Ask any women about their handbag obsession and it may take a full day before you get to the bottom of it. For most ladies, buying handbags is a serious shopping matter that is to be carefully considered. It is very rare to see one who grabs the first bag on the shelf as women would normally have two to three options to choose rom before making a purchase. This experience is all because finding the right handbag for a specific occasion is very important. Having an idea of the different types of handbags can make shopping a lot easier.
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The Clutch

A clutch bag is perfect for evening occasions and formal parties. It is relatively small in size and usually adorned with sparkling stones for a more dramatic look. There is no need to carry a lot of items during cocktail parties and evening affairs; the clutch is the perfect size for your mobile phone, keys and a little lipstick.

The Satchel

Gone are the days when satchel bags are often related to doctors since they often carry this type of handbag. Today’s designs for satchel bags are very modern and come in bright colors and different patterns. The satchel is the perfect day bag for women who are always on the go. It has more room for things such as books and laptops, making it ideal for teens and college students.

The Tote

Tote bags are a favorite summer staple. Women are fond of using tote bags because of its lightweight material for a weekend getaway or family picnic. Tote bags often do not have a zipper on the top, so it is easier to get and put thing inside without having to dig through the entire bag. Totes are perfect for those who carry a lot of stuff such as moms traveling with their children.

Handbags are great accessories that can spice up the look of a boring outfit. Women often invest on a bag that is made from quality materials because it is something that they can use for a long period of time.

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  1. I have little idea about the types of bags. If only you put a photo for the specific bag type then I can comprehend easier. But I know my wife digs for clutch bags.

  2. I’m not into big bags. but recently I love satchels. Just love how it looks classy at same time pwede siya in any occasions. 🙂

  3. Is this a premonition?haha been thinking of buying a new bag but I can’t decide which style. Hmnnnnn the post is giving me an idea. thank you so much

  4. Yeah I second Geoffrey Ledesma. Thanks for the info. I’ve never really thought of choosing the right bag for the occasion. My basis is always if I like it.

  5. I’m a sucker for bags, although I already stopped hoarding them for the lack of funds.. haha :)) I prefer totes and handbags (like Longchamp) though, especially big and spacious ones ’cause I can fit everything in XD

  6. I love all types of bags! 😀 I love satchels big enough to fit my laptop in particular 🙂 They just look so polished and fashionable 🙂

  7. Aww I’m no fashion expert which makes it a lot harder to choose a handbag!

    BTW, I’m up with a giveaway, hope you can go check it out! 🙂

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