So what’s up! What’s up with the Super Bowl 2013? Have you seen Beyonce’s performance? How was it compare to Madonna’s performance last year? Did you like it? Or it was really a superb perfor-mance from Beyonce that I am sure you caught yourself dancing as well while holding your remote control going gaga like her up on the stage! My say? It was a crazy performance! Good job there Bey!

beyCredits to the Pictures. Screenshot from Beyonce’s Instagram account IMG_5644

According to Vogue AU, Beyonce’s outfit is designed by a New York-based designer Rubin Singer. Together with Kelly, Michelle and more than 120 back-up singers, All of them wore the upcoming collection of Singer’s entitled Valkyrie’s Dominion in their performance at Super Bowl. (source)

Photos above are from Beyonce’s Instagram Account. Follow her if you haven’t yet. I’ve only seen her Super Bowl performance when some of my friends started sharing it on Facebook!  I was waiting for  someone to actually upload it from YouTube and hopefully shared it on Facebook and that’s what happened! So I started watching it and got goosebumps when Kelly and Michelle jumped out from No-where and started singing with Beyonce! It is the ultimate comeback I’d say. I got exited as well when Beyonce asked Kelly and Michelle if they can help her (Beyonce) to sing The Single ladies. Imagined how that mini concert turned out so great & awesome. I’ve been watching it as many times as I can. The Only part I love to watch until now is when all of them started to sing altogether.

So much for this! You can watch their Super Bowl Performance here! Enjoy!
(Credits to the Owner of  the video)





  1. OMG! It’s my dream to watch a concert of that diva!! :))

    GIVEAWAY ALERT! Open worldwide!

  2. OMG! Thanks for your post! Just saw her performance here sa youtube. It’s the bomb! Ang sexy niya! Wanna see her performing live! Wew

    1. me too! haha I miseed her performance last time in singapore at the formula one ang mahal ng tickets ih hehe xx

  3. Watta comeback! I love this group so much. Oh-oh-oh…hahahahahha…great body, great voice that is BEYONCE. About the Group SUPERB!

  4. Beyonce!! but seriously, I don’t know what a super bowl is.. haha.. still, I like her!! 🙂

  5. Sobrang grabe ito! I was glued to the screen while watching. And I loved that Destiny’s Child sang together 😀

  6. I’m never a fan of Super Bowl but I like pizzas. 🙂 Nope, I haven’t seen any of Madonna’s live performances. Tickets are so expensive!

    1. No need to buy tickets Honey! Watch it free on youtube! Its everywhere… I am never a fan of SUper bowl also though I am a fan of great performances. xiao~ =D

  7. love to see the three ladies back together .. they really look good and the performance was really good!

  8. Everyone went gaga over Beyonce’s performance yesterday! She’s so hot. Parang hindi nakapanganak. Hehe

  9. Last year was Madonna, now Beyonce! Totally gives shiver down my spine and she opened with lines of my fave song! ^__^

  10. Now this really adds more star power to the already popular Superbowl. Beyonce and Destiny’s child really was nice to watch.

  11. I haven’t watched any concert of Beyonce and the likes, hope to experienced it one day. She is awesome.

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