Hurray! For the first ever Look I posted this 2013!! I’ve been shopping a lot and I don’t even have any hangers and a good place left  to hang my newly bought clothes and even shoes, So they’re all everywhere in our bedroom. Actually I wore this last friday when my husband and I went out for a late dinner. They finally convinced me also to cut my rapunzel hair and I am totally missing it now =(black&whitetauyanm



 Charles and Keith –   Bag

Charles and Keith – Shoes

Watch – Vincci

Striped Black&White top from Thailand

Leggings from Bugis Street




I don’t have any lists of resolutions to write down this 2013, Though, I wanted to at least post an Oufit of the day or even a Late outfit post at least once a week. Even though I’m shopped out last December and bought too much things that won’t even fit to my closet anymore, I admit that I am super lazy to actually wear really nice and pretty outfit If all I am just going to do is to go to the grocery and will just lift heavy plastic bags That you guys would think that it’s kinda not so good to imagine myself in that situation. Besides, I needed to go back in the gym as soon as and kill myself from running. Have you guys noticed as well that I look fat in the previous photos above? yes! I know.. It is so sad to see my-self like this. Maybe that’s only the effect of cutting my hair a bit short since I didn’t gain any weight.




77 thoughts on “#OOTD: BLACK AND WHITE

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  2. I’m such a noob. Don’t know what’s OOTD. HAHA. Anyway, you really look great in that leggings. 🙂

  3. buti ka pa pag nagleleging sakto lang ako ang haba lagi ang liit ko kasi 🙂 hihih I love the heels 🙂

  4. I love this style! I can so relate to your taste because I’ve always been known to be the stripe girl as far as my aunt is concerned.

    1. hehe @twitter-385264532:disqus I will when the time is right and when my pocket is full again haha slmt rizza! xx

  5. You look effortlessly sexy, Jane! 🙂 You should start spring cleaning to make room for new clothes in your wardrobe 😀 Donate the old ones! hehehe

    1. aww! @twitter-50301049:disqus I gave half of my clothes to my frends in singapore pti mga bags and some shoes too kc bilang lng yung box nmin na binili for moving but not for the 2 months we’ve been here apaw nnman xa haha muah! slmt mich! xx

  6. oh my! seems like your figure hasn’t changed naman.. shopaholic eh? give me some! just kiddin. 🙂

  7. you look so young!! and very pretty….. casual, simple, elegnat, you can get away with anything given your looks, body type and height. *drool*

    P.S. I especially love the sandals. Charles & keith was once of the first shoes I bought when I landed in Dubai

    1. aww! too much nmn teh hihi pero slmt po hihi. Yes i love charles and keith almost all my shoes hiding ing the cabinet are C&K hihi xx

  8. Saying that I am clueless about fashion would be an understatement… (it’s really ironic since my mom is a budding fashion designer…) but i totally agree that Black and white never fails… it’s basic… simple yet elegant in its own way

    1. omg! Flattered nmn po aq thank you po @google-4730a5eeeac6ece7939f6dc78c36e6dc:disqus. Infact pg d aq prepared if anung isusuot or i am not really in the mood dressing up and mix&match its true that black and white nevr fails together! hihi

    1. aww! that’s so nice nmn po @google-fda456f5e6b06b7edd2ef1a3557e9ccb:disqus slmt po! hihi

  9. I love your outfit post! Simple lang ang suot mo pero may dating 🙂 And heels can help you go a long way! Lol – Algene

  10. sabi na nga ba the moment i saw your shoes, sabi ko C&K toh, and i was right! I have a pair of this din kasi! hehehe

    1. haha salamat! kmusta nmn yung anak ko 5 years old n noh! ikaw nmn hehe thanks @roviedear:disqus xx

  11. You don’t look fat to me. 🙂 Your hair, though you cut it, is still long!

    Nice outfit btw, simple & beautiful. 🙂

    1. hahaha i feel like its too short already hihi different feeling for me thanks you @facebook-1251175869:disqus

  12. I really love people who wear simple clothes pero ang brands super dollar haha Love your monochromatic outfit! 🙂

    1. haha hindi nmn super dollar yan dear! mura lng yan dito wg nlng iconvert sa peso mbigat sa pkrmdm ko hahahaha! thanks @lalalapatricia:disqus xx

  13. yes thanks for the opinion @jsncruz:disqus hehe My husband and I went clubbing that night so i wanted more sexier look if I actually achieved that?. TO be sexy with my husband and in the club is good i think since everyone else is wearing super mini bodycon dresses. =)

  14. black and white are classic color and a great combo if worn right, just like what you’re doing. 🙂

  15. Hello! You still look sexy ah, and I love your hair. 🙂 Posting an outfit a day is extra challenging ’cause you have to be creative enough to mix and match your clothes to show to everyone. I’d like to see that from you. 😀

    1. correct @google-1651575cce947088c4e655c08dd42c76:disqus though, I can just only managed to do an outfit post once a week so i can prioritize my other topics here in my blog pra fair sknla haha.Maraming thank you po! xx

  16. Nothing beats the black and white combination. It is safe for every shape, size and height.

    1. yes leggings very comfy nga hehe fave ko din isuot plg! thanks!@google-d5c2574fb8426c3891b2b71be2d46ee1:disqus xx

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