bit shocking but it’s for real and it happened to me! Last year (April 2012), I asked my husband to cut and trim my super thick hair. The result of it is a bit stunning and priceless.  Why? He experienced something new and I get immediate result that I want without costing me anything! If you know someone or if you can make your husband to cut out and trim your hair for you, do it! This is the most practical tip I can give, I guess  .

Well there you have it. Not that shocking tips or tricks, I know. But what I gave out above is what works best for me and it might for you too. So why not try them out and let me know the results of it. Good luck!