Last February 2 2013, Saturday. My husband booked my sister and I, A Spa package at Swasana Spa Located at the 4th floor of Impiana Hotel which is just like 500 metres away from where we live now. So we just typically walked from our house to Impiana Hotel and vice versa. It was a surprised gift from my husband since its my birthday this February 5 2013. I didn’t expect that he’s going to booked my sister and I a Spa Package like that since I am always pampered with “proper” massages every night. I mean most of the time I always get a massage hehe.  IMG_8385 So we went to Swasana Spa, Impiana Hotel. We were welcomed with these very nice ladies working there and immediately gave us some cold towels to clean up a bit and some tea’s which I forgot to drink and felt so st***d myself that I actually haven’t tasted their tea’s. Because honestly that is my forever favourite part aside from massages when going to spa’s.Welcoming with their very yummy cold tea’s! IMG_8386 So the girls started the session exactly 2pm. We went inside a room available for two persons. Like if you guys are couple’s or best friends or like us Sister’s, This is a very nice place to both splurge and relax. They have everything in two’s. Well, of course, Just one shower toilet and bath tub hahaha!IMG_8388 This is where we had our lovely massages, scrubs and Facials. Both my sister and I chose to have Balinese Massage for the first entry. Which combines long strokes, skin rolling and stretching with palm and thumb pressure techniques. It improves the circulatory, Lympathic, Muscular and Nervous System.

Next, For the Body Scrub Treatment I chose to have a Himalayan Salt Glow. Deep exfoliating treatment blends mineral rich sea salt with rose water. Applied using circular strokes, It removes dead skin cells, Improves circulation, and helps eliminate toxins, Moisturizes skin.

IMG_8387 After the Body Scrub, I felt like I was a fish that’s full of salt all over my body ready to fry or be cook! So then the girls told us to go inside the shower and clean ourselves and after that we started our Herbal Steam Infusion. After turning of the shower we just sat there and there’s a steam coming out somewhere. See?! I am a steamed fish after my Salt Scrub haha! My sister had a hard time breathing inside. We needed to stay there for 30 minutes followed by Aroma Theraphy Floral Bath. 
After the very relaxing Bath full of flower petals. We dried ourselves and continued our next session which is the Hydrating and Revitalizing Treatment. This treatment will give your skin a boost of renewed suppleness and freshness. Recommended for dehydrated skin and aging skin that suffers from chronic dryness. My sister originally chose the Lightening and Radiance Treatment. But we’ve been  warned that this treatment isn’t for sensitive skin types because they do some procedure which is something like peeling of the skin so my sister cannot have that. IMG_8397 So that was the last session. All in all We spent 5hours of Impiana Indulgence Spa Package.

Listed below were all the sessions we had inside the Swasana spa:    

 1. Feet Pampering Ceremony

 2. Balinese Massage

 3. Himalayan Salt Glow

 4. Herbal Steam Infusion

 5. Aromatherapy Floral Bath

6. Hydrating and Revitalizing Facial Treatment

IMG_8395  This is where the lady took us after our Spa Session. IMG_8394  Waiting for us was the Tuna club sandwich we ordered and Maholo juice.IMG_8409 IMG_8413 IMG_8415

Excuse the very shiny foreheads we have here on the above picture. We were so relexed that time that you can notice it by just looking at our shiny foreheads hehe. We’re both so full too! The tuna sandwich tasted so yummy! I didn’t like my maholo juice though I guess it was a mixed like 3 kinds of fruits and the other thing also, It wasn’t cold enough to make it taste that good. But anyways, The whole Spa/massage experience was so terrific that I can just sleep for the whole night after. So sad that We  forgot our gift certificates. Though We’re sure we’re going to come back to have another day of pure bliss! Thank you so much to my husband for the sweetest surprise! =)

2 pax Impiana Indulgence: 1,560 rm

Plus other Charges and add ons/tax total is: 249.60 rm

Over all Price: 1,809.60 rm

Impiana Hotel Website here: http://www.impiana.com.my

For the Swasana Spa packages. You can also choose just one particular massage or any treatment and services so you don’t actually pay that much. But of course if it is your birthday or couple’s anniversary it is such a wonderful idea to do this. At least once a year right? And planning more earlier is much better. Impiana Hotel is only a walking distance from The Petronas Towers and the Shopping Haven Bukit Bintang. So you might wanna stay there also in your future holidays! xiao~

                           Watch this quick video tour I made inside the Swasana Spa! Enjoy!





  1. that’s too sweet of your husband! i appreciate guys who knows the ek-ek or the beauty essentials of her lady. 🙂

  2. Both of you have a good and relaxing day. Spa is so great especially if your stress and tired from writing and doing household chores. Good thing your hubby made the right decision to give you some pampering.

  3. Now, you’re making me long for a day of pampering myself! 😀 Anyway, belated happy birthday sis! ^^ Seems like you had a wonderful birthday celebration.

  4. One word describes the clean, minimalist, and very relaxing pictures you have above- ZEN. You’re lucky, your husband is very sweet!

  5. I have this idea that spas in malaysia are better here in PH feeling ko dyan sa mga country na yan ng originate eh hihih 🙂 Oh you have a good life 🙂 Envious 😉

    1. YES. I guess so too babe hehe its massages everywhere here. In vietnam more cheaper! like 2 or 4 USD for 2hours! haha thanks @eyahnism:disqus

    1. i know My husband thought it would be a surprise because I wont let him spend that much for a spa haha. Though i was really surprise with the price comes with it haha Thanks sis @twitter-385264532:disqus XX

  6. whoah!!! i wish i can have same birthday treat as yours as i will celebrate my birthday na tomorrow!!! you are so lucky you have your hubby that understands your lifestyle/addiction? hehe

    1. belated happy birthday sweetie! we’re both Feb ang saya! xx @facebook-100002711698012:disqus

  7. The place looks very zen – clean, minimalist, and very relaxing. I can’t imagine spending 5 hours at the spa. I’ll probably be bored to tears! haahahah but i guess it’s nice to do that every once in a while. Lucky you and your sister. Your husband’s pampering you so much! hehehe belated happy birthday!!! 😀

    1. haha there’s a time that my sister and I felt bored. That;s when we’re doing the steam fusion bath haha. but we love to whole experience! thanks dear! @facebook-683990747:disqus

  8. I always want to get a good quality massage in a spa whenever possible.
    It’s a way to get out of stress.

  9. belated happy Birthday to you!! such a sweet, sweet husband you have, dear. Congratulations!….and of course that’s a grand pampering experience!!

  10. I did the same on my last birthday – went to the spa, got a massage, and enjoyed some much-needed me-time. 🙂

    1. sure dear! it would a terrific experience! thanks @google-1651575cce947088c4e655c08dd42c76:disqus xx

  11. Looks like you enjoyed your birthday! You really have a good husband for treating you in a spa and not forgetting your special day. 🙂 happy birthday to you!:

  12. This is so relaxing. A sweet pampering treat from your hubby. I also love bonding with my sister 🙂

    1. yes they did. I know when the massuess is good they know if where’s the pain on my back exaclty. haha

  13. I haven’t tried going to a spa just yet but the services in that Spa look top-notch. The food looks appetizing as well.

  14. wow sis this is such a 5-star experience for you! nice naman your husband for treating the both of you 🙂

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