I have always dreamed of having green eyes, Which I am sure most of you guys as well. Although that would now be impossible not unless I had my eye balls removed and change it to another color! But kidding aside, thanks to Science, It is now possible to have coloured eyes without having you undergo any surgery or being in so much pain in the process just to achieve the coloured eyes you’ve been wanting for so long.


With the help of colored contact lenses, we can choose from wide range color selections. From blue to green, or even mystic eye colors like chesnut brown and hazel green.

For today, I will be sharing my top 3 outfits to match my chosen eye color with a little makeup tip on which colors of eyeshadow will compliment it.

1. Sapphire Blue – like I said, I have always wanted to have blue eyes. This will be my chosen outfit to match it with my eye color.”Fall – Sapphire Blue” by jill-hammel on Polyvore.


 TIP: Sapphire blue eyes will work great with brown colored eye makeup. Your best option is to use matte brown eyeshadows so that it will not compete with your eye’s color.


 2. Chestnut Brown – for an everyday look, I want to have chestnut brown eyes and I will pair this eye color with my this basics and denim top as well to give it a little kick. I feel like this kind of eye color is very natural looking and perfect for everyday use for small walks in the park, malling with my family, or even going to work.


 TIP: Chestnut brown eyes can be best paired with basically any color of eyeshadow. For me personally, I like to use green eyeshadow to make my eyes pop out and make it more fresh and vibrant looking. Also, emerald green is this year’s color, so that is the shade that I am going to pick up.


3. Jade Green – as I mentioned, green is this year’s color, so I would not let this chance pass so I will definitely include this color in my top picks. To go all out, I will pair this eye color with my green outfit which consists of this casual look and toned down accessories like belts, wedges, and bags as well.


 TIP: Since we are already using green clothes and we already have green eyes, I will pair this with a simple eyeshadow color like neutral browns and light tans.


So there you have it, my top 3 picks! I know! I know! I am not a beauty or a fashion guru here, But hey! We got some ideas right? There are so many coloured contact lenses to choose from. So why not start choosing some great colours and spice up your look from day to night! I’m sure you’ll love how versatile and fashionable this coloured contact lenses are!

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  1. Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

    i usually do not leave any comment but i really like the way you present your blog here and it really looks great !

    I will surely visit here again

    Just for your info. you can also check out for more exciting brand colored circle lenses.
    Enjoy and stay pretty : )


  2. Contact Lenses personally are the best fashion attire to enhance your looks and make you look more glittered & fashionable.

  3. Awesome! I personally use colored contact lenses as a fashion statement as well. I enjoy using the circle lenses because they make your eyes appear larger!

  4. I always wanted to try wearing colored contact lenses. The easy part is putting the contact lens in your eyes but how on earth can I remove it. I hate poking my eyes. Can you give me easy way to remove contact lenses and might consider wearing one. Thanks.

  5. Chestnut brown or gray suits my skin and even green i guess. Earthly colors lang ata best fits for me. Hindi ko alam kung anong kalabasan if i’d wear blue or something dark haha

  6. if you wish blue eyes, I want a shade of violet like Aishwarya Rai hahaha. for fashion sake, yes, i wish to explore how I look with different eye color. Green is tempting a Poison Ivy

  7. i always wear contact lenses when i go out for special occasion. long hours of wearing contact lenses causes of dryness and irritation of the eyes..

  8. if I could wear contacts again.. I’d go for dark brown or even a lighter tone.. unfortunately, I haven’t tried wearing one after I had an eye infection a few years back

    1. aww shud seek professionals first dear so we know if there’s no harm na! goodluck!

  9. i admire you girls who have easily wearing contact lenses… sometimes nakakainggit but I decided it not for me 🙂

    1. hehe me too somtimes because i am not opt to wearing them much hihi xx

  10. wow sis. i really love color green eyes. it is not common kase. and it so happened i met a guy here in Philippines who has green eyes but speaks tagalog fluently. his father is a spaniard kase. inggit much!

  11. Hazel green CL will be fine with you. Thanks for these beauty tools, girls will no longer dream of having colored eyes.

  12. this is helpful.. ok sa lahat to! I wanted the naked basics pero Im thinking if I should get the balm or that 🙂

  13. ive always wanted to wear contact lenses but my eyes got irritated years ago. Ive been wanting to wear some already 🙁

    1. try to ask professionals first dear pra mas safe ka ha. goodluck! xx

  14. i always wanted to wear contact lenses. i tried before but it just irritates my eyes

    1. aww! i guess its got somthing to with the weather din mam tess pg malamig ms irritated and mata hihi it will look good on you! xx

  15. Nice post. I think neutral brown or earth shade eyeshadows will do perfectly with any eye color.

  16. I’m using clear contact lens but it would be really playing around with different colored lenses.

    1. sure is! my husband wears clear ones also and my sister and I play with more colours!

  17. I’ve always wanted to try colored contact lenses but its going to be expensive with my grade so its not practical to keep them.

  18. I also want to wear contact lenses and have green/blue eyes but definitely I’d still look Asian. I am in fear of wearing them because of stories read about lenses being destroyed of heat and thus cause blindness. :O

    1. haha true! though you’ll look very cute pg my contacts dear! hihi xx

  19. I started wearing colored contact lenses when i was in college and I’ve only wore one color – Charcoal! it kinda makes the color blend well with my eyes that it would look natural. Although i was thinking if i could pull it off well with Jade green! 😉

  20. haven’t tried wearing fashion contact lenses ‘coz I think they are really for the young only, LOL but really they look so admirable, I am thinking now to get one of these.

  21. I love your picks, I wanna have blue eyes as well haha! Your polyvore boards are so nice 🙂 I don’t wear contacts afraid! Hahaha

    1. hehe I am afraid to specially if i were to wear it outside but if just in the office or somwhere inside lng ok lng hihi xx

    1. i am sure its one of your secret why you look fresh always @mrsmartinez:disqus xx

  22. Much as I would love to have purple eyes like Liz Taylor’s, I can not, because my lens power is just way too high. Thankfully, I have brown eyes naman. Keri lang. 😉

  23. I admire your fashion sense! I also like to have blue eyes but what is more impressive are your fashion suggestions.

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