The other day my husband wants to have some taco’s for dinner, When we went to the grocery to buy them we can’t find any taco’s to use which is the main and number one ingredient. He just decided then to make some burritos instead. Since we cannot find any taco’s. Do you guys love taco’s or Burritos?IMG_5611

So what exactly is Burritos? It is a Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla rolled around a filling, typically of beans or ground or shredded beef. You can add up some veggie just like we did as we put some tomatoes and shredded lettuce and cheese before we eat it. You can add anything of your choice too!

needs to resize6 6 Things to prepare: 

  Minced Beef




Shredded Cheese (Any of you favourite shredded cheese will do)

Of course! Your Burrito kit which you can find in your favourite grocery store!
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Together with the Burrito Kit of your choice, You’ll find an Instruction on how you’re going to prepare everything and an easy to see lists of things you’ll need! So very helpful for us and to those who’s just starting to on how to learn this and be an expert. See photo above for reference.

How to cook/prepare your Burritos:

1. Brown the minced beef. After like 10minutes If you think its cooked already, Add the Old El Paso Bean-Stir in Sauce (you can find it inside your burrito kit) and add 4 tablespoons or more than 4 tbsp. if you think the meat is still too dry. Let it Simmer for 5 minutes.

2. Prepare the Lettuce and the tomatoes. Diced the tomatoes into little bits of pieces and sliced/shred the lettuce into how big you want the size to be.

3. Take out the tortillas/burritos into the plastic. Place them properly/separately in the aluminum foil and make sure to cover the top as well. Warm the tortillas/burritos into the Oven for 10 minutes at 200’C or in the microwave on full power  for  35-40 seconds.

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Now prepare everything on your table. See photos above on how I placed all the ingredients over my burrito and how I actually folded them and eat! Don’t forget to put your yummy salsa! You can choose if you want a medium or a spicy salsa. Hope you liked this idea of mine of just getting a Burrito Kit and make our own! You can actually make and prepare this with your whole family! Another bonding moments for you guys! It’s another healthy way also for those who’s on diet and watching the portion of what they eat. A healthy choice and a fun way for your kids also! Since they will put all the ingredients and wrap it by themselves! My daughter loves it and enjoyed the Burritos! I’m sure your kids too! x0x0





  1. Eating burritos is so tricky that it leads for me to have a technique on eating them. 😀

  2. yey!! you dont only feature fashion but food too!! 😀 love eating burritos once in a while and when I cook this to the bf, im sure he’ll be thrilled!! 😀

    1. yes Dear! because i eat a lot after shopping or while doing shopping haha thx dear! xx

  3. I love this recipe! Buritos FTW! Easy to cook and you don’t need many ingredients. You can put chicken, lettuce,and mayo that’s it. Or try the easiest way, purely taco/buritos with mayo…love it! Both sis..I love TACO and Buritos.

  4. i love tacos and burritos. Often though, I don’t finish my burrito coz the ones they sell here are really huge and have tons on rice in it. heehehehehe 😀

  5. Now I can try to make Buritos at home, I’m pretty sure this is cheaper than having it dining out and we can make it taste better =) Thanks

  6. yup, love them. you made the instruction looks much easier… i’ll try this recipe with my wife… or maybe i’ll surprise her… hahaha. thanks. Yahweh bless.

  7. This burritos looks healthy and delicious at the same time because of the ingredients but I still like rice for meal time.

  8. Burritos looks so tasty and yummy. I am not really familiar with this kind of Mexican food. I am just exposed to local foods.

    1. aww! you should try Sir! though local foods is more yummier for me too! thx Sir @GilCamporazo:disqus xx

      1. wow! that’s a good idea @google-3312eb696f2cd6e091f85282151f17c7:disqus thanks for that! xx

    1. haha thats very funny! we originally plan to have some taco but we cant find one here so opted for burritos haha thanks dear! xx

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