February 17, 2013 marked the first ever winner of Asia’s Next Top Model held at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore. Wish I was there too to witness the history of the first ever winner Jessica Amornkuldilok from Thailand also known as Jessica Rabbit for some reason I don’t know why. Maybe she Loves Rabbit? Since she is wearing a rabbit headband on her Twitter Profile picture and a rabbit whiskers on her Instagram account? Well I don’t really know. Moving on… ASNTM This girls standing in front of the judges and feeling so nervous since Sitting in front of them was Tyra Banks! And Tell me who’s not dying to see Tyra Banks on the show? Seriously? I was so pissed and grumpy last night since we don’t have our cable yet and I can’t even watched the whole finale. Though, I am expecting that they would’ve put like an online live streaming since they were using USstream for Jessica’s chance to chat and talk to her fans that said night. Anyways…

Kate ma 
Age: 22 (1990/12/4)
Height: 175cm – 5’9
Weight: 53 kg
Taiwan,Taipei (Heritage from Brazil)
Languages?Portguese, English, Japanese (source)

Did you guys, or anyone reading this post of mine noticed also that Our love Kate Ma wasn’t there? I mean look at this gorgeous photo of her?  To just even compare (I’m no bias here ok?) Kate Ma only got two best photos knowing that Jessica got five Best photos of them all! She looks stunning in this photo! Wished that she would’ve rocked the game from the very s

Stephanie Guanzon Retuya
Born 14 April 1989
Height: 176cm 5’9
Weight: 54kg
A part-time model (Before AsNTM) and a full-time mother to a baby girl.

Stephanie Retuya representing my dear Philippines in this Competition made it to top 3! Can’t you even believe that? As I’ve said I am not Bias here or something. But to compare once again, She never had any Best photos Only a runner-up once and She was in the bottom two five times! She was indeed very lucky to be in that bottom two and still soar high for the Top 3! I bet the judges really love her. I kept on watching their full Episodes and all you can hear from the judges was Stephanie is so beautiful.   Well, I bet she is! Even Tyra Banks love her! I guess she really have that so much luck in her hands beating the others from the start. I think that she is the only real person there besides Kate Ma.

Jessica Amornkuldilok aka jessica rabbit                                                                                              Half Thai / Half german
Age:27                                                                                                                                            Height: 177cm 5’9.5                                                                                                                           Weight: 50kg

Once again the winner of the first Asia’s Next Top Model – Jessica Amornkuldilok from Thailand. Most of you would say that she doesn’t even look like asian which is true. I guess her German blood conquered her whole body over her Thai blood eh? But even though a lot of con’s coming to Jessica’s success now as she is holding the Title beating the Filipina Beauty Stephanie and the Brazilian Kate Ma, Even a lot of people complaining that she is already old for this kind of job, Also Tyra Banks said something not so good about her age *winks* Proudly to know that the judges and Tyra Banks herself wanted Stephanie to win the competition. Still the best will reign. Congrats Jessica!

A little summary about what happened to the finale. The three girls had a Canon Ixus TVC shoot which Nadya directed herself and while Joey the mentor surprised the girl’s with their loved ones. Calling Stephanie’s Korean Boyfriend Kim. Jessica’s Boyfriend Joe and Kate ma’s  Handsome Brother Inan.

Next was a Photoshoot for the Harper’s Bazaar Magazine which Stephanie had a difficult time. I bet she had a difficult time wearing that clothes assigned to her! I bet she would’ve look so gorgeous if she was wearing Kate Ma’s sexy dress! And for the final challenge the girls had to walked in the runway Wearing designs by Singaporean Frederick Lee. Fabulous audience waited for them to walked in the runway, The previously eliminated AsNTM contestants, Sophie Summer  and Of Course Tyra Banks!

Jessica Amornkuldilok 27, gets a modeling contract covering UK and Europe with London-based Storm Models, which represents supermodels Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford. The contract also includes a three-month, all-expenses working trip to London. She also gets a cover shoot with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, a contract to become the face of Canon Ixus 2013 campaign, a cash prize of S$100,000 and a new Subaru XV. (source)

Imagecredit/source: AsNTM FB Page