Here are some practical, healthy and great tips from Rizza of CookingLikeAPro.Net – the home of quick and easy recipes, about cooking the good-ol’ favorite fried rice. Check it out!

Fried Rice In Japan

Cooking fried rice is the next best thing for left-over rice. At least, that’s how it is in my home. I try to cook fried rice with as little fats as possible.  Just like many home-makers, I’d like my fried rice cooked the healthy way.

Some may argue however, that cooking fried rice is hardly healthy, being fried and carbo-loaded. I beg to differ. There are a lot of ways to make fried rice healthy. A few tweaks in cooking fried rice can make a big difference in the calories, trans fats, saturated fats and quality of carbs you’re taking in.

Here’s how.

Quick tips in cooking fried rice.

All about the oil…

1. Put in the cooking oil when the pan is really heated up. 

This somehow cuts the oil’s exposure to heat which slows down its burning process. (Not all oils are created equal. Some reach their smoke point faster than others.) What I do is heat up the pan for 2-3 minutes under high heat. When the pan heats up, I lower down the heat, pour in the oil and immediately add in the ingredients.

2. Use vegetable cooking oil in cooking fried rice.

There are a lot of healthy oils to use in cooking fried rice (e.g. canola oil, olive oil, bran rice oil, etc.). They contain Omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the heart. If you’re a bit concerned with fats, put in as little oil as you can. You don’t want greasy fried rice, anyway.

3. Avoid butter, margarine or lard in cooking fried rice.

Fried rice is tasty enough without these bad fats. A bit of salt, golden fried garlic, eggs and vegetables would enhance the flavors and colors of your dish. Butter, margarine and worse, lard would result to added trans fats and saturated fats that you’re body just don’t need.

About the rice…

4. Choose “colored rice”.

Brown rice, for instance have higher glycemic index compared to white rice. Being such, they prevent sudden spikes of the sugar level in the blood. Colored rice is also the better option for those who are watching their triglyceride levels.

About the ingredients…

5. Add vegetables in your fried rice. 

At home, I put broccoli, carrots and spinach in cooking fried rice. Some also use beans and corn kernels. They add flavors and color into the dish which makes it more enjoyable to eat.

6. Use herbs and real spices for flavors. 

Don’t be too attached to artificial flavoring that are easily available in the market. Instead, make use of garlic, onions, peppers, basil, dill, cumin and many other spices. When it comes to cooking, being all-natural really brings out good flavors in a dish.

7. Avoid processed meats. 

As much as hotdogs, meatloafs, ham and bacon sound so good in cooking fried rice, try to avoid them. Use real meats instead, such as pork, chicken or seafood if you love adding meats on fried rice. Processed meats contain trans fats and additives that your body just don’t need.

That’s it! Easy, right? Happy cooking!

About The Author:

Ron is a Filipino foods and recipes blogger.  Aside from food blogging, he is into the wedding niche as well.

Image Credit: Fried Rice In Japan Image By Kossy@FINEDAYS (Flickr).





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  2. I like fried rice in the morning, and also use left over rice and cooking oil or bacon fat for fried rice and of course egg is always one of the ingredient.

  3. Great article, sis!! haha! I always do these things. I’m fond of cooking healthy. More power!!

  4. I love the tips… been doing my fried rice in a wrong way. Butter, processed meats, etc. Thanks for the tips 😉 You’re awesome dear

    1. sure! thanks for trusting FashionTravels as well. x0x0 @google-9b446bb085d25df2408cdb7e4325fb9d:disqus

  5. Great Tips! I normally cook fried rice with oil, garic and salt. Maybe I will follow your tips next time I have left over rice!

  6. I just go with plain sinangag, no butter, meat and the likes. Organic pa naman ang rice namin kaya so sarap talaga.

  7. thanks for the tips. i actually add butter to make the fried rice delicious but i got your point there. expecially the golden garlic.. it is already enough to have delicious fried rice.

  8. wonderful tips! I am only limited to eggs, pepper and carrots. Maybe i should try enhancing the flavor of our weekend fried rice by adding basil.

  9. I can’t avoid using processed meat since the kids love hotdogs and bacon. Anyway, I also add eggs. 🙂

    1. yeah haha same here my daughter’s fave too. but not too much is fine though right? thanks @michymichymoo:disqus xx

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