Pictures must express emotions and deliver messages with just one look. Photos, just like a smile is an international communication that everyone understands even with different explanations. Photos, just like a smile can be enhanced in many ways. And that is where Photojeepney comes in.

Photojeepney is the newest online service to answer all those picture-related woes and worries. It is a one-stop online photo studio/imaging center that can take your favorite photos and turn them into priceless pieces.

Photojeepney has ready made frames and photo key chains available for immediate purchase and delivery. Photojeepney has fun and funky imaging services such as caricature, photo montage, instafects, Facebook cover photos and more. Photojeepney even also has print with frame services such as puzzlefects, photo surreal, photo splash and picture to oil painting services.

Caricature (Revised) Instafects(Revised) Photo Splash (Revised)

Puzzlefects (Revised)Photo Surreal (Revised)

All transactions are done online, guidelines are provided, you will receive your orders in no time (digital files can be sent the same day ordered) and all you need to do is visit With just a click of the mouse while on the Internet, you can now upload your favorite photos and have them printed and delivered right at your doorstep, and at an affordable price!

Since Photojeepney is easily accessible on the Internet, you can browse for the services you want to avail online and check how much affordable their services are. You can also pay through various means, through major credit cards, PayPal, Cebuana Lhuillier and BPI bank deposits. They also ship nationwide, which means they can send your photos anywhere on the archipelago! So if you want that picture-perfect photo that will give you that edge or bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones, go to PhotoJeepney for those images to come to life!






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  2. These looks nice! certainly it has a place in each of our homes.
    Making more fun of our photos.
    What makes a photographer, is not just about taking great photos.
    But having them printed too

  3. for those who are not master with photoshop photojeepney is the best place to hire for photo services

  4. One of the best online tools that I knew.. This is also similar to what we can now get as apps with our smartphones. Nonetheless, this is a great find.

  5. Whah, haven’t make a post yet, I think in due time this business venture will make a name.

  6. this one is so nice especially to restore old photos 😀 i wish it could revive the super old ones 😀

  7. This is something first in the country, about ordering photo editing/enhancement online. This will save a lot of time for people who doesn’t go to mall and wait for photo editing.

    1. agree to that point @skyandsummer:disqus no need to queue at all! xx

  8. when you actually meet people with an smile on their face. .no matter how tired you are. It seems like you had been relax for a while.

  9. I love the effects of the photos especially the last one! It’s so cool! I would love to edit my pictures if given a chance.. 😀

  10. Very nice! will check out their site. I like the way they put effects on ordinary photos.

  11. Not bad for their offered service. I’m definitely proud that they’ve incorporated the word jeepney into their company name. 🙂

  12. Photo jeepney does add life to the photos we have which is perfect for those keeping good memories.

    1. Hi geoff! oyu may want to contact them for more info about this. Contacts above hihi =) It shud be fast since we are in the new world tehcnology xx

  13. I agree with the first paragraph. My favorite pictures aren’t the ones that are just pretty, but those who made me feel something. PhotoJeepney’s services seem nice! 🙂

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