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This post aims to provide useful advice and tips for businesses that are looking to gain more of an understanding on how to optimise their social media. It’s written by industry experts at Smart Traffic, a leading SEO company that’s been in operation since 2006.

Much has been said about social media and how it has changed the world. It has introduced a whole new level of gaining knowledge, and more and more people are getting to know it. Now, it’s not just ordinary individuals who get to reap the perks of being online and interacting through Facebook or Pinterest. Plenty of businesses are obtaining the benefits of building presence on the Web. So if you have a company too, you should start bringing your campaigns to the social media front.

Social media bridges the gap between companies and normal consumers. It pierces the corporate veil and allows communication to flow naturally. As most people spend so much of their time, whether at work or at play, in front of their computers; social media is like a TV that speaks directly to its audience.

Social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus, provide that real-time interaction. These also enable sharing of content and posting of comments and much more. So it’s no wonder why several businesses create accounts with these social media channels for promotion purposes. To keep up with your competitors, make it your strategy too.

We’re talking about numbers here. With millions of users in tow, Facebook and other platforms are the right places for your company to get noticed. Add Pinterest for your interesting pictures and Tumblr for your fun photos with captions. LinkedIn will provide the platform for building linkages with fellow business owners. A LinkedIn profile also signifies that your business is legit.

There is a tacit rule that if you want to say something brief, tweet it; if you want it longer, blog it. WordPress is one of the easier-to-use blogging platforms out there. Here you can share content that is relevant to your business.

In social media, you create and share content for everyone. As your business gets streamlined, you’ll get to tap those local or international customers, depending on your target customer base.

At the end of a social media-driven day, businesses strive to make sales and a strong online presence. If you want to be effective in both, Read the full article here 12 Social Media Channels That Can Help Increase Your Sales. Be social media-savvy and tell us what you think at the comment section below.


About the Author:
Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, a UK-based specialist company delivering search engine and services to SMEs and large companies in various countries across the globe.