While everyone’s well aware that Kuala Lumpur is home to some of the finest restaurants offering Asian cuisine, tourists and locals alike would do themselves a disservice if they were to ignore the many fantastic restaurants that celebrate the best of the west. If you’re looking for a taste of Europe while in the Malaysian capital, these are a pick of the best places to eat.


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Italian – Delucca
For the finest Italian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, there is perhaps nowhere better than Delucca. From authentic pizza with classic Italian toppings to delicious homemade pastas, you won’t be able to help feeling as if you are in Rome or Naples. The choice of accompanying your meal with a bottle of Italy’s finest wine ensures that whether you’re popping in for lunch or having a leisurely dinner, you’re guaranteed to leave with your taste buds crying out for more. Thankfully, with some of Italy’s favourite desserts such as panna cotta and tiramisu making an appearance on the dessert menu, you can give your tastebuds one last treat before you leave.

Spanish – Pinchos Tapas Bar
A large part of the appeal when it comes to dining at Pinchos is the fantastic atmosphere. Sharing a large selection of tapas with new and old friends while washing them down with sangria or a Spanish beer is the perfect way to end (or start) a night. From tried and tested classics such as jamón y queso (a selection of Spanish cheeses and hams) to more adventurous dishes like cerdo ibérico (grilled Spanish pork and spare ribs), there is something to tempt most palates.

British – Albion
Regarded as serving one of the best Sunday roasts in the city, the Albion is a fine restaurant to dine in any night of the week. Despite being a British restaurant, you’ll notice other European flavours sprinkled throughout the menu, such as the Greek-style salad and Norwegian smoked salmon. Anyone yearning for a traditional British pudding will be delighted to see classics such as apple crumble and sticky toffee and date puddings on the dessert menu.

French – Cilantro
Technically Cilantro could be classed as fusion cooking, as there are definitely Asian influences running throughout their dishes. You probably wouldn’t find houba miso accompanying a rack of lamb in the more traditional Fren)ch restaurants. Other dishes, such as the pigeon with foie gras, are 100% classic French, however. Either way, whether you choose a classic or contemporary dish, you won’t be disappointed by the flavour and impressive skill executed in preparing these dishes.

American – The Daily Grind
There’s nothing pretentious or showy about The Daily Grind – the menu is simply full of big and bold classic American flavours. There are an audacious number of burgers to choose from, with many of the different varieties reflecting the different cultures and cuisines that America has itself absorbed. From the ‘Chicken Chermoula Avocado Madness’ (a chicken burger that comes covered in avocado cream and jalapeño salsa) to the ‘My Big Fat Greek Burger’ (a lamb burger topped with cucumber yoghurt, served with feta salad), you won’t find a more varied selection in the city. If you’ve still got room after the generous portions, you can wash it all down with sweet delights such as the peanut butter and roasted banana pie or a gooey chocolate brownie.

Just as the western world has become more accustomed to eating Asian dishes, restaurants in Asian cities like Kuala Lumpur have embraced European influences and flavours. With such a wealth of international chefs working in the city, it’s become easier than ever to discover delicious food from every corner of the world.